10/20/2008 Zach Searches For Kendall

"Erica was annoyed with Adam because he was not trying to save them. He explained that he was trying to conserve his energy and the air because it was possible they could suffocate in the tunnel. She refused to remain idle and demanded answers from Adam. She asked if he had romantic feelings for her. He revealed that he knew Erica was buttering him up so she could get information for Kendall. Erica denied this and affirmed that she would not do her daughter's bidding. Adam wondered if her feelings for him were real. She looked appalled and confessed that she was spying on him for Kendall. He accused her of falling in love with him, which she also adamantly denied. Adam began to cough, so Erica handed him a bottle of water. He inquired why she would take care of him if she disliked him. She snidely commented that his coughing was preventing her from sleeping. Adam then announced that he had a confession to make. He divulged that he tainted Bella. She glared at him silently.

Tad was at Pine Valley Hospital. He found a police officer and asked how bad the damage from the tornado was. The officer said that some neighborhoods were completely destroyed while others only had a few trees knocked down. Tad stated that he needed to check on his family at the Comeback. The officer explained that civilians were not allowed on the streets. Tad insisted that he was a good friend of the chief and should be allowed to leave. The officer disagreed and handcuffed Tad to a hospital bed to prevent him from running off.

Opal was roaming the hospital hallways when she saw Tad. He pleaded with his mother to get back into bed, but she was too consumed with fear. She was worried that the Carey women were in trouble due to a bad premonition she had about them. Then, Jesse entered the hospital and came across Tad and Opal. Jesse reported that Krystal and Cathy were fine, but Babe was in bad shape. Tad begged Jesse to let him go to the bar. Jesse reluctantly freed Tad and allowed him to leave.

A beam had crushed Babe's leg, which ruptured an artery. Meanwhile, Little Adam was caught underneath Babe. The only way to free Little Adam was to pull the beam off of Babe. However, Angie warned that the beam was keeping Babe from bleeding out and, if they removed it, Babe could die. Babe demanded that they remove the beam to save Little Adam. JR and Krystal were distraught over the situation. JR pleaded with Babe not to make him choose between her and their son. She affirmed that JR had to save Little Adam. Krystal understood Babe's sacrifice, but she did not want her daughter to die. Babe yelled for them to save her son, so they removed the beam.

Little Adam was safe and conscious, but Babe was not doing well. Angie found a first aid kit and attempted to stitch Babe's wound. Krystal and JR asked if Babe would survive. Angie was honest and explained that Babe was in trouble because she was losing a lot of blood.

All of a sudden, the tornado siren blared, so Krystal led everyone at the Comeback in a prayer. Luckily, the storm passed over them. Little Adam looked scared as he asked his mother if she was okay. Angie was alarmed because Babe had no pulse. Angie performed CPR and Babe regained a slight heartbeat. Just as Tad arrived at the bar, Angie affirmed that Babe needed to get to the hospital right away.

An officer asked Aidan if anyone was in the rubble left from the tornado. Aidan hesitated to inform the officer that Greenlee and Ryan were there. Finally, Aidan revealed that his wife was in the ruins. The officer left to retrieve an ambulance. Then, Greenlee crawled out of the wreckage and Aidan was relieved to see her. She insisted on finding Ryan. They found Ryan pinned underneath a piece of cement. Greenlee begged Aidan to save Ryan, so he helped Ryan release himself from the concrete.

Ryan encouraged Greenlee to tell Aidan her true feelings. She told Ryan that it was inappropriate to discuss her romantic feelings for him amidst the crisis. Just then, the tornado siren went off and a huge tornado headed their way. They each grabbed onto a tree, but the wind was too strong. Once the storm passed, Greenlee and Ryan found Aidan stuck under a large tree branch and surrounded by live wires. Aidan told them both to leave, but they refused. Aidan affirmed that he would rather die than have Ryan save him. Ryan stated that Aidan saved him first, so he needed to return the favor. Ryan proceeded to pull the tree off of Aidan.

Zach found his sons in the debris of his beach house. He was relieved to see that the little boys were unharmed. He then shouted out for Kendall, but there was no response. He saw a foot in the wreckage and assumed it was Kendall's. He was surprised to see Bianca instead. He helped her up and she told him to be careful of her baby. He saw her large bump and realized that she was pregnant.

Zach and Bianca searched for Kendall. Bianca explained that Kendall was trying to protect Ian, Spike, and Bianca when the tornado blew in the windows of the beach home. Bianca reported that Kendall saved all of them. Zach then found Kendall unconscious in the rubble. He yelled at his wife to wake up as he administered CPR. He was hopeful to feel a slight pulse, but he saw that Kendall was hit in the head and had lost a lot of blood.

EMT workers arrived and Zach helped them put Kendall onto a stretcher. There was not much room on the ambulance, so Zach was persistent in insisting that his sons get a ride to the hospital, just in case the tornado returned. Before they left, an EMT worker asked Bianca how she was doing. She said that she felt fine and that her baby was due in a month.

Zach asked Bianca why she had not told him about the pregnancy, considering he was the baby's father. She had decided not to tell anyone the news until she was certain the baby was healthy. She inquired why Zach gave in to her wish to have a child with him. He stated that he was hesitant at first, but he felt at ease once he met Reese, Bianca's girlfriend. Bianca gushed about how well Reese and Miranda got along, even though Miranda was a little jealous of the new baby. Bianca was excited to have another child and she hoped that Kendall would be excited as well, once she learned that Zach had fathered her child. Just then, Bianca clenched her stomach and announced that the baby was coming.

Kendall arrived at the hospital. Frankie ordered a scan for her, but before she could have the procedure done, she coded. Frankie got a crash cart and began to shock her."

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