10/23/2008 Greenlee Guesses The Baby's Father

"Zach pushed Greenlee to the floor, Angie and Frankie covered Natalia with a blanket and the doctors rushed to keep Kendall stable as the storm blew out windows in the hospital. Joe told his staff to follow the hospital's emergency plan as it struggled to restore electricity. Frankie asked Angie what she knew about Natalia. Angie said all she knew was that Jesse had another family. Angie suspected Jesse was living with Natalia until coming back to Pine Valley nine months earlier. Natalia woke up to hear Frankie upset that his father had lied to him. Natalia said Jesse lied to protect Frankie and Angie before moaning loudly in pain. Natalia said her mother knew about Angie and Frankie from the beginning. Natalia's mother wanted Jesse to be with Frankie and Angie, but knew it would not be easy to kick him out of their lives. Natalia and her mother staged a big fight to push Jesse out of the picture, and right to Frankie and Angie. Angie asked Natalia why her mother was calling Jesse if they wanted to let him go. Jesse showed up before Natalia could answer her.

Kendall's surgical team went back to performing surgery on Kendall. Zach told an officer to put Greenlee in a storage closet with Bianca and her baby. Jake wanted to finish Kendall's procedure, but the other doctors said he needed power. Jake said Kendall could end up brain dead if they didn't finish the surgery immediately. Tad took Jenny and Kathy to a basement. Taylor rushed in and offered to help the hospital. Joe said the generator needed to be fixed. To his surprise, Taylor said she could probably fix it. Taylor and Jesse went to the generator to look at the problem further. Zach rushed into the operating room angrily when he saw doctors were working on Kendall with barely any light. Jake asked Zach to leave, but Zach wanted to know what was happening to his wife. Jake said Kendall could die if they did not finish the surgery.

Annie, Ryan, Colby, and Pete tried to dig through the debris in the Chandler mansion's secret tunnels. Ryan assured Annie they would find Emma. Meanwhile, Pete told Colby they would find Adam if he was still alive in the tunnels. Suddenly, someone knocked Pete out, stole their flashlight, and ran off. When Colby told Ryan and Annie, Annie figured it was Emma's kidnapper.

Erica told Adam that someone grabbed her arm before the tunnel caved in. Adam said Erica was delusional. Adam said he knew Erica was worried when the tunnel caved in again. It made him think Erica still loved him. Erica said that idea was absurd. She continued to dig through the rocks and yelped when another hand grabbed her arm. Ryan, Colby, Annie, and Pete emerged from the other side. Ryan told Erica that Kendall was hurt badly in the tornado, but he did not know her condition. Adam said he had not seen Emma in the tunnels, but believed a stalker was living in the house.

Krystal found JR hovering over Babe in her room. Babe told him he could have died saving her. JR said at least they would be together. Babe said she knew she was dying, but did not want JR to go with her. Babe told JR to be a good father to Little Adam and remind their son of how much she loved him. JR said he did not know how to let go of Babe. Babe said she would always be with JR. As Babe's health started to fade, she told JR that they needed to get married quickly. JR scooped Babe into his arms and carried her to the hospital's chapel. Babe asked JR to tell her what he was feeling. JR said he was remembering the first day they met, how she gave him strength to be a better man, and the everlasting love they shared together. Babe thanked JR for seeing the good in her and making her feel special. Babe melted into JR's arms and went limp. JR knew she was gone. Babe's estranged father, David, opened the door to see JR holding Babe in his arms.

Bianca held her new baby girl close. She told the baby that they were going to make it through the storm. Greenlee came into the room. She said that Zach, Spike, and Ian were fine, but surgeons were working on Kendall without power. Bianca found Zach after he left the operating room. They went back to the closet, where Greenlee was holding the new baby girl. Bianca handed Zach the baby before fainting. Joe helped wake Bianca up, but asked Zach to keep an eye on her. Greenlee asked more about Reese, Bianca's partner. Bianca said Reese was back in Paris. Zach said he liked Reese, but Greenlee wondered how he knew her. Zach said he had met Reese during a business trip to Paris. Bianca told Zach she did not have a name for the baby, but he was certainly entitled to offer suggestions. Greenlee gave Bianca and Zach a suspicious look at their newfound close relationship. As power was restored to the building, she asked Zach if he was the father of the baby. Bianca told Greenlee that she was right. Bianca said Zach offered to help Bianca and Reese, but she did not tell Zach about the pregnancy until after the second trimester was finished. Bianca said she was going to tell Kendall the news personally, but the tornado stopped her plans.

The doctors finished Kendall's surgery. They thought the surgery was successful, but their hopes were short-lived when Kendall started shaking.

Krystal told Tad that she did not know how to say goodbye to Babe. Tad said Babe knew how much Krystal loved her. But Krystal felt as though she wouldn't know herself anymore without Babe. Tad said he knew Krystal, and would remind her each day if he needed."

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