08/19/2008 Frankie Tells Randi About Taylor

"Cassie told her mother and Jesse that she had to return to Paris for her father's emergency surgery. Angie offered to go with Cassie on the trip. Jesse told Cassie that she was unable to leave Pine Valley until Richie's murder investigation was finished. Cassie said that she had not been charged with anything yet, but Jesse said it would appear to the district attorney as though she was running away. After Jesse left the room, Angie scolded Cassie for being so hard on Jesse, who was only trying to help her. Cassie said Jesse was just waiting to throw her in jail. When Jesse returned, he told Cassie he had called her father, Jacob, but Jacob said the surgery was simple and he did not want Cassie leaving Pine Valley. Cassie admitted that she lied to Angie and Jesse, but it was because she hated her life. She vowed to be with her father for his surgery and rushed to her bedroom.

Randi ordered bagels, muffins, and orange juice at a restaurant before heading to Fusion Cosmetics. Frankie was surprised to see Randi when he entered the eatery. He asked Randi out for lunch and dinner, but she refused his offers. Randi said dating Frankie would interfere with her new job at Fusion. She told Frankie to go be with his new blonde friend that had a clean history. Frankie realized that Randi saw him with Taylor. Frankie said Taylor was just a friend. Serving in Iraq together had given them a bond, he said. Randi apologized for being so mean to Frankie. Before he could kiss Randi goodbye, Fletcher called and reminded Frankie that is was almost time to pay him for Randi's freedom.

Amanda was the first person to arrive at Fusion. As she moved a large vase of flowers onto a table, Jake came into the building. A thorn from one of the flower stems scratched Amanda's eye. Jake scavenged the office for a first aid kit to tend to Amanda. He covered Amanda's injured eye with a patch until she could see an eye doctor. Jake asked Amanda how she was doing. Amanda told Jake she was busy at work while Kendall and Greenlee were in Las Vegas. Amanda said that Greenlee and Aidan got married, too.

Babe thanked JR for helping Kathy get through a tough time. Adam walked out on the patio, but was not thrilled to see JR and Babe there. Babe told Adam that he would have been proud of JR for taking care of Kathy. After Babe went to work, Adam asked JR if Babe knew about the plans to take over Fusion. JR said he was not telling Babe anything, but still wanted her to become CEO of the company. Adam said it was imperative that Greenlee and Kendall not learn of the plans to take over Fusion. JR told his father that they needed to get the consumer base against Greenlee and Kendall. It would force them to want to sell the company, JR added. After JR left, Adam called someone to set up his own plan to get Fusion for himself.

Babe marched into Fusion with a "to-do list," but stopped barking orders when she saw Jake was present. After Jake left, Babe asked Amanda how their "secret plan" was going. Amanda said the plan was running smoothly, but she feared how Kendall and Greenlee would react to the news. JR went to Fusion to encourage her to steal the company from Greenlee and Kendall. Babe admitted it would be nice to be the person in charge of Fusion.

Jake went to the hospital to work. He told his father that he wanted to go back to Africa. Joe said that Jake might find what he wanted in Pine Valley if he gave the town a chance. Jake said the only reason to stay in town was to be near his family. Jake left the hospital to find a costume shop."

- Soap Central