11/12/2008 Aggie Visits Her Children

"All the residents in Pine Valley were reading the newspaper. In the paper, the mayor announced that there would be a moment of silence to honor those that had died in the tornados.

David examined Opal in the hospital. He kindly told her that her heart was doing well and that she was healthy. She commented that if she did not know David, she might mistake him for a caring doctor. He claimed that he was a caring doctor, but Opal affirmed that he was a snake.

David returned home from the hospital and woke up Amanda. Amanda was extremely hung over and asked how she had gotten to Wildwind. He explained that she'd passed out at the bar, so he had taken her to his house. He then asked Amanda what she wanted out of life. She quipped that she wanted Jimmy Choo boots. He scolded her for being nonchalant and encouraged her to go after what she wanted.

Amanda wished that she could get back her five million dollars. David thought that was possible, but she disagreed. He told her to blackmail Adam and JR again. She reminded David that she did not have any dirt against them. David then proposed that he would pay Amanda the money if she took down JR. He wrote her a large check as a "signing bonus" and promised to pay her more each time she hurt JR. He stated that she would receive the full amount once she completely ruined JR's life. Amanda took the check from him and stared at it silently.

Pete and Colby told Joe that they'd found an elderly woman, Aggie, in the rubble of a collapsed building. Joe spoke with the woman as Pete, Colby, and Ruth looked on. Aggie was carrying a book that was titled All My Children. She stated that the book contained all of her "stories." As Joe informed Pete, Colby, and Ruth that Aggie seemed fine, Aggie disappeared.

JR took Little Adam home from the hospital. Krystal was glad that her grandson was home. JR asked Tad how Krystal was doing. Tad stated that Krystal was doing much better since JR had decided to stay in Pine Valley. Then, a piece of Babe's luggage from San Diego was delivered to the house. As Tad and Krystal somberly watched, JR opened the suitcase and took out a dress that he had bought Babe.

Pete and Colby rushed to Tad's house to ask him if he would help them find Aggie. Just then, Aggie appeared at the house. Aggie announced that she had once lived in the house and that she was there to visit Myrtle and Palmer. Everyone looked confused. Opal told everyone that Aggie had a special aura. Opal then googled Aggie on the computer and discovered that she had founded Pine Valley in 1870. Opal also learned that Aggie had written a bestselling book, All My Children. Then, everyone realized that Aggie had disappeared again.

JR went to visit Babe's grave. JR told his late wife how much he missed her. Amanda arrived at the grave. She said that she was very lonely since Babe had died and Jake had dumped her. She asked JR if she could stay with him during the town's moment of silence. They stood together to honor Babe.

Zach returned home from the hospital. Bianca inquired about Kendall and he explained that there was no change in her condition. Bianca consoled him. Reese entered the room with the kids. Zach told his sons that their mother needed her "beauty sleep" then he read them the story of Sleeping Beauty. Reese told Zach that she had visited his casino and surveyed the damage, which was extensive. Zach went to see the damage for himself.

Reese told Bianca that she could help rebuild Pine Valley, so she asked if they could stay longer. Bianca stated that she would like to settle down in Pine Valley. They both thought it was a good idea for Bianca to be with her family.

Zach walked into his office, which had been totally destroyed by the tornado. A firefighter told Zach to leave because it was not safe. Zach did not listen, so the firefighter persisted. Zach grabbed the firefighter's ax and began to chop the wall down.

Adam had Erica's belongings sent to his mansion. Erica went to the mansion after she discovered it and demanded that he return her property. He said that the yacht club was not structurally sound, so he wanted Erica to stay with him. She refused at first but eventually agreed to spend one night in the mansion.

Jack went to the Chandler mansion and confronted Adam. Jack figured out that Erica was getting close to Adam because she suspected him of tainting Bella. Adam denied it and claimed that he and Erica were romantically involved. Jack did not believe Adam, but then he saw Erica walk into the room in a bathrobe. Jack was shocked to see her, so she pulled him aside to speak with him privately.

Erica hugged Jack and expressed her happiness that he had not been injured in the tornados. He revealed to Erica that he'd figured out her plan for Adam. He was worried that she was getting too close to Adam. She assured him that she could handle Adam. She invited Jack to share the town's moment of silence with her family, and he accepted. She then told Adam that he should be with his family during the moment of silence.

Adam went to Tad's house to find Colby. Tad warmly welcomed Adam into his home so he could be with Colby during the moment of silence.

Frankie yelled at Jesse for lying to him. Frankie was not sure if he could forgive his father. Angie overheard and had a heart-to-heart talk with Frankie. She reminded Frankie that Jesse had endured a lot of pain while he had been on the run. She also reminded him that Rebecca had saved Jesse's life. Angie urged Frankie to help Rebecca and Natalia because, without them, Jesse never would have returned. Frankie then told Jesse that he forgave him, and Jesse was very grateful.

As Erica, Zach, Bianca, and Reese held hands and prayed during the moment of silence, Aggie watched them through a window. As Aggie smiled, she stated, "You are all my children.""

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