02/05/2008 Angie Dreams Of Jesse

"Tad tells Jesse that his son has pulled through the medical procedure. Jesse is overjoyed with the good news as tears stream down his cheeks. Tad wants Jesse to tell Angie he is alive, but Jesse wants to keep it a secret. Jesse said his family would be endangered if they knew he was alive. Tad explains that Dixie kept her identity a secret to try to protect others, but it ended up hurting the ones she loved even more. He begs Jesse to come clean, but Jesse refuses to tell his family the truth. Tad walks out of the car without promising Jesse anything.

Doctors tell Frankie that his condition is improving thanks to his mother's efforts. Frankie apologizes for disappearing without letting Angie know his plans. Angie says it's not important now that he is home. She kisses his forehead and stands outside the door, where she whispers to Jesse's spirit that Frankie has survived.

Kendall and Zach come to see Annie and Ryan at the hospital. Although the newspaper says it is 2008, Ryan says he feels like he is still engaged to Kendall four years ago. As Ryan asks Kendall about her life, Annie watches sadly in the background. Ryan senses Annie is uncomfortable, and apologizes for the pain he has inflicted upon her. But Ryan admits that he looks at Kendall and can only see her as the woman he loves. Aidan joins the group as Annie and Ryan leave to see Joe. Aidan asks if Ryan is feeling well and Zach tells him about the amnesia. Zach says he will do what he can to make Ryan feel better, but wants Ryan to stay away from Kendall until his memory returns.

Angie wanders back to Frankie's room. She lays her head on Frankie's bed and dreams of her time with Jesse. After Angie wakes up, Frankie senses his mother was thinking of Jesse. Frankie admits that he came back to Pine Valley to try to reconnect with his dead father. Angie decides to get some sleep now that Frankie is out of harm's way. Angie sees Tad get out of Jesse's car as Jesse drives away. When Angie asks Tad who was in the car, he says it was just an old friend.

Joe tells Annie and Ryan that the tests do not reveal any logical explanation for Ryan's amnesia. Symptoms might be associated with associative amnesia, which means the patient blocks out an intense period of time, Joe says. Joe tells Ryan that the chances of his memory returning might be slim because the case is so unusual. Annie suggests Ryan see other doctors and psychiatrists. She wants to go home and show Ryan pictures to jog his memory, but Ryan says he wants time to sort things out alone. Aidan assures Annie that Ryan has never been happier with anyone else.

As Greenlee stirs in her sleep, she is awakened by a passionate kiss from Aidan. Angie checks on her patient. Greenlee takes the opportunity to thank Angie for saving her life. Angie says it was her calling to come to Pine Valley and save her son after being gone for 17 years. Greenlee asks about Jesse's whereabouts, but feels embarrassed when Angie says Jesse died in the hospital many years ago. Angie thinks that Jesse was watching over Greenlee and Frankie to make sure they pulled through. Kendall comes in to spend some "girl time" with Greenlee. They joke that Greenlee needs a manicure, so Kendall whips out her nail file. Greenlee immediately pulls her hand back when Kendall grinds too harshly on her nails. She asks Kendall if something is wrong, but Kendall only uses Greenlee's near-death experience as an excuse. Aidan goes to see Greenlee, who makes a few special requests for items from her home. While Aidan is gone, Zach keeps Greenlee company. She tells him that everyone is acting weird, but doesn't know why. Zach explains about Ryan's amnesia.

Amanda gets ConFusion ready for the launch of Kendall's book signing. Kelly, a representative from the publishing company, shows up and immediately asks where Greenlee and Kendall are. Amanda says that she is not sure if Kendall will show up, but Kelly insists that Kendall needs to be at the signing. Amanda calls Kendall, but Kelly whisks the phone out of Amanda's hand and orders Kendall to come to the party. Greenlee snatches Kendall's phone and tells Kelly her friend will be there. Kendall arrives at the book signing with fans screaming and clapping. Reporters who are eager to know more about the book immediately swarm around her. Ryan joins the party, unaware of Kendall's new venture. As soon as he sees Kendall, he swaggers out to the roof. Kendall finds him moments later. He holds out his hand and asks her to be with him."

- Soap Central