01/15/2008 Erica Confides In Her Masseur

"Hannah's fall off the cliff reminds Greenlee of her own screams when Leo fell over the same cliff. She tells Aidan that Zach will probably blame himself for Hannah's death, like she has blamed herself for so many years over Leo's death. Greenlee tells Aidan that although she has loved many men, he is her hero because he never gave up on finding her. Back at Greenlee's house, Aidan refuses to make love to Greenlee until she's fully recovered. Greenlee says she feels as though the sparks in their relationship have diminished since she was released from the hospital. They change into more comfortable clothes, sit by the fire, and make love.

Kendall tries to reach out to Zach at home, but he is silent as he stares at the fireplace. She tries to find out more about his time with Greenlee in the bomb shelter, and his last moments with Hannah alive, but Zach doesn't want to discuss it. Kendall suggests Zach talk to a therapist, but he is not so keen on the idea. They cuddle on the couch, which eventually leads to the couple making love. Zach has a nightmare that Kendall falls from the rocks instead of Hannah.

Krystal comes home to find Tad working there instead of his office. She tries to pry the laptop away from his hands to sneak a peek at the computer screen. After a round of tickling action, Tad hands the computer to Krystal. She discovers Tad was planning their honeymoon, but Krystal knocks out excuses not to go on the trip. Instead, Krystal decides to bring the island to Tad by dressing in tropical outfits and sipping fruity drinks.

Adam asks Colby to help him plan a wedding reception for Tad and Krystal, as a way to make amends. Adam admits it is hard to let go of Krystal, but hopes the party will make him realize that Krystal is happy with Tad. Colby doesn't think Krystal and Tad will come to the party, so Adam suggests they make it a surprise party. Colby walks into Tad's house and is surprised to find Tad and Krystal celebrating their honeymoon on the couch. She offers to take them to dinner as a belated wedding present the following night. Finding it hard to resist Colby, Tad and Krystal agree to the invitation. Colby calls her father to give him the news. Adam gets the party rolling by making sure Zach is included on the guest list.

Erica decides to treat herself to a day at the spa to deal with all of the drama she has faced recently. She tells the massage therapist about her recent problems, and about Jackson going out on a date with Julia. Erica does not seem worried about the date, because she thinks Jackson still loves her and this will make it hard for him to date another woman. As Erica is getting her nails done, a man named Marshall asks her out on a date.

Jackson and Julia decide to have a drink at the yacht club. When Julia asks what happened in the closet, Jackson says he and Erica fought, but made a connection. Jackson admits he wants to end his relationship with Erica, but still has feelings for her. Getting off the topic of Erica, Julia asks Jackson if he will help her with a new endeavor.

Kendall and Erica are among the first to get invitation from Colby for the big party."

- Soap Central