08/28/2008 Annie Has Cramps

"Ryan said he remembered being in love with Greenlee. When Greenlee asked Ryan if he still loved her, Ryan said he remembered loving all of the wonderful memories they shared. Ryan and Greenlee made a deal not to rehash their past because he thought they should both focus on their futures with their spouses. After Ryan left, Greenlee found Randi in the Fusion office. But the girls did not see Fletcher lurking behind one of the columns. Greenlee told Randi that she loved the campaign for the new perfume, and eventually, Kendall would come around. Greenlee met Aidan in ConFusion to assure him that her future was with him.

Annie boasted that Fusion immediately took her back, despite Kendall's temper tantrum. Adam said that Annie was no use to her if she could not get secrets from Kendall. Annie said she could use Babe and Amanda's hostility toward Kendall and Greenlee to get Adam the information he needed. Annie told Adam about Babe and Amanda's plans to introduce a new affordable fragrance. Adam said to handle Greenlee and Kendall, but did not want to divulge any information to Annie. Adam consulted his lawyer on his plans. But the lawyer said that Adam's plans were so risky, he would not get involved. Pete came to the room after hearing Adam saying he wanted to taint the new perfume, "Bella." Pete said he could make the ingredient Adam needed for the perfume undetectable, odorless, and colorless. Of course, the ingredient would not kill its customers, just give them a nasty rash. Adam wanted to know what Pete wanted in return. Pete said he wanted a chance to know Colby or else he would tell Palmer what Adam was planning. Adam agreed to speak to Colby, but thought she would never date Pete.

Ryan went home and found Annie throwing out some old stuff. He picked up a photograph of them together. Annie said the frame was cracked and needed to be replaced. But Ryan wanted to keep the picture in its original shape and placed it on the nightstand beside their bed. Ryan told Annie that he was keeping secrets, too, but did not want to burden her with details. As Ryan embraced Annie, she saw Richie taunting her in the corner. Annie suddenly cried out in pain and held her stomach. Annie went to the hospital, but discovered the pain she felt was only a cramp. Joe said if the cramping became regular, it could cause a miscarriage. He suggested that Annie cut back on her activity and reduce stress by staying in bed. Annie said she would let Ryan know about the bed rest. Annie told Ryan that she had nothing more than a cramp. When Ryan asked Annie if the doctors gave her any orders, she said no.

Kendall and Zach made love at the beach. Kendall said she needed to get to Fusion before Amanda and Babe's new fragrance ruined the company. But Zach wanted Kendall to forget about work and stay with him longer. He said they needed a break from the drama in Pine Valley. Kendall said she wanted to help her friends, but Zach thought the best way she could help was by not getting involved. Zach realized Kendall would never stop worrying about Greenlee, Ryan, and Annie - not even for a few days of quiet time with him. Kendall promised to try to focus on her marriage and not other people or problems at work. Zach did not look like he believed her. Kendall had a car come pick her up and take her back to Pine Valley.

Taylor asked Frankie to pull a few favors so the military would allow her back in the service. Frankie said he had no rights to override the military doctors. But Taylor pleaded with Frankie to help her get back to her unit. Frankie asked Taylor if she was having nightmares about her experiences. If so, Frankie suggested that Taylor might be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Taylor said was not suffering from any medical condition. Frankie said she should not be scared to leave the military if it was for her own health. Taylor claimed she would never quit her job or leave her team behind. Fletcher went to the hospital to score some drugs from Frankie. Frankie said he would pay Fletcher with cash, but refused to steal drugs for him. Fletcher went into a medicine cabinet, pulled out a few bottles and shoved them in Frankie's hands. He said Frankie needed to get him the drugs if he could not pay up with cash. Randi stopped by to see Frankie. She invited him to a launch party for the "Bella" perfume. Frankie went home and told Jesse about Fletcher's threats toward Randi. Jesse was upset that Frankie hadn't come to him sooner, stating that as his father and would always be there to help him. Not so, according to Frankie, who added "I've learned to survive without one for the last 20 years." Jesse wanted to put Randi into protective custody, but Frankie explained that Randi had no idea that Fletcher was after her. Jesse told Frankie to watch over Randi.

Amanda showed David's old cabin to Jake. Jake got a bit scared when he saw a lizard walking through the cabin. Amanda calmly picked it up and put the critter outside. Amanda told Jake that she grew up playing with lizards as a tomboy. Amanda and Jake made love in the cabin.

Taylor went for a run to clear her mind. She saw Jake and Amanda running not far away.

Aidan found Ryan working on his motorcycle. As soon as he saw Ryan, Aidan punched him in the face."

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