11/04/2008 Aidan Says the Kidnapper Has A Vendetta

"Ryan was upset that Greenlee asked Aidan to help them find Emma. Aidan said he had access to technology that the police would not get their hands on. Ryan asked Aidan where they needed to start in order to find Emma. Aidan said the kidnapper sounded like he had a personal vendetta against Ryan. The kidnapper was going after people Ryan cared about, which might include Greenlee. Aidan asked Ryan to think of the person who would hate him enough to harm his daughter and wife. At first, Ryan thought David was the culprit, but it seemed illogical because of Babe's death. Ryan said Jonathan's tumor could have returned, but chances were slim. A cell phone was found in the room with Annie, Emma, and the kidnapper. Aidan said he wanted to listen to the last call with equipment he left behind at Greenlee's apartment. They went to her apartment and listened to the call. Aidan heard the sound of a car engine and jet plane. He figured the kidnapper put Annie and Emma on a private jet. Aidan discovered that a private jet arrived in a Pine Valley airport from Puerto Rico before the tornado. Aidan said they needed to go to Puerto Rico, but Ryan had another idea and left. Ryan went to Zach to ask to borrow his jet.

Taylor spoke to her father on the phone as Jake walked into her hospital room. Jake said Taylor should not lie to her father about her health. Jake encouraged Taylor to stop acting so helpless when she could be trying to walk again. Taylor reminded Jake that he was not her doctor and threw charts at him. Also, she said that a hospital never fixed Brot. Taylor said it did not matter if she recovered because she was medically discharged from the military. Jake said being a solider was not everything. But to Taylor, it was her life.

Tad told Krystal that his mystery employer, the person who wanted to know more about Taylor, had contacted him again. Tad said the mystery person wanted to know how Taylor was holding up after a tornado ripped through Pine Valley. JR brought Little Adam over to say goodbye to Krystal and Tad. JR promised to visit Krystal and Tad often. Krystal told Little Adam how much she loved him and then handed him to Tad. JR hugged Krystal and Tad, took Little Adam's hand, and left. Krystal sobbed in Tad's arms after JR and Little Adam were gone. She said it was hard to say goodbye to JR and Little Adam because they were her closest link to Babe.

JR and Little Adam went to visit Colby and Adam before heading out of town. JR told Colby he had to leave town to protect Little Adam from David. Colby said that maybe David wanted to stick around to show Pine Valley he was a changed man. JR warned Colby to stay away from David. Little Adam told JR that Adam loved and missed him. JR said he would come back to visit. Adam did not want to say goodbye to his son and grandson. Instead, Adam and JR said, "See you soon."

David apologized to Zach for his rude behavior the last time they spoke regarding Kendall's condition. David said he was in a bad place after losing Babe. David said Kendall's prognosis was not as terrible as he originally told Zach. Although Kendall was unresponsive, David said there was hope she would recover.

Joe told Angela and Jake that David saved the life of the hospital's head cardiologist. Jake jokingly suggested that David take the cardiologist's place until he recovered. David gladly accepted the offer. Angela thought it was best to get the board's verdict before handing the job to David. Joe said the hospital would lose its certification if a head cardiologist were not on staff immediately. Jake shook his head and walked away. Joe said he would officially ask David to come back to the hospital in front of the board later that day. Krystal was surprised when David told her he had gotten a job at the hospital. David said he wanted to prove he was going to be a better person. He wanted to stick around to spend time with Little Adam, but Krystal said JR and Little Adam had moved back to San Diego, California. David thought it was unfair for JR to take Little Adam away from the only family left related to Babe. Krystal said JR's decision was best for Little Adam, but David knew Krystal wanted Little Adam to stay in Pine Valley.

Tad came up to Jake to check on Taylor. Jake said Taylor was keeping her condition a secret from her family. Tad told Jake someone asked him to look into Taylor's history, but Tad did not know the identity of the client. Tad told the client he was not going to give out any more information until the person came forward. Tad thought it was time to inform Taylor of the client who wanted to know so much about her. After Tad went home, the mystery client called him to ask for updates on Taylor. Tad said he wanted more information about the man before giving any more information about Taylor. The man hung up.

Jake brought Taylor a wheelchair, but she refused to get in it. Jake did a few tricks to entice Taylor to try the wheelchair. It only made her angrier. Jake told Taylor she did not have to live her life in a wheelchair, and left. Taylor tried to get herself out of the bed, but she fell to the floor.

Jesse found Angie at the hospital and asked how Natalia was holding up. Angie said Natalia was well, but a test revealed Rebecca had a brain tumor. Jesse asked to see Rebecca, but Angie said visitors were not allowed yet. Angie broke the news to Jesse that the brain tumor was not operable. Jesse wondered how Natalia would handle losing her mother. Angie said she, Jesse, and Frankie would support Natalia.

At the board meeting, David said he wanted to bring his daughter back to life.

JR and Little Adam visited Babe's grave before leaving town. Krystal found them at the graveyard. She told JR he could not take Little Adam away."

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