11/10/2008 Annie Drops A Clue

"Jesse visited Rebecca in the hospital. He admitted his feelings of guilt over leaving Rebecca and Natalia so he could return to Angie and Frankie. Rebecca reminded him that she'd let him go, so he should not feel guilty. He was grateful to her because she'd saved his life, and he wished that he could do more for her. She was grateful to him for giving her a daughter, Natalia.

Jesse said that Natalia was just like her mother, smart and strong. Rebecca noted that Natalia was also like her father, stubborn and impulsive. He laughed and recalled when he woke Natalia and Rebecca up early in the morning so they could see the sunrise together. Rebecca made Jesse promise to take care of their daughter after she was gone. Meanwhile, Jesse and Rebecca did not know that Angie was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Jake kissed Taylor and asked if she was all right over the display of affection. She smiled and said that she was fine, but she maintained that a kiss, no matter how enjoyable, could not erase her memories. She explained that whenever she felt happy, her memories of Iraq and Brot flooded her mind, and she felt sad again. Jake urged her to move on with her life, no matter how difficult it might be.

Jake proceeded to perform physical therapy on Taylor. She looked nervous, but she allowed him to work on her legs. He promised her that they would get through her troubles together. Then, Taylor's foot moved slightly. Jake touched her foot, and she realized that she was regaining feeling in her legs.

Frankie showed Tad a picture of Brot. Tad was shocked because the photo looked like the man that hired him to investigate Taylor. Frankie explained that Brot had been burned badly in Iraq. Frankie had tried to save Brot, but he'd died a week after he'd been burned. Tad insisted that Brot was still alive. Frankie assumed that Brot was having a hard time adjusting to the civilian lifestyle, especially due to his injuries. Tad wondered if he should tell Taylor that her fiancé was alive. Frankie urged Tad to say nothing until Frankie spoke with Brot.

Frankie went to see Brot. Brot was alarmed to see his old friend and told him to leave. Frankie asked why he was hiding, and Brot replied that his life was no longer the same after being burned. Frankie divulged that Taylor was not doing well. Frankie stated that Taylor wanted to go back to Iraq, so she could feel closer to Brot. Frankie worried that she wanted to return to war so she could be killed, like Brot supposedly had been. Brot looked concerned but refused to let Taylor know that he was alive. Frankie was disappointed and told Brot that he no longer knew him.

Tad asked Jake how Taylor was doing. Jake laughed and stated that she was stubborn, but he could not live without her. Jake asked Tad if he'd found out who had hired him to investigate Taylor. Tad pretended that he did not know.

Amanda regretted that she'd had sex with David. She quickly got dressed and stated that she was an "attention-seeking slut" because she slept with many men, like JR and Jamie. David did not care about her past lovers, but she did. She affirmed that she slept with men for the wrong reasons. He inquired why she'd had sex with him. She sheepishly explained that she had sex with him to thank him for reminding her that JR was a jerk. David said that he was happy that she'd slept with him, regardless of the reason. He wished that they could do it again another night. He leaned in to kiss her, but she backed away and rushed out of his house.

Krystal dreamed that David was naked in her bed. He told her that he had gotten rid of Tad and that she belonged to him. She woke up in a panic and grabbed her chest in pain. She drove herself to the hospital, and Angie ran preliminary tests on her. Krystal told Angie that a nightmare had triggered the pain in her chest.

David was paged to the hospital so he could look after Krystal. David read Krystal's EKG then listened to her heart. He explained that she had sufered a panic attack. He kindly urged her to stop worrying and assured her that everything would work out in her life. He suggested that she eat a good meal and go home. She was appreciative of his care.

Tad discovered that Krystal had been admitted into the hospital. He found David and inquired about Krystal's condition. David snidely commented that he had taken care of Krystal because her husband had been nowhere to be found. David then laughed and noted that all the women in Tad's life turned to David for help, instead of Tad. Tad looked very annoyed and punched David in the face.

Krystal went to BJ's with Angie to get dinner. Krystal could tell that her friend was upset. Angie ordered a stiff drink and admitted that she was having a hard time dealing with Jesse's previous life. Angie was tired of being noble. She wished that she could tell Jesse how angry she was with him, but she did not want to upset Natalia or Frankie. Angie then realized that Jesse was standing behind her and that he had heard her venting to Krystal.

Amanda entered BJ's and ordered a shot of liquor. The bartender tried to pick her up, but she denied him. Amanda noted that she was not trying to "get laid." Rather, she was trying to forget about the man that she'd recently had sex with.

Annie called Ryan. She frantically told him that she was on a beach, but she was not sure exactly where she was because her kidnapper had blindfolded her. When Ryan asked if she was with Emma, she hung up. Ryan told Aidan and Greenlee about his brief conversation with Annie. Aidan thought it was odd that Annie had not mentioned Emma at all. Greenlee agreed. Ryan hoped that she would be able to call again.

Soon, Annie called Ryan once more and revealed that she was near a lighthouse. So, Ryan, Aidan, and Greenlee looked on a map, and they found a lighthouse nearby. Ryan wanted to go on his own, but Aidan thought it would be better if he went because the kidnapper was not expecting him. Ryan was insistent on saving Emma himself, so Aidan knocked Ryan out with a beer bottle. Greenlee watched as Aidan tied Ryan up. Aidan urged Greenlee not to untie Ryan. She did not want Aidan to restrain Ryan against his will, but Aidan claimed that he was saving Ryan's life by doing so.

Ryan woke up and begged Greenlee to let him go. She explained that Aidan had tied him up to prevent him from walking into a trap at the lighthouse. Ryan asked her if she loved him, and she replied yes. He then asked her if she trusted him, and she replied yes again. He encouraged her to free him, and she did.

Annie was sipping champagne and taking a bubble bath. She called Di to check on Emma, and Di said that Emma was fine. Then, Aidan stopped to see Annie. They slyly smiled at each other as Annie handed him a glass of champagne."

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