02/07/2008 Tad Asks Questions About Jesse

"Tad checks on Frankie, who is getting pampered by his mother. Angie says that Frankie may be released in a few days if he continues to get better. Angie asks Tad about the stranger she saw him talking to in the parking lot. Tad shrugs it off as no one special. Before he can elaborate any further, Frankie notices that the family picture is missing from the table beside his bed. He figures one of the nurses must have moved it. Tad asks Angie if she took other pictures of Jesse before he died. Angie looks at Tad strangely and points out that the only pictures taken of Jesse were before he died. Angie and Frankie are intrigued by Tad's new interest in Jesse. Tad says that he has taken a case where the victim went through a death similar to Jesse's. Frankie asks for the victim's name, but Tad does not want to say anything more. As Angie takes a phone call, Frankie thinks Tad knows something about his father's death. Before Tad can confirm Frankie's suspicions, he is whisked away to answer a phone call.

In his hotel room, Jesse looks at the picture he stole from Frankie's room. He asks Angie to forgive him for keeping his identity a secret. Jesse remembers seeing the headlines about his death in the newspaper as someone continuously kicks him in the stomach. The culprit beating Jesse warns him that his family will die if they know he is alive. Jesse calls Tad to make sure that Tad is keeping his mouth shut. Tad agrees, but the phone goes dead as Jesse makes his way out the door. Jesse hears a loud bang on his hotel door before he can leave. A woman calls out for someone to help her so Jesse opens the door. A woman rushes in the room with her angry boyfriend right behind her. The man pulls a knife on Jesse, but Jesse has him on the ground in only seconds. As Jesse's back is turned, the man hits him on the head and Jesse collapses. The woman leans over Jesse and shakes him, but he is unresponsive. She calls for an ambulance, takes his wallet and runs off.

Angie allows Tad to accompany Frankie in a wheelchair around the hospital. As Frankie searches for answers, Opal joins the duo. She recalls many of her memories shared with Jesse before heading out. Frankie is saddened that he did not get to know his father like so many others did. He tells Tad that he did not see a ghost because he could smell Jesse's aftershave. Frankie asks Tad if there is a chance his father is alive, but Tad points out that Angie watched Jesse die. Frankie still believes the case Tad is working on involves his father.

Kendall assures Zach that Ryan would never hurt her, but Zach thinks otherwise. Kendall teases Zach for being jealous over Ryan's feelings toward her. A bit turned on, Kendall tries to seduce Zach on the couch. But Zach's fears continue to nag at Kendall, so their kissing session comes to a halt. Kendall says that she hopes Ryan will remember he loves Annie. Kendall catches a flight to Chicago for a book signing.

Ryan decides to run some errands, but Annie says it makes her feel as though he is trying to run away from her. Annie suggests they try to talk, but Ryan feels uncomfortable being around her. She thinks Ryan may feel better if he just spends more time at their home and learns about the life they shared together. Annie promises to stay with Ryan, no matter how long it takes, until he remembers her. Ryan says that his memories might not come back, but she is confident he will remember their life. Annie is determined to make Ryan remember their love, so she demands that he take off his shirt. Annie takes him outside in the cold, which is the last place he was before his memory went blank. She tells him about the moment they shared outside and kisses him. Annie tries to kiss him again, but Ryan stops her. He says he can't fake loving Annie and goes to the park. Annie goes to Kendall's home, but Kendall is not there. Annie collapses in Zach's arms in tears.

Greenlee and Aidan lay in the hospital bed together. Aidan asks Greenlee what kind of future she wants. Greenlee suggests they take a trip to London and open a private investigation firm with Aidan's blessing. Aidan jokes that he should work as a model at Fusion. Greenlee chuckles at the thought of Aidan sitting in a make-up chair and getting lip injections. She asks him if he has been with anyone else since they began dating. Aidan flashes back to the moment he shared with Kendall, but tells Greenlee she is the only one he has been involved with. Angie stops in as Aidan leaves to take a phone call. Tad asks Aidan to go to Chicago to help him with his new case, but Aidan is scared to leave Greenlee. Greenlee insists Aidan help Tad, who will be traveling to Canada to follow up on his own leads. As Angie checks Greenlee's vitals, Greenlee compliments Angie on her locket necklace. She shows Greenlee the picture of Jesse inside the locket. Greenlee calls Ryan and asks him to have lunch with her at the hospital.

Aidan is surprised to find out that he is on the same flight as Kendall.

Angie hears a dispatcher describe Jesse's condition as they load him onto an ambulance."

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