08/22/2008 Kendall & Greenlee Find Ryan's Mail

"Greenlee took delight when she teased Aidan into thinking that she was upset over a comment he made. He started to chase her through the gym until she ended up literally running into Ryan's arms. Ryan decided to join the newlyweds in their workout but Greenlee bowed out so that the testosterone could flow.

As Kendall gazed at the copy she made of Annie's formerly hidden key, she noticed that the office maintenance man had a number of keys on his belt. She asked if he could tell her what the one she had would open and after he compared it to one that he had in his possession, he told her it probably opened a post office box.

As Aidan picked up the spotter position and Ryan started to press weights, Greenlee saw her best friend and went over to see her. Kendall held up the key that she'd copied and although Greenlee thought that she needed a new hobby, Kendall told her that the key was to a post office box and that they needed to find it so that they could see what Annie had kept hidden. She shared the research she'd done and found two places in Pine Valley where the key could work. Greenlee thought that they would get into trouble, but when Kendall suggested that she would keep what she uncovered to herself, Greenlee couldn't resist. Greenlee told her husband that she planned to do some retail therapy and credit card damage and went to change her clothes.

Ryan and Aidan shared an awkward conversation once left to their own devices. Ryan asked if they had any honeymoon plans, but Aidan told him that they had decided to concentrate on each other. He admitted that since Tad had left the PI business to him, he had considered whether he wanted to continue that line of work or try something new. Ryan noted how happy he was that Aidan and Greenlee had found each other and then, when Aidan asked how he'd settled in with the idea of becoming a dad again, Ryan noted that he'd considered his own future as well before he headed off to the showers.

After a torrid lovemaking session, JR extolled Babe's take charge attitude and noted that she would need those things if she ran Fusion. Babe reminded him that she hadn't made a decision yet and after he apologized for bringing it up, he swooped in for another kiss and hoped for a second round. Before that happened, Adam burst into the room and surprised the amorous couple. Only momentarily fazed, Adam fairly ignored Babe and told his son that he needed to talk to him. He then suggested that Babe step out so that he could speak to JR alone but both were aghast and demanded that he leave. Adam tried to hint that he had an exciting development regarding the Fusion takeover as a means to get his son to hop out of bed, but the couple remained firm. Adam finally settled on meeting with his son sometime after he wrapped things up with his ex-wife.

Exhausted and hungry after round two, Babe and JR pondered their options briefly before Babe had a flashback to when they had first met five years prior. She said that they were nowhere near the people they used to be, and JR told her that he'd had a marvelous time figuring out how much they'd changed.

At BJ's, Randi revealed to Frankie that Sherri was a woman that Fletcher killed as an example to the rest of the girls. He'd upped his cut of what they got paid, and Sherri wanted out from underneath his reign of terror. Randi also told him that although the police were involved, Fletcher got another one of his girls to fabricate a story that explained some of the shadier details of the condition of Sherri's body, so the police merely chalked her up as another hooker who overdosed on meth. Frankie was shocked at how Randi's life had gone, but she made it clear that those kinds of things were commonplace. She then saw Jesse walking in and Frankie told her that he'd asked his dad to meet him. Jesse pulled a chair up and asked what urgent matter needed to be discussed.

Frankie stuttered into an explanation and said that he wanted his father to get to know Randi better so that he could help Angie get over her issues. He told his father that although she'd had some hard times, Randi had the strength and wherewithal to make a new start. Although Jesse was blindsided, he told his son that he understood and offered to buy everyone dinner so that they could use the opportunity to get the process started.

They enjoyed a good meal but Jesse soon had to return to work. He thanked them for the invitation, told his son not to worry so much about Angie, and went to the host to pay the bill. After he left the restaurant, Randi, who hadn't been fooled, asked Frankie to share why he really invited his father to dinner. He told her that he'd been up front with his reasons but where he failed was thinking it through to see if it was a good idea. He apologized, and after she accepted, she told him that her hesitation sprung from not having let go of her past. She mentioned the offer that she'd gotten to be the new face of Fusion and although Frankie thought it was an amazing opportunity, she told him that she'd turned it down to avoid any possible scandals. He let it go, told her that he would call her after his shift and they parted ways.

Annie walked into ConFusion and spotted Amanda on a date with Jake. After he left their table to get drinks, Annie zipped over to find out how upset Kendall and Greenlee had been after she quit. Amanda acknowledged that the owners had been angry over the drama, but in the end, no one was irreplaceable. Annie quickly breezed over that assessment and encouraged both Amanda and Babe to quit so that the three of them could go into business together. Irritated that Annie had completely disregarded that she was there with someone else, Amanda told her not to use her drama to bring everyone else down. Jake returned moments later, and Annie took that opportunity to excuse herself. After she left, Amanda gave Jake a brief run down of what had happened with Annie earlier, and then attempted to move on to other topics and asked him to regale her with stories from Africa.

