08/25/2008 Ryan Refuses To Leave Annie

"Annie went to see Adam at his mansion. She announced that she had a business proposition for him. He was uninterested in doing business with her since she was Richie's sister. She revealed that she knew Adam was plotting to take over Fusion and declared that she wanted to help. He asked how she found this out, so she explained that she overheard JR talking about the scheme. He wondered how she could help him, especially since she quit her job. She said that she would regain her position at the cosmetics company to spy for Adam. He inquired why Annie wanted to take down Kendall and Greenlee. She stated that she hated the two women for trying to ruin her life with Ryan.

Greenlee and Kendall gave Ryan proof that Annie was lying to him. They showed him the letters that Annie withheld from him to keep the truth about his vasectomy hidden. Ryan looked shocked and did not say a word. Kendall reinforced that Annie was lying to him and tricked him into having a baby. Kendall continued that they wanted to support him through the difficult time. Ryan said nothing. Greenlee asked Ryan how he was feeling. He snapped and yelled at the women for meddling in his life. He asked how they found out Annie's secret. Kendall admitted that she made a copy of Annie's key and discovered that it belonged to a mailbox. Kendall further explained that they went to the mailbox and found Ryan's mail. He was livid with them for going behind his back. They could not understand why he was mad at them when Annie was the one who tricked him into having a baby. He reminded them that they also tricked him into having a baby. Kendall told Greenlee to talk some sense into Ryan and stormed out.

Greenlee admitted to Ryan that Kendall had a vendetta against Annie, but she promised that her intentions were good. She felt that Ryan needed to know the truth about Annie, so he could get out of the marriage. He insisted that he did not want to leave his wife. Greenlee commented that he did not seem happy with his life. She wondered why he was unhappy, so he yelled out that she was the reason. She looked confused and hurt, so Ryan realized that he should not have made the comment. He backtracked and said that everyone in his life was making him unhappy, not just her. He stated that he needed space from everyone. She felt responsible for his sad state and apologized for her part. He apologized for making her feel guilty. He affirmed that she was his "port in the storm." She told him that he deserved a good life and urged him to leave Annie, but he refused.

Greenlee met Kendall at ConFusion. Greenlee was annoyed that Kendall left her alone with Ryan. Kendall persisted that Ryan needed to divorce Annie because she was crazy. Greenlee assumed that Ryan loved Annie, at least a little bit, because he was being loyal to their family. Kendall proceeded to blurt out that Ryan could not be in love with Annie because he was really in love with Greenlee.

Annie arrived at home and immediately began grilling Ryan about Greenlee's visit to their penthouse. He held up the letter that she hid from him and asked if she had anything she needed to tell him.

Carmen was making a big fuss about her date with Jack. She kept asking Adam for fashion advice. Adam told her that she could take one of his limousines to the Yacht Club for dinner. After she left, Adam called Erica to ask her out to dinner at the Yacht Club. Erica accepted the offer and Adam slyly smiled.

Erica requested that Jack bring over Carmen's files for her upcoming trial, so he brought them to her room at the Yacht Club. She divulged that Carmen had been involved with many, many men. He asked why she told him that. She claimed that she did not want Carmen's sordid history to hurt her chances in court. He noted that Carmen was no different than Erica when it came to dating numerous men. Opal then arrived as Jack was leaving. Opal wondered if they had a "lovers' quarrel," but Erica insisted that they were no longer lovers. Opal was impressed with Erica's ability to date hunky men, like Jack and Samuel.

Jack met Carmen at the Yacht Club for dinner. Carmen inquired if Greenlee was still excited about her wedding. He affirmed that his daughter was "over the moon." Carmen thought that Greenlee deserved to be happy and Jack agreed.

Adam and Erica walked into the Yacht Club and saw Jack and Carmen dining together. Erica realized that Adam purposely brought her there to witness Jack and Carmen's date. Erica informed Adam that she knew about the date and claimed that she was fine with it. She then turned to leave, but he stopped her. He urged her to stay to prove that she was fine with the date. Meanwhile, Jack and Carmen noticed Erica and Adam. Carmen assumed that Jack was merely using her to make Erica jealous. Carmen was agitated and exclaimed, "If you want to make Erica jealous, then let's make her really jealous!" Carmen proceeded to grab Jack's face and planted a big kiss on his lips. Erica looked annoyed.

Jesse went home and asked if Cassandra left for the airport. Angie replied that Cassandra was packing in her bedroom. Angie was having a difficult time handling her daughter's decision to move away. Jesse promised her that they would visit Cassandra as much as possible. He reminded her that Cassandra would visit them in Pine Valley as well. Angie thought that Cassandra would want to visit Dre, not her. He assured her that Cassandra would want to visit her and Frankie because they were her family.

Cassandra and Dre were discussing their plan to run away to Canada. Dre said that he would work while Cassandra worked on her art degree. Cassandra asked Dre if he had any doubts about skipping bail and leaving his father. He thought that leaving town might win his father some sympathy votes.

Cassandra went to see Angie and Jesse to say goodbye. Angie and Cassandra both began to cry as they said their farewells. Angie noted that their goodbye felt permanent, like the day she said goodbye to Jesse twenty years prior. As tears fell down Cassandra's face, she told her mother that she loved her very much. Jesse promised Cassandra that he would look after Dre while she was gone. Angie and Jesse then gave Cassandra a framed picture of them.

Cassandra cried as she entered her bedroom. Dre asked what was wrong. She felt very guilty for leaving her mother, so he stated that running away was a bad idea. They decided that Cassandra would go to Paris and Dre would remain in Pine Valley."

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