11/13/2008 Ryan Suspects Annie

"Greenlee and Aidan waited to hear from Ryan. Ryan called and immediately asked Greenlee if he could talk to Aidan. Ryan said he believed Annie had planned the entire kidnapping. Ryan thought it was strange that Annie had made all the phone calls, had been shot without hitting major arteries, and had not wanted the police involved. To top it off, he was trapped on a desert island with her. Ryan said he thought Annie had planned the kidnapping so they would become close again. Aidan said that Ryan's theory might be right. Ryan asked Aidan to see if Emma was at the hotel Annie had mentioned.

After Aidan hung up, he told Greenlee that Ryan suspected Annie was behind the kidnapping. Greenlee said it was unlikely Annie would put her own child through such a traumatic experience. Aidan laid part of the blame on Ryan. He said Ryan had practically made Annie crazy by pushing them to be together and later, throwing her away like a used toy. Aidan went to the terrace and called Annie to warn her about Ryan's suspicions.

Greenlee heard Annie's phone ringing underneath the couch. She picked it up but did not say anything. Aidan said, "Annie, is that you?" Greenlee took the phone to Aidan to see why he'd called Annie. Aidan said he'd wanted to see if Annie would pick up, but Greenlee reminded Aidan that Ryan was handling Annie. Greenlee started to look through the previous calls for clues to Emma's whereabouts, but Aidan quickly snatched it away. Aidan said he needed to download the numbers before Greenlee accidentally deleted them.

Annie told Ryan the pilot was not sure if he could get the plane in the air again. Ryan hugged Annie as she worried about Emma's fate. Annie said she would not have survived the experience without Ryan. Ryan claimed he felt the same way about Annie and took her hand. Also, Ryan said Emma's kidnapping had made him realize how he had abandoned Annie. Annie said she'd made her fair share of mistakes, too. Ryan kissed Annie.

Colby apologized for being rude to Erica and left the Chandler mansion. Erica said she understood Colby's reaction. After all, Adam had moved her belongings into his home even though she'd only stayed with him one night. Erica said she needed to pack up her things and prepare for a Fusion press tour. Erica told Adam she did not love him. She joked that if Adam were the last man on earth, she'd become a nun. Erica agreed to have dinner with Adam. After Erica was gone, Adam told his chef to prepare the finest meal Erica had ever seen.

Colby told Pete that Erica had moved into her home. She said it was foolish for Erica and Adam to make such an important decision about something like living together so quickly. Colby swore that she was not going to rush into another relationship ever again. Pete grabbed her hand and said he felt the same way. She pulled away from Pete and left to begin her shift at the hospital.

Bianca was feeling ill, but would not let Reese care for her. After Reese left for a meeting, Bianca tended to one of the four children she had been left to watch until Rachael arrived. The phone rang before Bianca checked on the babies. Rachael explained that she was unable to watch the children, leaving Bianca to do it alone. Erica went to Kendall's house and found Bianca surrounded by the children. Erica called in two nannies to give Bianca some relief. Of course, Erica wished Reese was the one helping Bianca. Bianca assured her mother that Reese was not neglecting her but just busy with work.

Zach and Reese met to discuss work on a building project. While Reese took some measurements, she heard Zach talking to someone in his office. Zach spoke into a recorder. He talked about how big Ian and Spike were getting and how much he loved the person who would be eventually listening to the message.

Jake was pleased to see Taylor and another doctor working together to get her leg moving. Taylor clung to the doctor as he helped her off the bed. They walked down the hallway with Jake and ran into Frankie.

Frankie told Tad he had talked to Brot, but the meeting had not gone well. Frankie said Brot had left, and Frankie was not sure where he had gone. Frankie thought Brot was selfish for letting Taylor think he was dead. But then again, Frankie said he'd pushed his family away, too, after returning from Iraq. Frankie said Taylor might be better off thinking Brot had died but was not sure how he would keep such a big secret from her. Tad promised to follow Frankie's lead on the issue.

Brot sneaked into the hospital as Frankie and Jake helped Taylor wobble down the hall. He saw Taylor clinging tightly onto Jake so she did not fall. Frankie took Taylor back to her room. Taylor said she was dealing with Brot's loss easier since Jake had happened along. Jake had made Taylor realize she had wanted to go back to Iraq to die like Brot had. But thanks to Jake, Taylor knew she had a right to live a life without Brot. Brot got off the elevator but realized he was on the wrong floor. The elevator door closed before he could get back in. As Brot waited, his knees buckled, and he fell to the ground.

Pete went to the Chandler mansion to see Adam. Adam said the lawsuit had been dropped against Fusion, so Pete had nothing to worry about. Pete asked how Adam felt about Erica. Adam said Erica amused him. He knew she loved him but was scared to admit it. Pete went back to the hospital with a bouquet of roses for Colby. Pete used the telephone to announce he loved Colby over the intercom. Colby, unaware of Pete's actions, found Brot on the floor. She wanted to get a doctor, but Brot did not want help.

Erica went back to the mansion but told Adam she would not stay long. She had to get to an appointment. Adam asked Erica to cancel her appointment and still have dinner with him. He gave her a stunning diamond necklace. Adam and Erica shared a passionate kiss.

Bianca went to Zach's office, where she overheard Reese explaining the strained relationship with her parents. Reese said her family had not spoken to her since they'd found out she was gay."

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