03/04/2008 Uncle Rob Visits

"Kendall sprays the creepy fan in the face with pepper spray as Aidan knocks him on the floor. The man apologizes to Kendall before being hauled off in handcuffs by police. After the police leave, Kendall tells Aidan that the man was going to rape her. But Aidan tries to convince Kendall that she did well protecting herself. Kendall says the incident with the strange man reminds her of the men who raped Erica and Bianca. She admits that she wanted to kill the stalker for all of the rapists who have inflicted pain upon the Kane women. Aidan is not shocked by Kendall's candid confession. Given their recent string of bad luck, Kendall wonders what disaster will happen next. Aidan says they both have a lot of good in their lives and should not dwell on past mistakes. Kendall asks Aidan not to mention the incident with the stalker to Zach until they get home. She doesn't want to worry him. Aidan leaves to go to his room, but Kendall stops him. He offers to sleep on the couch in Kendall's room. Kendall decides to call Rachael, the nanny, and talk to Spike before going to sleep.

Babe tells Krystal that she is angry her mother is caring for JR after his crude behavior. Krystal continues to defend JR by saying she believes he was drugged. JR hobbles into the living room, but does not get any sympathy from Babe. She tells him that he lied about being Richie's donor to have sex with her. Krystal asks JR and Babe to look after a napping Jenny while she runs errands. Babe tells JR that she is tired of constantly being disappointed by him. JR still wants Babe to trust him despite their shaky past. He tells Babe that the only reason she is helping Richie is because she likes him. Babe says she and Richie are only friends.

The doctors tell Richie that recovery from the bone marrow transplant could take several months. When he calls Babe, Richie says that his donor was an older woman. Also, he tells Babe that he appreciated JR's offer to be the donor. Babe puts JR on the phone so Richie can personally thank him. JR ends up hanging up on Richie after Richie gloats about his connection with Babe. Babe scolds JR for being so mean to Richie. JR tries to win Babe over by giving her a kiss, but she pushes him away. She tells JR they can't have a relationship without trust, respect, and maturity.

Angie and Jesse listen as Robert Gardner introduces himself as "Uncle Rob" to Tad. Robert says he is the brother of Tad's father. He asks to come in, but Tad says he is too busy working on a case to entertain visitors. Tad says Ray Gardner may have been his biological father, but they were never close. Robert understands Tads harsh feelings toward Ray, but wants to form a relationship with Tad. He writes down his telephone number, hoping Tad will give him a call, and leaves. Tad tells Angie and Jesse about the visit from his long-lost uncle. Tad decides to focus the conversation back on John Remington, the man Jesse took a bullet for. Jesse says John was suspected of money laundering before his death. Jesse thinks the person who tried to kill him must have gone after John.

As Krystal is walking through the park, she bumps into Robert. She accuses Robert of following her, but Robert says he was visiting Tad. Krystal introduces herself as Tad's wife and goes to Tad's office. Krystal tells Tad, Jesse, and Angie that she ran into Robert at the park. Tad is surprised, but tells Krystal that Robert does not seem like a threat. Angie suggests that she find John Remington's mother, who lives in Pine Valley, to dig up information.

Robert looks at pictures of a photo album he created on his cell phone. But Robert whispers that he needs a snapshot of Jesse to make the album complete."

- Soap Central