12/26/2007 Zach Is Visited In The Hospital

"Adam did not believe that Krystal and Tad were married. Adam insisted that this was impossible because he was still married to Krystal. Then, Krystal showed Adam their official divorce decree. Tad then revealed the marriage certificate. Krystal proceeded to bring Adam into the other room to speak with him privately. Krystal explained that she did not want Adam to find out about her marriage this way. Adam could not understand why Krystal married Tad when she was in love with him. Krystal stated that Jenny was her priority. Krystal did not feel it was moral to be with the man that tried to sell her baby. Adam said that Krystal was throwing away her soul mate. Then, Tad entered and Adam stormed out of the house. Colby followed her father outside. Colby declared that she missed Adam and wanted to come home. Adam felt that Colby was taking pity on him and refused her offer to return home. Julia overheard this and chastised Adam for rejecting Colby. Julia reminded Adam that Colby was a wonderful, loving girl. Adam agreed and left. When Adam returned home, he sat in his living room alone and vowed that Tad would never find Kate now. Meanwhile, Opal, Ruth, and Babe were stunned that Krystal and Tad were married. Still, they decided not to discuss the details because it was Christmas. Krystal then told Tad that Adam would leave them alone for good.

Aidan and Jack were overjoyed to see Greenlee open her eyes. Greenlee said she came back because of Aidan. Joe then announced that Greenlee needed her rest and made everyone leave the room. However, soon after, Kendall entered. Kendall explained to Greenlee that she did not cause Spike's deafness. At first, Greenlee was speechless, but eventually began to weep. Kendall said she was glad that Greenlee survived. Then, they held hands.

Zach and Myrtle were elated to see each other. Myrtle had to leave quickly though because she was headed to mass. Zach asked her to prayer for a "new friend." Then, Kendall and Josh entered with Ian. Zach held the baby and said, "It's my boy." Then, Kendall stepped out and Zach thanked Josh for all of his support. Zach was grateful that Josh watched over his family while he was missing. Zach called Josh his brother. Then, Josh left and Erica entered. Zach thanked Erica for helping Kendall while he was away. Zach felt that Kendall made it through this difficult time because of her mother's love. Then, Ryan, Annie, Emma, and Spike entered. Emma gave Zach a picture she drew of Kendall, Spike, and Ian. Then, Emma changed into her princess gown. Zach asked the little girl how princesses celebrated Christmas. Emma said with a ball. So, everyone gathered in the hospital waiting room for a Christmas "ball." Then, Erica announced that she had a surprise and Bianca and Miranda appeared. Everyone greeted Bianca and Miranda as they sang Christmas carols."

- Soap Central