11/06/2008 Erica Takes Kendall's Place At Fusion

"Jake got frustrated with Taylor's negative attitude, so he tried to lighten her mood. Jake and Taylor watched a foreign movie, even though they both had no idea what the actors were saying. Together, they tried to learn the plot of the movie. Jake did a few pushups. Taylor joked that he should show those exercises to Amanda. Jake said that would be hard, because he and Amanda broke up. Taylor wanted to know why the relationship ended. Jake said it was because of Taylor.

Bianca and Zach tried to decide if sending Kendall to special doctors far away was a reasonable option. JR told them that Kendall might not come back if she was sent away. David apologized to JR for blaming him for Babe's death. David said Kendall would receive the care she needed outside of Pine Valley. JR told David he didn't buy his angelic act. David said he was only trying to live up to Babe's expectations. He said he was not out for revenge or to steal Little Adam.

Zach went to see Kendall. He told her that Bianca and Erica wanted to send her to a special doctor far away, but he wanted her near him. In the end, Zach chose to send Kendall away and called Erica to give her the news.

Ryan grabbed the pilot and demanded to know when the plane left. Aidan apologized to the man for Ryan's behavior. He explained that Ryan's wife and child were missing, and possibly on a plane that left the airport. Ryan released the man, but shunned Aidan for letting the man walk off without giving them answers. Another pilot said he remembered the plane heading to an abandoned sugar plantation, but could not confirm if Annie and Emma were the passengers.

Frankie wanted to know why Tad was asking about a former solider that was in his unit. Tad said someone wanted him to investigate Taylor, but the person would not reveal his name. Tad asked Frankie if he knew who the mystery man was. Frankie suggested Tim Richardson, a solider who refused to see visitors at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Tad went to the hospital looking for Tim, but the staff said Tim was on life support. A crew of veterans filed into the room to share their stories. One by one, the men and women identified themselves and shared their war stories, some which involved explosions and serious injuries. Afterwards, Tad heard a man leaving him a message on a pay phone.

Jackson went to Fusion and found Reese measuring doors for possible renovations. She introduced herself as Bianca's new fiancée. Jackson hugged Reese and welcomed her to the family. Krystal and Amanda gathered Babe's belongings at the office. Erica, who was filling in for Kendall, ordered Amanda to get more supplies and pick up her dry cleaning. Erica told Jackson she took care of the lawsuit filed against Fusion. Adam walked into the room as Erica said Adam dropped the lawsuit. With the lawsuit gone, Erica said she could focus on getting the FDA off Fusion's back. She even went ahead and set up a meeting with the FDA without Greenlee's consent. Jackson reminded Erica that Greenlee owned half the company and had a say in the company business. Adam bought Erica, Reese, and Bianca something to eat as construction workers tried to move Kendall's desk. Erica demanded that Kendall's desk stay in place. She told them Kendall was going to come back to work.

Krystal saw David at the hospital. She told him that JR was staying put in Pine Valley. David told Krystal he was donating money to the hospital for a wing in Babe's memory. Krystal found JR at the park. JR doubted David had become a better man. Krystal thought David was trying hard to be the father Babe always dreamed of. JR thought David was manipulating her. He snarled that she would crawl back into bed with David and make another bastard child. Krystal smacked JR across the face.

Amanda decided to see if David wanted to go to dinner. She walked into his home carrying a wine cooler, complaining about Erica's bossiness and her failed relationship with Jake. Amanda wept in David's arms. He gently kissed her.

Bianca and Erica said their goodbyes to Kendall before she went to Canada for further treatment. Jackson heard the news from Adam, who was waiting for Erica in the lobby. He asked Adam what games he was playing with Erica. Adam said he and Erica loved each other."

- Soap Central