08/26/2008 Ryan Confronts Annie

"Jake went to his new apartment, but was surprised when he saw Taylor moving in with boxes. Taylor said they could share the apartment that evening and discuss ownership of it the next day. Amanda brought over some goodies for Jake's new apartment. Taylor was shocked when she saw Amanda greet Jake with a kiss. Amanda offered Jake a spot on her yacht after she found out that Taylor was living with Jake temporarily. After Amanda left, Taylor asked Jake if Amanda was his girlfriend. Jake said Amanda was just a friend. But when Taylor asked Jake if he was still involved with Aidan, Jake finally realized that Taylor thought he was gay. Taylor said she came to the assumption after hearing a phone conversation between Jake and Aidan. Taylor pulled out her military uniform. Jake thought she was retired, but Taylor said she was only on medical leave.

Tad and Aidan decided to have a "boy's night" with pizza and beer at Tad's home. Meanwhile, Kathy dreamed that Krystal gave Tad a poisoned apple similar to the "Cinderella" fairytale. Tad bit into the apple and fell to the floor. When Kathy rushed to his side, Krystal told her she would be next. Kathy woke up sweating, but Tad was by her side. Krystal came in the bedroom and suggested Tad wash down his pizza with an apple. Kathy took the apple and stuffed it in one of her toys while Krystal was not looking. After Aidan left, Kathy gave Tad a hug and whispered, "I'll save you daddy." She followed Krystal upstairs to bed. Kathy took the apple and threw it in the trashcan.

Carmen pulled away from the long kiss with Jackson. She told a shocked Erica that Jackson did not want Erica. Erica and Adam took their seat, but Erica's eyes could not stay off Jackson, who suggested he and Carmen go elsewhere. Carmen said that Jackson could have come to her to try to win Erica back. Instead, Carmen said Jackson used her like all the other men in her life had done. Erica called Jackson on his cell phone even though they were only a few feet from each other. Jackson walked over to Erica's table to try to straighten out their problems. Jackson said he was not going to sit at home, cry his eyes out, and wallow in pity because Erica wanted to date Samuel. Plus, Jackson said it was not Erica's business who he dated. Adam went to over to Carmen, who had already figured out that Adam set her up to hurt Erica. Carmen said she was finished working for Adam. Jackson returned to Carmen's table. Carmen threw the shoes and jewelry Adam bought her into the ocean. Jackson asked Carmen to stay and have dinner with him. He said he wanted to spend time with her and kissed her softly. Carmen asked Jackson to get her out of the restaurant. After they scurried off, Adam suggested that Erica was free to marry him since Jackson had moved on. Erica smacked Adam across the face.

Kendall told Greenlee that Ryan still loved her. Kendall said Ryan wanted to tell Greenlee the truth, but was scared it would ruin the relationship she shared with Aidan. Kendall said Ryan told her not to tell Greenlee the truth. Kendall was hoping Greenlee would proclaim her undying love for Ryan. But instead, Greenlee said she loved Aidan. Kendall said she was the reason Greenlee and Ryan broke up, but finally, they had a chance to start over. Greenlee told Kendall that she was angry Kendall would not accept that she loved Aidan. Greenlee told Kendall she should worry more about her own life than anything else. Greenlee said she never wanted to discuss the issue again and walked away. She went home and immediately embraced Aidan.

Annie told Ryan that she had been worried their relationship was coming to an end. She thought a baby would save their marriage. Annie said she wanted to tell Ryan the truth about his procedure, but changed her mind when she heard Kendall claim Ryan never loved her. Annie said she took hormone shots to speed up the chances of getting pregnant. Ryan said he felt like he never knew Annie, but she claimed they knew each other all too well. Annie admitted that Ryan did not deserve the awful ways she tricked him. Ryan asked Annie if she had any more secrets she needed to tell him. Annie tried to tell Ryan she killed Richie, but the words would not come out. Richie's ghost poked fun at Annie for not telling Ryan she killed him. Annie said she understood if Ryan wanted to leave her. But Ryan assured Annie that he was not going to walk out on her."

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