08/21/2008 Annie Quits

Jake hung around the hospital because Greenlee kicked him out of the apartment. Taylor overheard Jake talking to Aidan, but got the impression from the playful conversation that he and Aidan were lovers. Taylor was taken into a cubicle for a foot examination. She was surprised when Jake walked into the room. Jake suggested that Taylor's injury was from her extensive running. She turned down his idea of working out at a gym. Jake massaged Taylor's foot to see if she was in any pain. Taylor yelped out in pain. Jake said her ligament was swollen, but would heal with the proper medicine. Jake wrote Taylor a prescription, and left. Joe overheard Jake telling a nurse he wanted to work an extra shift at the hospital. Joe encouraged Jake to take a break from work, especially if he had plans already.

Taylor went to a military hospital to have another doctor examine her foot. As the doctor touched Taylor's foot, she did not show any ounce of pain. Despite her calm demeanor, the doctor said she was not eligible for deployment again.

At Fusion, Annie told Greenlee and Kendall that she thought everyone disliked her. After she stormed off, Babe and Amanda introduced Randi to Kendall and Greenlee. Greenlee and Kendall said Randi was going to be a perfect model, but Babe said Randi was the new assistant. Kendall and Greenlee said they thought Carmen was a better fit for the assistant position, but Randi could still be a model for their eye make-up campaign. Amanda said Babe had worked really hard to make up for Greenlee and Kendall's absence. Greenlee and Kendall barked that since they were back, they would handle all of the major company decisions. Randi politely told Kendall and Greenlee that she was not interested in being a model. When Randi answered the telephone, Greenlee scolded Babe for speaking to her so harshly in front of "her employees."

Babe said it was not right for Greenlee and Kendall to toss them extra work, run off on vacation, and then criticize her and Amanda for not doing things the way Greenlee and Kendall wanted. Annie returned to blame Greenlee for ruining her relationship with Ryan. Greenlee said she loved Aidan. Annie snapped that she was tired of Kendall pretending to be her friend. Babe told Annie, Greenlee and Kendall to stop fighting like teenagers. Annie decided it would be best if she quit Fusion. Randi told Amanda that she did not want her face plastered all over Pine Valley because of her shady past. Randi said she just wanted to be seen as more than a sex toy.

Amanda received a package from Jake. When she tore open the box, she found a pirate costume. Jake asked Amanda to meet him at ConFusion wearing the costume. Jake was all smiles when he saw Amanda walk over to him in her costume. Kendall told Greenlee about the mysterious key she found hidden behind a picture frame. Annie took the key and flushed it down the toilet. Kendall said she made a copy of the key.

Adam told his lawyer, Barry, that he wanted to teach JR and Babe a lesson by taking Fusion for himself. Adam said they needed to seize upon Kendall and Greenlee's reputations. He told the lawyer to look into Fusion's environmentally friendly campaign for any dirt.

Frankie went to Fletcher's apartment and warned him to stay away from Randi. Fletcher said he would leave Randi alone as soon as Frankie gave him the money he wanted. Frankie said he could easily have more charges brought against Fletcher for blackmail. Fletcher said he was not scared of the police. Frankie claimed an officer would be keeping Randi safe, but Fletcher said he could easily go after Cassie or Angie. Frankie grabbed Fletcher, pushed him against a wall and threatened to kill him if he went after his family. Frankie told Fletcher to give him more time to get the money. Fletcher said he would take drugs in exchange for money. Since Frankie worked at a hospital, Fletcher figured Frankie could easily get his hands on the drugs. Frankie called Jesse and asked to meet him at BJ's. When Randi met Frankie at the restaurant, Frankie asked her about Sherrie, another prostitute Fletcher mentioned. Randi said Sherrie was her best friend that the police found dead in an ally. Randi asked Frankie why he wanted to know about Sherrie.

JR told Krystal that he wanted to hand Fusion over to Babe. Krystal asked how Babe felt about his plan. JR said Babe did not want to ruin her friendships, but was just scared of taking the plunge. Krystal said JR wanted the company to keep a hold on Babe. JR said he was taking his relationship slowly with Babe and did not want to mess up their chances. Krystal said JR and Babe would make it again if JR continued to make smart choices.

JR arrived home as Barry was leaving. He found Babe upstairs waiting for him. She immediately kissed him passionately and threw him onto the bed.""

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