10/22/2008 Krystal Plans A Wedding

"Babe asked JR if he would marry her in the hospital. He replied that he would be honored. Krystal and Tad then entered Babe's hospital room, and JR and Babe announced their marriage plans. Krystal was distraught over Babe's condition and had to leave the room. Tad and JR went to Krystal. JR told her that she needed to be strong for Babe. She admitted that she could not hold it together, but JR insisted that she had to, for her daughter's sake. JR explained that Babe did not know she was dying and they all needed to make her last hours alive happy. JR stated that they could cry after Babe was dead, but until then, they needed to smile in her presence. JR walked away as Tad consoled Krystal. Krystal stated that she did not know how to watch her daughter die. Tad embraced Krystal.

JR sat next to Babe's bed. He smiled and laughed as he imagined what their fiftieth wedding anniversary would be like. Krystal entered the room and Babe asked to be alone with her mother. Krystal tried to be strong as she told Babe that she and JR deserved a wonderful honeymoon. Babe revealed that she knew she was dying. Krystal did not know how to react. Babe asked Krystal not to tell JR that she knew her condition was fatal. Babe explained that JR gave her so much and she wanted to give him one last gift in return, a joyous wedding. Babe wished to focus on her family in her last moments, not her impending death. Krystal agreed to keep Babe's secret and promised to help Babe plan a wonderful wedding.

Tad and Krystal were talking about the wedding when Opal approached them. Opal inquired about Babe and Krystal lashed out. Krystal yelled that Opal's "voodoo and premonitions" were responsible for Babe's unfortunate situation. Opal looked sad and tried to hug Krystal, but Krystal backed away. Opal reminded Krystal that she knew what it was like to lose a daughter. Krystal began to cry and embraced Opal.

Krystal found daisies in the hospital and brought them to Babe. Krystal suggested that Babe put one of the flowers in her hair for the wedding ceremony. Babe thanked her mother. Krystal wished that she could kiss Babe's wound and make her pain go away, like she did when her daughter was a young girl. Krystal told Babe that she loved her very much and Babe reciprocated the feeling. Babe asked her mother to watch over Little Adam when she was gone. Then, Babe requested to see her son.

Colby was watching Little Adam. JR found his son, so he could bring him to Babe. Colby asked if JR had heard from their father. JR snapped that he did not care about Adam. JR held Adam responsible for Babe's condition. Colby was very worried and wanted to look for Adam, so Pete offered to go to the mansion with her.

Babe was delighted to see Little Adam. The boy climbed into bed with his mother. She told him that he was the greatest little boy. She predicted that he would grow up to be a wonderful man, like his father. She then sang "You Are My Sunshine" to Little Adam. JR and Krystal watched the mother and son with somber looks on their faces.

Annie went to the mansion looking for Emma. Ryan arrived as Annie called out for their daughter. Annie was surprised to see Ryan. He felt that it was important that they work together to find Emma. She assumed that the stalker brought Emma into the tunnels, so the entered one of the tunnels to search for the little girl. They came across a pile of beams and concrete that fell from the ceiling and worried that Emma was in the rubble. Just then, Colby and Pete arrived. They explained that they were looking for Adam and Erica. All four of them joined forces to dig through the rubble with hopes that they would find their loved ones.

Annie found a ribbon on the floor that belonged to Emma, which made her certain that the little girl was in the tunnel. Annie sadly looked at the ribbon as Ryan swore that they would find their daughter together.

Jesse informed Angie that Natalia was his daughter. She looked shocked, but only asked him questions about Natalia's medical history. He stated that his daughter was allergic to penicillin. Angie said that she needed to perform surgery on Natalia and walked away.

Jesse turned to Tad for comfort. Jesse confided in his old friend that Natalia was his daughter. Tad was shocked. Jesse wished that he had told Angie sooner. Tad wondered why Jesse kept the secret from everyone. Jesse thought that he was preventing his family from getting hurt, but he realized that he made things worse by not telling the truth.

Angie told Jesse that Natalia's surgery was a success. He wanted to talk to his wife, but she was not interested. He explained that Natalia's mother was the doctor that nursed him back to health after his mental breakdown. Angie snidely commented that he was consistent with his taste in women. He stated that he needed their relationship to be okay. Angie stormed off.

Angie barked orders at the medical staff. Frankie could sense that his mother was on edge. She brought Frankie into Natalia's room and divulged that the patient was the reason for her bad mood. He was confused, so Angie revealed that Natalia was his sister. He did not understand why Jesse kept the secret from them.

Bianca held her newborn in her arms as Zach tried to call for help, but his cell phone was not working. Bianca comforted Zach by assuring him that Kendall would be fine. She further stated that she would not reveal that Zach was the father of her baby until he had a chance to tell Kendall. Then, a helicopter found them and brought them to the hospital.

Jake and Greenlee were discussing Kendall's condition at the hospital. Greenlee refused to make a decision as to whether or not Kendall could have surgery. She insisted on waiting for Zach.

Greenlee saw Zach and Bianca at the hospital. Greenlee told them the news that Kendall was in bad shape. Zach asked Jake for his opinion. Jake strongly felt that Kendall's best option was brain surgery, even though it could possibly kill her or cause brain damage. Zach was reluctant to agree to the surgery, since Jake would have to perform it in the neurosurgeon's absence. Nevertheless, Jake persuaded Zach to let him operate on Kendall.

Greenlee and Bianca were at the nursery visiting Bianca's baby. Greenlee was shocked that Bianca had been pregnant, and quipped that the Cane babies knew how to make an entrance. Greenlee asked who the father was, but Bianca said nothing. A nurse then informed Bianca that her baby was healthy.

All around the hospital, the tornado sirens could be heard. Jesse yelled out for everyone to take cover as the tornado hit the hospital."

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