01/14/2008 Hannah Lets Go Of Zach

"Ryan stood on his balcony in only his underwear. Annie saw this and grew concerned. She ran to Ryan, put a blanket over him, and urged him to come inside. Ryan laughed and assured his wife that he was not going crazy, but felt better than ever. Annie still looked skeptical. Ryan then told Annie that he was grateful to be alive and wanted to feel everything life had to offer, especially her. He pulled Annie close for a kiss and told her that she was beautiful. Annie kissed her husband back and they made love on the balcony. Then, they went inside and sat by the fireplace. Ryan divulged that he wanted to change the world. Annie was intrigued, so Ryan explained that he wanted to put all of the money he inherited from Alexander Cambias to good use. Annie wondered what Ryan would do with the money. He wasn't sure who he would give the money to, but knew that he definitely wanted to donate it. Annie seductively commented that Ryan's idea of changing the world turned her on. The Laverys proceeded to make love by the fireplace.

Richie was surprised to see JR answer Babe's front door dressed in only a towel. JR demanded that Richie leave because he and Babe were "busy." However, Babe wanted Richie to stay and went outside to speak with him privately. She asked Richie how he got out of the hospital. He said that the doctors deemed him sane and let him go. Richie explained that he came to see Babe immediately because she was the only person he cared about. Babe looked uncomfortable and told him not to say things like that. Richie thought that he could be honest about his romantic feelings due to the kiss they had shared. Babe claimed that the kiss meant nothing, but Richie didn't believe her. He asserted that he would not give up on Babe. Then, JR came outside with Little Adam in his arms. Babe told Richie to leave and went inside with her son. JR gloated over Babe's rejection of Richie and went inside. Richie then peered into the window and saw Babe, JR, and Little Adam together. Richie swore that they would see him again soon.

Zach and Hannah fell over the edge of the cliff. Aidan, Kendall, and Greenlee rushed to the cliff's edge, where Aidan grabbed a hold of Zach's hand. Zach held Hannah's hand as they both dangled above the raging river below. Zach promised Hannah that he would finally save her and encouraged her to hold on. Hannah thanked Zach, but stated that things were exactly how they should be. Then, Hannah let go of Zach's hand and plunged into the water. Aidan was able to pull Zach to safety, but Zach wanted to go into the water to save Hannah. Kendall demanded that Zach keep his promise to never leave her or their sons again. Zach realized that it was too dangerous to go after Hannah and stayed with his wife. He explained that at first he wanted to kill Hannah for trying to shoot Kendall. However, after Hannah told him about her life after his staged death, Zach felt guilty over abandoning her. Zach lamented the death of Ethan and his mother. Greenlee was deeply affected by this event because Leo had fallen over the same cliff. Greenlee empathized with Zach's loss. Then, Derek arrived and called for a rescue crew to look for Hannah's body. Meanwhile, Kendall thanked Aidan for saving Zach's life again, and encouraged him to get his relationship with Greenlee back to normal.

Jack was very frustrated with being stuck in the closet, but Erica remained calm. Jack soon calmed down as well and began to smile. Erica wondered why he looked so amused. Jack recalled the last time they were locked up together. Erica laughed and wondered what they should do next. Then, they reminisced about working on The New Divorce together. They thought it was strange that sometimes they worked so well together, while other times they completely clashed. Then, as their bodies grew close and Jack told Erica that she was a wonderful woman, Jack's cell phone rang. Jack had forgotten he had his phone, and he answered it. The call was from Julia. Jack asked her to come and free them. Julia did so, but Erica was not very grateful. Erica assumed that Jack and Julia had a date planned. Julia tried to explain that she had called Jack for legal advice, but Erica would not hear it. Erica commented that Julia shared the unenviable trait of self-importance with her sister, Maria. After Erica left, Julia joked about being on Erica's "hit list." Jack then turned to Julia and asked her out on a date."

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