"Zach acknowledged that although he would pay much more than the million dollars stated in the ransom note for Jake, he had no plans to pay out as the people holding Jake tended to kill their hostages. Zach and Aidan then agreed that they would keep the identity of the hostage a secret unless a need to know situation presented itself. Zach handed over a stack of papers that Aidan needed but before they could discuss things further, Kendall barged into the office, excited to share what had happened with her mother. She quickly noticed that she had interrupted and asked to be filled in. Zach reluctantly informed her that Aidan had decided to go on the mission overseas after all. Kendall didn't miss a beat and asked if Greenlee was in the loop. She didn't wait for a response as the answers were written all over their faces. Aidan excused himself and Kendall asked what had changed. In his standard minimalist fashion, Zach simply said that the situation overseas had escalated and after he and Aidan discussed the matter, they decided that Aidan was the best man for the job. Kendall then asked her husband what he was leaving out. Zach told her to trust in his word that the decision was fully informed when it was made. Kendall briefly thought that she and Aidan were still being punished for their indiscretions, but Zach tried to assure her that it wasn't the case. Kendall let on that she was worried what would happen to Greenlee, after all of the losses she had dealt with in her life, if Aidan were to get hurt.

Tad, Krystal, and JR walked in on Adam as he looked at the adoption documentation he'd previously burned. The trio interrupted Adam's thoughts and Adam, in his haste to find some sort of explanation, fell back on insults in an attempt to get them to leave. Tad sensed a mystery, zeroed in on the paper, and asked about it. Unwilling to risk the secret he'd held onto for months being uncovered, Adam continued to lambaste his unexpected company in the hopes that they could be driven away. Tad gave as good as he got until Krystal stopped them and insisted that Adam fess up to what had been going on. Tad interjected that there was nothing wrong with Adam, and that the man was simply putting on an act. He insisted that Adam had used his panic attacks to play on Krystal's sympathies once again and continued to make light of what had happened in the mansion. Adam demanded once again that Tad leave his house, and Krystal and JR took that cue and went out to the hall. As they discussed the situation, they observed Adam talking to himself through the cracked door.

Back inside, Adam had taken to blaming Father Clarence for all of the shenanigans. He yelled at the priest for what he had done to try to reveal the truth about Kate before asking if there was anything that had been destroyed that he couldn't restore. An idea came into Adam's head, and he ripped the paper into shreds and shoved them into his mouth. The trio rushed back in to find out what was going on and were met with nothing but raucous laughter from the tycoon. Unable to find any logic in what Adam was saying, Tad saw no other option and joined the man in his supposed madness. Mere moments passed before Krystal made her annoyance with her husband perfectly clear. The Martins finally decided to abide by Adam's wishes and took their leave after JR promised to keep them updated. Once alone, Adam admitted to his son that he had a feeling he knew who was disrupting his life, asked that he be allowed to deal with things in his own way, and then sent JR away as well. Again, he spoke to the absent Father Clarence, daring him to reveal any other tricks he might have up his sleeve. Adam was caught off-guard when he again heard the tune that Dixie used to sing to their son. He looked in the mirror and saw his ex-wife staring back at him.

Cassie and Frankie went into Comeback and were drawn into the orbit of Colby and Dre, somewhat to Frankie's dismay. He tried to insist that he and his sister would be fine at another table, but his protests were no match for Colby. Frankie held out as long as he could but when his sister noted her glee at being around people other than family, he gave in. When he and Dre went to get drinks, Colby told Cassie that she would have a free path if she was interested in Dre. Cassie assured her that she wasn't looking for dates at that moment, but then called Colby out on the eyes she had been giving Frankie.

The group moved outside to continue their discussion, which consisted mostly of Colby trying to dig up similarities between Cassie and Dre. Frankie insisted that Colby didn't need to try so hard, but her ulterior motives were clear to everyone. Frankie then realized he had to get back to the hospital, and Dre pointed out that he had to go to rehearsal. Colby offered to give Cassie a ride wherever she needed to go, and after the two women left, Frankie caught Dre staring after them. In a big brother vein, Frankie halfheartedly warned Dre to watch his step. Dre recognized he was on thin ice, but refused to let his attraction to Cassie go unmentioned.

After making reservations for a romantic dinner, Greenlee reveled in the planning of her own top secret mission as she held in her hands a new dress she'd purchased especially for the occasion. The door opened a short time later, and Greenlee plowed full force into her romantic plans. Aidan managed to stop her midstream and told her that he would be going on the rescue mission. Irate, Greenlee as much as forbade him. Aidan begged her not to make the situation any harder than it already was, but Greenlee continued to throw out other options that would keep Aidan home. When she finally ran out of scenarios, he told her to have faith and promised that he would come back to her.

Greenlee called Kendall, and after she found out that her best friend was in the know as well, was unable to hide how much she needed Kendall. When the call ended, Kendall told her husband that she had to go on a different type of rescue mission.

Greenlee looked morosely at Aidan's passport until he joined her in the living room. She was prepared to go to the airport for their final goodbyes, but Aidan told her it would be easier if they did so at home. They continued to exchange love and promises until Aidan decided that he needed to go. Kendall showed up just as they shared one last kiss and, before he left, Aidan asked Kendall to watch over Greenlee. When he was finally out of earshot, Kendall assured Greenlee that he would be back before she could miss him, and Greenlee admitted feeling as though she would never see him again.

One of the captors checked on Jake, but Jake's pleas to be let go on the basis that he was not a soldier went unacknowledged. Shortly thereafter, the captor returned, accompanied by several cohorts and a wounded soldier. With what little broken English he had, he told Jake to fix the injuries the soldier had sustained. Jake managed to indicate that he needed a knife, water, and his medical kit before finding out that the victim spoke English. He then told them man to instruct his people to stand down as the procedure would be painful. After he examined the man, Jake was hesitant, as the bullet was in too deep. The soldier assured the doctor that if he weren't successful, he would die at the hands of the soldier's men.

Robert broke into the Hubbard residence in an attempt to find the stuffed elephant he believed held the diamond he'd been hunting for. He wound his way through the apartment and looked at pictures and cursed Angie's name for keeping the elephant hidden for so long. Then, he heard a key rattle in the door and managed to hide moments before Cassie and Colby made their way inside. They talked about their lives briefly and then Colby invited Cassie over to the mansion. As Cassie got her stuff together, Colby looked around, unaware that she mirrored the steps of the man who watched her from behind a curtain. He continued to go unnoticed as the two young women bonded over how odd their parents could be.

Alone in his office, Zach looked at the agreement that had been signed between Cambias Industries and the African AIDS project, and realized that both he and Ryan had signed the papers. He quickly made a call and told Ryan that they needed to speak face-to-face about an urgent matter."

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