Annie went to cool down in the restroom but wasn't alone for long. Her brother appeared and told her that her pity me approach reeked of desperation and that she wouldn't win any fans that way. He told her that she wouldn't get what she wanted unless she took action.

Adam tried to talk to Barry by phone but had to force Carmen to stop vacuuming so that he could hear. She did as asked but as he got closer to her while he paced the room, she started to sneeze. It didn't take her long to realize that she was allergic to the new after shave he'd used that day. In the midst of her sneezing fits, Adam alit on a brilliant new idea and profusely thanked her for the inspiration.

Jake did as asked and Amanda was completely enthralled when he told her accounts of his time in Africa. He then voiced his hope that she was having a good time, as it had been a long time since he'd dated someone. She assured him that she was enjoying herself and said that he was way ahead of any other game she'd seen from men in recent times.

JR and Babe arrived at ConFusion for dinner but their peaceful night out was disturbed when Annie approached their table and wanted to talk about some sort of retaliatory action toward Kendall and Greenlee. Babe offered that they could have lunch but Annie continued mildly ranting over everything that happened. JR stepped in and encouraged Annie to save her issues for the lunch date. She finally took the hint and left them to dinner. Babe asked what Adam wanted to talk to his son about but before JR could answer, his phone rang and it was the Chandler patriarch himself. JR answered and tried to tell Adam in no uncertain terms that their discussion could wait. Adam insisted that they needed to move on the exciting idea he had, but JR was unmoved and silenced his father's pleas by ending the call. When he did, Babe asked if the conversation he and Adam needed to have was related to the Fusion takeover, and instead of lie, JR decided to stay silent.

JR finally admitted what Adam was up to but when Babe asked why he hadn't been more forthcoming sooner, he told her that he knew she would have bagged the idea if she'd known about Adam's involvement. He then offered the news that he'd told his father he wouldn't work with him unless Babe was involved every step of the way. Grateful for that, Babe pointed out that if they let Adam take over the idea, he would be the only one left standing in the end. She then excused herself and headed to the restroom.

Carmen returned to the living room after she took some medication and asked Adam if she could have the night off to go out. He asked her who she would be spending time with and said he had to worry about corporate espionage. Although she was slightly irate that he'd asked about her personal business, she revealed that she had a date with Jack. Adam was shocked that her get together with the attorney was for pleasure, not business. He then offered her his gold card and told her that as a reward for inspiring his latest idea, she should buy herself some new things for the date. Flabbergasted but unwilling to look a gift horse in the mouth, she accepted the offer, thanked him and went to collect her things.

Kendall and Greenlee arrived at one of the places Kendall had found and located a box that matched the number imprinted on the key. Greenlee was still hesitant, since what they were going to do was illegal, but Kendall reminded her that they'd done similar things before. She then put the key in the lock and tried it. When it turned and opened the door, the women saw an envelope resting just inside. Kendall wasted no time and opened the letter so that they could see the contents. Once they did, both agreed that it was clear why Annie kept the secret from her husband.

Annie sat at the bar as she tried to figure out her next move, but her brother reappeared and told her that she needed to stop feeling sorry for herself. She reminded him that she quit but he told her that she shouldn't wait for someone to save her – she simply needed to decide to take her revenge. As she struggled with the issue, Jesse skirted the edge of the room and watched her.

Jake and Amanda wrapped up their date and agreed that they should go out again soon. As they walked out, Annie started to follow suit and Jesse hid behind a pillar moments before she would have spotted him. As she headed toward the door, she overheard JR on his cell phone as he noted that whatever Fusion takeover plans were in the works could wait to be discussed. She made a beeline for the door just as her brother whispered in her ear that the information she'd just gotten was the key she'd waited for.

Jesse fielded a wrong number on his cell before he followed the trail of people that had left the club. He crossed paths with Babe as she headed back to her table. When she got back to her seat, she told JR that she was a lot clearer headed and that she wanted to proceed with the Fusion takeover, provided they did things her way.

Cassie zipped her suitcase and marveled that Dre had so little he needed to travel. He told her that all he needed was her, and then asked if she thought her mother and Jesse had any ideas regarding what she was about to do. She told him that they believed she was going to Paris but that they didn't know she was never returning.

Frankie started his shift at the hospital and as he stood outside of the secured medicine cabinet, he recalled Fletcher's assertion that if Frankie procured enough pills, Randi would be free of Fletcher for the rest of her life. Frankie briefly considered the ramifications as he twirled the keys around his fingers, and then decided against it and walked away.

Annie paid a visit to the Chandler mansion and when Adam answered the door, she told him that she wanted to help him. At the same time across town, Greenlee and Kendall showed up at Ryan's condo, gave him the letter that they'd retrieved from Annie's secret mailbox and suggested that he needed to read the contents."

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