08/27/2008 Annie Spies for Adam

"Jake awoke to Taylor doing push ups in the living room. He challenged her to a push up contest. Amanda walked in as Taylor beat Jake in the competition. Amanda gave Jake pastries for breakfast and asked if he was staying in the apartment. He decided to let Taylor take the place, so Amanda suggested that Jake move into Dr. David Hayward's vacant cabin in the woods. Jake was hesitant, but Amanda insisted on giving him her realtor's contact information.

Jake told Taylor that he was letting her have the apartment. As she shined her shoes, he asked her about the war. They got into a heated argument about Iraq. He thought that the war was pointless. She yelled that many good soldiers died in Iraq and affirmed that their presence in Iraq was meaningful. Jake got his stuff together and tried to make amends with Taylor. He told her to see him in the hospital if she needed help with her heel, but she coldly told him to leave. After he left, her teakettle began to whistle. The noise reminded her of the bombs and gunfire in Iraq. She looked very distraught and ran out of the apartment.

Ryan and Annie woke up in bed together. She inquired if he still wanted to be with her. He promised to remain loyal to their family.

Ryan and Zach were at ConFusion. Ryan confessed that he was unsure about the state of his marriage. Zach thought that Ryan should leave his wife because she lied. Ryan reminded Zach that Kendall lied to him, but he did not leave her. Zach believed that his situation was different. Zach suggested that Ryan "test" Annie to see if she had truly changed her ways. Zach then wondered what Ryan was going to do about his feelings of love for Greenlee. Ryan said that he was more nervous for Annie to find out than for Greenlee to find out.

Amanda was excited to show everyone the "secret project" that she created with Amanda. As Babe waited for Amanda to arrive at work, she gave Randi a preview of the project. Babe announced that they wanted to launch a perfume for the "everyday" woman, not just wealthy women like Kendall and Greenlee. Babe proceeded to reveal a picture of a perfume titled, "Working Girl." Just then, Amanda entered. Amanda asked Randi what she thought about the product, so Randi suggested that they change the name. Amanda realized that the title gave the wrong impression and agreed that they needed to change it.

Greenlee and Kendall stood outside of the Fusion office. They admitted that they had been neglecting Fusion, but vowed to get back on track. When they entered the office they were surprised to see Amanda and Babe discussing the new perfume. Kendall was appalled by the idea of selling a cheap perfume that anyone could afford. Amanda and Babe explained that many luxury brands were creating more affordable lines, but Kendall adamantly refused to manufacture the product.

Annie entered Fusion and asked for her job back. Kendall became irate because of the request, but Greenlee told Annie that she could return to work. Kendall pulled Greenlee aside and asked why Greenlee allowed Annie back. Greenlee stated that Ryan forgave Annie and moved on, so they should do the same.

Amanda and Babe continued to push their idea onto Kendall and Greenlee. Amanda offered to pay for the production and the launch of the perfume in exchange for 35% of the profits. Greenlee agreed to the idea, so Amanda, Babe, Randi, and Annie immediately began working on completing the project. Just as Zach arrived, Kendall stormed out in a fit of rage. Zach followed Kendall to ConFusion. Kendall was in no mood to talk, so Zach brought her to their beach house and "gave her a wake up call" by kissing her. Meanwhile, no one knew that Annie was spying for Adam. Annie called Adam to tell him that she already had good dirt for him.

Greenlee was the only person in the Fusion office. Ryan entered because he was looking for Annie. She explained that Annie went to ConFusion for lunch. He looked longingly at Greenlee, so she asked "Is it true?" He realized what she meant by the question and admitted that he was in love with her.

Jesse and Angie were getting ready for work when Jesse received a phone call stating that his crew found a wrench near the scene of Richie's murder. Jesse was excited about the prospect of finding the murder weapon and rushed off. After he left, the house phone rang. Angie answered the phone, but the person on the other end hung up.

Jesse brought the wrench to the hospital. He asked a doctor to test the tool to see if it had human blood on it. As the doctor ran the test, Jesse and Angie discussed the importance of the wrench. Jesse stated that if the wrench had Richie's blood on it, the teenagers would be completely exonerated. Jesse's phone rang, but when he answered it, the person on the other end hung up. Angie divulged that the same thing happened to her at their apartment. Jesse looked very nervous. Then, the doctor returned and revealed that human blood was on the wrench. Jesse asked the doctor to run a DNA test.

Angie met Jesse at their apartment for lunch. She was pleasantly surprised to see that he organized a picnic for them on the fire escape. As they ate, she questioned him about the twenty years he spent away from her. He was evasive about the topic, but she was persistent. She wanted to know if he met any people while he was gone. He claimed that he did not bond with anyone, in order to protect his identity. He explained that he worked odd jobs and never settled in one place for too long. She wondered why he would not give her any more details. He stated that he wanted to put the past behind him and focus on his future with her. They kissed. After Angie left the room, Jesse received another mysterious phone call. When he picked up he said, "It's you, isn't it?""

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