11/26/2007 Thanksgiving

"Zach and Greenlee were still in the bomb shelter. Richie called down to them and pretended to be a rescue worker that was searching for them. Greenlee was elated and called back up to Richie telling him to get help. Still, it was hard for Richie to hear her, so Greenlee started to bang on a pot. Richie said to bang once if Zach Slater was down there, so Greenlee complied. Richie smiled slyly as he found the cover to the bomb shelter. Richie then put the cover over the shelter and hid it with leaves. Zach and Greenlee realized that the man above was not going to help them and began to fight. Greenlee blamed Zach for her problems, but Zach asserted that she was to blame. Then, Zach looked weak and slouched down. Zach closed his eyes, but Greenlee tried to keep him awake for fear that he would not wake up.

Aidan recalled happy times he had with Greenlee. Aidan then looked on his computer for clues to where Greenlee could be. Aidan was determined to find Greenlee.

Kendall walked into her home with Ian in her arms. Kendall was pleasantly surprised to see Myrtle sitting in the living room. Myrtle comforted Kendall about Zach's disappearance. Myrtle was sure that Zach would return home to his family. Then, Josh arrived with balloons. Josh wanted to be there because he knew this would make Zach happy. Meanwhile, Erica called Jack to ask if he was coming, but Jack purposely did not answer. Then, they sat down to eat and Kendall insisted that they put two extra place settings out for Zach and Jack.

Joe said grace at The Comeback. Afterwards, everyone stated what they were thankful for. Adam said that he was grateful for his son, especially because he was sober. JR looked sheepish and got up from the table. Adam followed and apologized to JR for taking about his drinking problem publicly. JR snidely reminded Adam that recently he called him a spineless coward. Adam felt guilty, but JR told him not to because it was true. Then, Derek got a call stating that the blood in JR's car matched Zach's blood. Derek called for backup and, when JR saw the cops, he discretely left the bar. Meanwhile, Joe gave Jack the papers signed by Mary to have Greenlee committed. Joe explained that Erica had them forged. Jack was irate.

Jonathan and Ava walked into the penthouse while Babe, Ryan, and Annie were fighting about Richie. Jonathan suggested they go out to the balcony where they recalled their unpleasant Thanksgivings from the past. Jonathan promised Ava a happy life in the future and Ava smiled. Then, Jonathan asked why JR was bothering her at The Comeback the other day. Ava claimed that it was about the Ava network. Meanwhile, Babe scolded Ryan and Annie for playing games with Richie. Babe felt that Richie deserved another chance to be a part of their family. Babe then asserted that she would not help Ryan and Annie spy on Richie. Annie insisted that Babe should help them because Richie could be a serious threat to their family. Babe was uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but Emma was disappointed to see Babe and Little Adam leave. Babe decided to stay.

Amanda and Janet were eating dinner. Janet asked if Jamie drove Amanda to the hospital. Amanda reminded Janet that she and Jamie were just friends and that Jamie moved to Africa. Janet explained that her medication gave her memory loss. Then, Janet asked if Amanda was happy. Amanda admitted that she was lonely and told Janet about her failed relationship with JR. Janet felt that JR needed to be punished. Amanda told Janet that she did punish JR, but it was a secret how. Then, Janet looked weary and covered her eyes. When Janet uncovered her eyes, she spoke to Amanda as if she just arrived. Janet asked if Amanda wanted to eat dinner, forgetting that they already ate. Amanda looked sad and concerned."

- Soap Central