11/11/2008 Frankie & Randi Share A Dance

"Ryan agreed to let Greenlee tag along with him as he sought out Emma and Aidan. Ryan started thinking about all the events leading up to the kidnapping. He did not understand why the kidnapper would take Annie if he already had Emma. Also, Ryan thought it was strange Aidan had offered to help them after what had happened between them.

Two police officers approached Ryan and Greenlee. They claimed Ryan had started a fight with another guy at the bar. The bar owner, who happened to be one of the officers' brother, had filed charges against Ryan for damaging his business. The officers demanded that Ryan go to the station to settle the dispute. Greenlee claimed the other man who had fought Ryan had stolen his wallet and taken money from the cash register. As the officers looked around the restaurant, Greenlee and Ryan sneaked off.

Aidan kicked in the front door at a cabin and pointed a gun at Annie. Annie, who was sipping champagne, smiled and handed Aidan another glass of champagne. Aidan asked where Annie had Emma. Annie said Di was watching Emma but had no idea of the hoax she and Aidan had devised. Annie and Aidan toasted to getting their spouses back. To buy them a few extra minutes, Aidan said he'd knocked out Ryan before heading to Annie's.

Annie said she could not have pulled off the plan without Aidan's help. Annie had thought up the plan one day before the tornado had hit Pine Valley. Aidan had made all the telephone calls. He'd met Annie at the abandoned warehouse and shot her in the arm. Annie had figured Ryan would be so grateful she'd saved Emma, he wouldn't go through with the divorce. Naturally, Greenlee would run back to Aidan, she added.

Aidan never admitted he wanted Greenlee back. Annie assumed Aidan might take Greenlee back but would dump her like she'd quickly discarded him. Aidan punched Annie in the shoulder. He demanded she hit him back, but Annie was afraid. Aidan slapped her across the face. Angrily, Annie took a wooden stick and struck Aidan across the face.

Aidan and Annie heard Greenlee and Ryan pull into the driveway. Annie screamed at Aidan for ruining their chances of saving Emma as Ryan and Greenlee bolted through the door. Aidan said the kidnapper had attacked him and run. Ryan wondered why the kidnapper would keep Aidan and Annie alive. Annie told Ryan she did not want Greenlee and Aidan's help anymore.

Ryan followed Annie out while Greenlee was left to care for an injured Aidan. Annie told Ryan the kidnapper had mentioned a hotel in Pine Key on the telephone. Ryan said he needed to get more money to book another flight. Annie and Ryan got on a flight to Pine Key, but the ride got bumpy when the jet started leaking fuel. The pilot told Annie and Ryan they were going to have to make an emergency landing.

Taylor was thrilled when she was able to move her leg. She thanked Jake for believing in her. Jake asked Taylor to move her leg again, but nothing happened. Jake snickered that Taylor wasn't trying hard enough. Furious, she ranted and raved at Jake for being so rude. But as she spat out harsh words, her leg moved up and down. Jake finally got Taylor to be quiet so he could show her that she was moving her leg.

Amanda continued to drink her troubles away at BJ's. Ken, a bartender, told Amanda that all women wanted love. But Amanda disagreed. She just wanted to be in charge of the relationship. Frankie saw Amanda at the bar, even though he was supposed to be home. Amanda complained that men were constantly using her. Ken said she could change her life if she was so sick of how things kept turning out. Amanda thought maybe it was time for her to start using men to get what she wanted.

Randi found Frankie in the restaurant, ordering a beer to drown out his sorrows. Randi asked Frankie why he had missed work and hadn't gone home. Frankie said she would not understand. Randi reminded Frankie that she did not want to talk about her past life, but he'd made her open up. It was time Frankie did the same with her, Randi said. Frankie said he had gone to a veterans' hospital in Maryland. It reminded him of the soldiers he had not been able to save in Iraq. Randi said Frankie was a good man no matter what he'd witnessed in Iraq. Frankie asked Randi for a dance as the restaurant closed.

Jesse and Angie went home to talk. Jesse apologized for not handling his return properly with Angie and Frankie. Angie said she was furious with Jesse for lying about his previous life. He hadn't needed to tell Angie the truth until Natalia and Rebecca had been in the hospital. Angie said it killed her to know that Jesse was the only person who could comfort Natalia and Rebecca. Jesse said he was not going to abandon Angie. But to Angie, she had already lost a piece of Jesse.

Jesse said he'd stayed with Rebecca to keep Angie and Frankie safe. Angie said Rebecca was more than a cover for Jesse. Jesse would not have had a child and stayed with Rebecca so long if he did not love her, Angie said. Jesse claimed he'd never loved Rebecca. Angie said if Rebecca had not pushed Jesse away, he would not have returned home. Jesse denied the accusation. He told Angie that she was the love of his life. Jesse reached for Angie's hand. She sat on the opposite side of the couch from him and reached back.

David said JR could not go on pretending forever that Little Adam was not David's grandson. David added that if JR was not going to get Little Adam proper health care, David should at least examine the youngster. JR refused to let David even touch Little Adam. David reminded JR that Little Adam was the only person related to Babe he had left.

David had gotten permission to build the wing he wanted, but JR was not thrilled with the idea of the wing being dedicated to Babe Haywood. David said he had no problem using Chandler as Babe's last name for the wing. JR took Little Adam to another doctor in the hospital. The doctor admitted Little Adam for observation to make sure he did not have a stomach infection.

Tad waited for Krystal to get home. When she arrived, Tad was upset Krystal had not let him know she had been discharged from the hospital. Also, Tad said Krystal should not have let David treat her at the hospital. Krystal said she'd been too worried about dying to be picky about a doctor. Tad apologized for overreacting.

Krystal said her panic attack had been caused from thinking about the effect Babe's death had had on David. She said David had lost too many years with Babe. Tad thought David was manipulating Krystal to get close to Little Adam. Tad said he did not want David to jeopardize their marriage. Krystal assured Tad she would not let David get between them.

Ken called David after Amanda passed out at the bar. Ken said he'd found David's number on Amanda's cell phone. David told Ken he would go there and get Amanda. David took Amanda to his home and let her sleep on the couch."

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