11/05/2008 Reese Is Jealous

"Erica showed up at Fusion to find Randi and Amanda working, even thought the FDA had shut the company down. Erica announced that she was running Fusion because she had Kendall's legal proxy. She then ordered Amanda and Randi to prepare for a press conference.

Erica met with Adam before the press conference. She made a deal with him. In exchange for her silence about the tainting of Bella, Adam would drop his lawsuit against Fusion, pay for all damages, and fund a new cosmetics line that Erica wanted to launch. Adam agreed to the deal and hoped that Erica would keep up her end of the bargain.

Krystal went to the cemetery and begged JR not to leave town with Little Adam. She explained that Little Adam was all she had left of Babe. JR stated that he had to leave because of David. She worried that her grandson would forget Babe if he left Pine Valley. JR swore that he would never let his son forget Babe. Krystal said that JR would move on eventually and remarry, but she could not move on because she could not replace her daughter. Krystal then got on her knees and began to cry. JR promised that he would stay in town, for a while at least.

Krystal returned home and began to cry. Tad comforted her. She worried that JR was staying in Pine Valley simply because she made him feel guilty for taking Little Adam away from her. Tad assured her that JR made the right choice by keeping Little Adam close to his family and friends, especially Krystal.

David announced to the board of the hospital that he wanted to donate money to create the "Babe Hayward Cardiology Wing." The board members were eager to take David's donation, except for Jake. David told Jake to concentrate on his patients because all of them were either in a wheelchair or in a coma. Then, David announced to everyone that Jake's wife left him for a truck driver. Jake looked upset and left the room.

Tad visited Taylor, but she did not want to talk to him. He watched her pull herself into a wheelchair to wheel around. Taylor was frustrated because she continually knocked into objects. Tad offered to help her, but she snapped at him to leave her alone. Then, Jake saw her clumsily wheeling around and he yelled at her to stop. She looked upset and asked Tad to bring her back into her room.

Amanda went to the hospital to see if Jake wanted to get a drink with her. He said that he could not go. She assumed that he wished to stay in the hospital so he could spend time with Taylor. Amanda demanded to know if he had feelings for Taylor. Jake could not deny his feelings for Taylor, so they broke up.

Amanda ran into JR in the hallway of the hospital. She was flustered and confessed to JR that her life was a mess. JR consoled her; meanwhile, David was eavesdropping on the conversation. When Amanda got into the elevator alone, David followed her. He stopped the elevator, so they could talk. He claimed that he wanted to talk about Babe with Amanda. Amanda agreed to meet David for dinner and drinks so they could exchange stories about Babe.

Adam saw JR at the hospital and feared that Little Adam was sick. JR explained that Little Adam was fine. He further stated that they were staying in town for the time being. Adam was very glad to hear it.

Joe informed JR and Adam that David wanted to create a memorial to Babe with his last name. JR threatened to sue the hospital if they used the name "Babe Hayward."

Erica had Dr. Barrington, a specialist from the Bristol Clinic in Toronto, meet with Zach about Kendall's condition. He was eager to work with the doctor until he realized that she wanted to transfer Kendall to Canada for treatment. He declined her offer to treat Kendall just as Bianca entered the hospital room. Bianca wondered why he turned the doctor away. He explained that he would not send Kendall away from her family, especially Spike and Ian.

Bianca told Reese about Zach's reaction to the clinic in Canada. Reese said that Zach probably wanted to exhaust all of his resources in Pine Valley before he let Kendall leave. Bianca stated that they already exhausted the resources and Kendall needed a specialist, like Dr. Barrington.

Bianca could tell that something was bothering Reese. Reese admitted that she was jealous of Bianca's biological connection to Gabrielle. Reese stated that she felt the baby was more Bianca's than hers. Bianca ensured her fiancée that she was Gabrielle's mother too, regardless of genes. Bianca stated that Reese was a caring person who would love their child unconditionally, which made her a great mom. Reese felt better after her talk with Bianca.

Erica arrived at the hospital, so Bianca explained that Zach would not allow Kendall's transfer to Canada. Erica was annoyed because she felt that the clinic was the best chance for Kendall's recovery. Bianca agreed, but she urged Erica not to fight Zach on the issue, because it would only make him more stubborn. Bianca hoped that Zach would come to his senses. Then, Erica noticed a ring on Bianca's hand, so Bianca announced that she was engaged.

Bianca brought Erica to meet Reese. Reese was very excited to meet Erica and hugged her immediately. Erica seemed a little overwhelmed, but she still offered to throw Bianca and Reese a big party for their wedding. Bianca said that she wanted a small ceremony, but Erica insisted on a big event. Reese then asked if she could call Erica "Mom," and Bianca and Erica both yelled out, "No!" Reese agreed to call her future mother-in-law Erica.

Zach sat with Kendall and he promised her that he would not let anyone take her away. He promised to remain by her side until she awoke. Joe entered and tried to convince Zach that the Bristol Clinic was the best place for Kendall, but Zach refused to take his advice. Zach affirmed that Kendall wished to be close to her sons."

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