02/28/2008 Greenlee Tries To Jog Ryan's Memory

"Adam is reading about Erica's arrest for insider trading in the newspaper as she breezes through his front door. Adam says Erica should have funneled the funds through someone else to avoid any legal trouble. Erica blames Adam for the arrest, but he does not think he is at fault. Adam refuses to go to the police department to back Erica up. He adds that she will have to "ride it out." Babe and Krystal catch JR in bed with a prostitute. Babe throws a bucket of ice on the couple and JR awakens. They take a drowsy and sluggish JR to Adam's house. Erica claims she does need not Adam's help and leaves. Babe and Krystal ask JR how he ended up in the hotel room. JR says he was kidnapped by two men in a parking lot, but doesn't remember what they wanted from him. Babe does not believe JR's story, but Krystal doesn't think he is lying. JR tells Babe he will take a breathalyzer test or have blood drawn to prove he was not drinking. But even with JR's offer, Babe still thinks he does not want to clean his life up. Krystal tells JR he can stay with her and Tad for the rest of the night.

Erica meets Palmer at a restaurant to discuss her criminal case. Palmer says that Erica has battled far worse demons than Samuel. Each time, she has always managed to pull through, he adds. Erica calls for a meeting with all her staff, and leaves a message for Jackson. She asks him for help to go against Samuel.

Trina, the prostitute, goes back to the hospital to check on Richie. She guarantees Richie that Babe and Krystal fell for the entire act. The doctor tells Richie they need to perform the surgery immediately, and that it will take a few weeks to determine if his body is accepting JR's cells. In the meantime, doctors will need to keep a close eye on Richie.

Zach finds Annie and Amanda at ConFusion. Annie apologizes to Zach for being harsh with Kendall earlier in the day. Samuel meets Zach at the bar to discuss Erica's arrest. Zach tells Samuel that going after Erica is a mistake. Samuel says Erica broke the law, but Zach reminds him there are far worse people he could go after. Zach says he will protect Erica from Samuel because she is a part of his family. Samuel leaves and decides to get some background information on Zach. Annie tells Amanda that she wants flirt with other men to show Ryan exactly what he is missing. Amanda tells Annie that one of the men nearby has been checking her out all night. Annie slips off her wedding ring and walks off to the man. They sit on a couch and begin chatting about their failed relationships. The man invites Annie out for a cheeseburger, but Zach interrupts their plans before they head out the door. Zach scares the man off and Annie gets upset.

Greenlee and Ryan go on the patio to chat. Ryan says that he feels out of place around most of his friends and family because of the amnesia. Greenlee says she has a plan to help Ryan get his memory back. First, she tells him about their marriage, including a "one-a-day" gift policy that was in their prenuptial agreement. Ryan asks Greenlee why they didn't try to stay together if their marriage was so wonderful. At first, their marriage was a business arrangement until love stepped in, Greenlee says. She recalls a dance they shared on the patio. Ryan remembers smells of lilac and music playing in the distance while they were dancing. He pulls her close and they begin dancing. But to Greenlee's disappointment, he does not remember actually dancing with her four years ago. Hurt that Ryan does not remember their relationship, Greenlee gives him a passionate kiss to try to jog his memory."

- Soap Central