10/21/2008 Angie Needs Consent For Natalia's Surgery

"JR, Randi, Krystal, Tad, Little Adam, Jesse, and Kathy came to the hospital. Nurses quickly rolled an injured Babe and Natalia away as their families waited. Jesse overheard Annie questioning another police officer about Emma's whereabouts. Jesse said he had every officer looking for the kidnapped Emma, but their hands were tied with the storms.

Kendall was taken to the hospital but was barely hanging on. Frankie told a police officer he needed to get in touch with Zach or any other relative. The officer said the area was too heavily damaged to go back and see if anyone else was with Kendall when the storm hit. Frankie found Colby and Pete in the waiting room. Colby said Erica was with her father on a plane, but had no idea where Zach was. Pete tried to change the radio signal through his cell phone to get more information about Adam and Erica's plane. He was able to find out that the airport took a major hit with the storm. Adam's plane, among others, was destroyed, but the survivors were coming to the hospital. Colby and Pete quickly rushed over to JR. Colby asked if JR had heard from Adam, but JR said it was his father's fault he and Babe never made it out of Pine Valley. JR went to a vacant room, with Krystal following behind. Krystal told JR they could not give up on Babe as she fought for her life. Angie told Krystal and JR that Babe was in recovery. She said Babe had lost a lot of blood and was not going to survive. Krystal, Tad, and JR went to see Babe, but Babe wanted to speak to JR alone. Babe took his hand and asked him to marry her in the hospital.

Adam's pilots made it to the hospital, but told Colby he that Adam and Erica never showed up at the airport. Pete promised Colby he would find Adam.

At the beach house, Zach tried his best to keep Bianca comfortable as she went into labor. Bianca said the circumstances were similar when she gave birth to Miranda. Zach assured Bianca he would make sure she got to a hospital. Bianca asked Zach if he was angry with her for not telling Kendall that he was the biological father of her soon-to-be-born baby. Zach told Bianca he would never be angry at her. Bianca said she did not want anyone else to know that Zach was her baby's father. Zach agreed that was the best decision. Bianca gushed about how wonderful Reese was to her and Miranda. She said that Reese "was the real thing." Bianca screamed in pain as another contraction hit and her water broke. She told Zach that he was going to have to deliver the baby. Zach told Bianca to keep pushing, but he saw the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby's neck. Bianca told Zach how to remove the cord without hurting the baby. Bianca kept pushing until the baby girl came out crying.

Erica knew Adam was worrying about JR. , But but Adam would never admit it because he figured he and Erica would die in the rubble. Erica said she would claw her way out if needed to make sure Adam was arrested for tainting Bella. Erica and Adam began pulling rocks out of the debris with their hands. Erica was thrilled when she found a gap under the rocks. She put her hand through the open space and someone began pulling her arm. More rubble came tumbling down onto Adam and Erica.

Greenlee wanted to go with Aidan to the hospital, but the ambulance workers said they needed to pick up another patient on the way to the hospital. Ryan and Greenlee met Aidan at the hospital. Frankie told Greenlee and Ryan that he needed to get in touch with Kendall's relatives to give consent for possible brain surgery. Joe told Greenlee that Zach was trapped at the beach house with a pregnant woman. Randi quickly rushed up to Frankie to tell him she was safe. Annie ran over to Ryan to see if Emma was with him. Frantic, Annie told Ryan that someone had kidnapped Emma. , But but Ryan did not believe Annieher. He thought it was another one of her mind games. Corrina, the babysitter, walked up to Ryan wearing a badge over her eye. Corrina said she lost track of Emma during the storm. Annie thought Emma was with the stalker in the Chandler mansion tunnels.

Frankie and Jake looked at Kendall's x-rays. Frankie said Kendall had a fractured skull, but was getting stabilized. Jake said they needed to perform the brain surgery without permission from Kendall's family. He worried that her condition would worsen if the doctors did not act soon. Greenlee went to see Kendall. She told Kendall that Zach was on his way, Ian and Spike were safe, and Kendall needed to fight to come back to her. Jake told Greenlee she could give consent for the surgery because they were family.

Angie told Jesse that Natalia needed surgery to see if she had any kidney damage. But Angie said she needed consent from Natalia's relatives before performing the operation. Jesse told Angie he would give the permission because Natalia was his daughter."

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