"Erica called a press conference. She announced that she was pleading guilty and planned on going to prison for her crime. Erica further explained that her good reputation was maligned by Samuel Woods, a publicity-seeking politician. She stated that although she unknowingly broke the law, she still needed to pay the price. As soon as Erica stepped down from the podium, Opal congratulated her on doing the right thing. However, Jack could not believe that Erica admitted her guilt publicly. Erica was very pleased because she felt that this admission of guilt stripped Samuel of his power. Jack did not think that rendering Samuel powerless was worth a jail sentence. Erica quipped that Martha Stuart's time in prison did not hurt her. Jack hoped that Erica was not doing this for ratings. She admitted that she hoped her ratings would increase, but claimed this was not her sole motivation. Jack completely disagreed with Erica's decision and gave her his resignation. Erica then smugly approached Samuel. Erica told Samuel that he lost because he did not get the big trial that he wanted. He affirmed that he won because justice prevailed. Erica threatened that everyone had skeletons in their closet and that she would find Samuel's. Samuel said that he had nothing to hide. Erica retorted that he would not be able to run for "dog catcher" after she was done with him. He bet that Erica would back his Senate campaign eventually. Erica returned to the podium and announced that, after her jail sentence, she would resume work on "New Beginnings." As she spoke with the press, Jack warned Samuel to stay away from Erica.

Ryan and Annie were at the casino. Ryan asked Annie for her help. He wanted her to spend the night with him, with hopes that this would jog his memory. Annie looked frustrated and declared that her efforts to help him were futile. She got up to leave, but he stopped her. He wondered if Annie was upset because he did not remember her or because he remembered Kendall and Greenlee. Annie admitted that she was hurt because he did remember Kendall and Greenlee, but not her. He assured her that he did not have to remember her to know that she was an amazing woman and mother. Annie proclaimed that any man would love to take her home. However, she did not want other men, she wanted her husband. Nevertheless, she felt that she deserved a man that appreciated her, so she was willing to give up Ryan to find this. He did not want her to give up on their relationship. She was not convinced and began chastising him for taking a bullet for Kendall. As Annie complained, Ryan grabbed her and kissed her. She gave in to the kiss and stopped yelling. They went to a hotel room and made love. Afterwards, Annie slept as Ryan gently moved her hair out of her face. As he did this, he recalled doing the same thing to Kendall. Ryan realized that he remembered something about Kendall.

Robert Gardner was on the phone. He told the person on the other end that Jesse was in Pine Valley and that he was in contact with his family, then commented that Jesse should have "stayed dead."

Tad informed Jesse and Angie that the security tapes from Frankie's hospital room were missing. Angie hoped that it was a clerical error, but Jesse and Tad thought otherwise. Tad affirmed that the people looking for Jesse knew that he was in town. Jesse freaked out and announced that he was going into town to bait his unknown enemies into the open. Tad and Angie advised him against this. Jesse became even more frantic with worry and began to pack his bags. He demanded that Angie do the same because he wanted them to go on the run together. Angie refused to run away and wished that everything could be normal. Tad interjected that if the Hubbards went on the run, then his family would have to also. Tad explained that his family was also in danger because of their interaction with Jesse. Jesse said that this was why he did not want anyone to get involved with his situation. Angie and Tad promised that they would help him stand up and fight for his life. Tad encouraged Jesse to think like a detective again. Tad thought that if they worked together, they could figure out why Jesse was targeted. Tad further suggested that they use Angie as bait, instead of Jesse. Jesse was adamantly against this, but Angie thought it was a good idea. Just then, there was a knock at the door. Angie and Jesse hid, while Tad answered it. Robert Gardner was at the door.

Zach and Greenlee were at the bar in the casino. Zach noticed Greenlee staring at Ryan and inquired about her night with him. Greenlee claimed that nothing happened between them. She explained that she tried to jog his memory to no avail, but declared that she would not give up. He warned her to stay away from Ryan. She encouraged him to do tequila shots with her and tell her bad jokes, but she scolded him for analyzing her. Greenlee and Zach then went to Fusion because she needed to pick up some papers. Zach went into the lounge and laughed about the stripper poles. Greenlee quickly grabbed a pole and urged Zach to join her. He was reluctant, but she insisted that he try it. He made one turn around the pole and fell on his butt. They both laughed, but the conversation turned serious again. Zach cautioned Greenlee about getting involved with Ryan again. He felt that she might ruin a good thing with Aidan if she allowed her feelings for Ryan to resurface. She assured him that this would not happen. He stated that Greenlee, Kendall, and Annie could not help Ryan because he needed professional help. She changed the subject by getting back on the pole. Once again, she tried to get Zach to dance, but he refused. She jumped off of the pole and landed close to Zach's face. They looked into each other's eyes, but quickly parted. Greenlee commented that it was a weird night.

Kendall walked out of the bathroom in only a bathrobe. She was alarmed to see a strange man sitting next to the bed. The man held up her book and asked for an autograph. She informed him that there would be a public book signing at a store. The man looked irritated and demanded that she sign the book immediately. She pretended that she had to check on a bottle of champagne that she ordered from room service, but the man would not let her use the phone. She asked the man if he read her book. He claimed that he did not, so she offered to read him an excerpt. The man accepted the offer. As Kendall read, he closed his eyes and mouthed the words to every line. Kendall saw that he was distracted and hit him over the head with the book. As she ran to the door, he grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. He commanded that she remove her robe. She refused, which angered him more. He declared that he would get what he came for. She affirmed that she would die before she let him rape her. He said that he could arrange this as he removed a knife from his pocket. Kendall quickly kicked him in the groin and grabbed her purse. She found her mace and sprayed him in the face. Meanwhile, Aidan was in the hotel bar with two of Kendall's fans. They urged Aidan to have a drink with them. Aidan obliged the women and spoke to them about Kendall. The women wished to meet Kendall. Aidan said that she should be downstairs and wondered why she was so late. He called up to the room, but there was no answer. He decided to check on Kendall, so the women asked if he could get their books signed. They handed him two books and commented that they had three initially, but a creepy man stole one. Aidan inquired about the man. They explained that he was staring at Kendall's picture for a long time. Aidan looked concerned and rushed to the hotel room. Just as he arrived, the stalker was writhing in pain from the mace. Aidan punched him as Kendall proclaimed, "I got him!""

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