11/21/2007 Celine Dion Performs

"Erica was at the set for New Beginnings. Erica and Pam were excited that Celine Dion was going to be on the show. Then, Celine arrived. Celine expressed her sympathy for Erica's family, especially Kendall. Erica was grateful and thanked Celine. Then, the show started and Celine sang the song from her new album, "Taking Chances."

Ryan went to see Kendall at the hospital. Kendall thought that Ryan was there to lecture her about Greenlee, but he came to comfort Kendall. Then, Ryan took Kendall to the scene where Zach was hit. Derek stated that Zach and Greenlee were still missing, but every police officer available was looking for them. Aidan was also on foot looking for Greenlee in the woods. Then, Kendall broke down and told Ryan that Ian was coming home from the hospital. Kendall explained that Zach willed Ian to live and looked forward to taking him home more than anything else. Ryan assured Kendall that Zach would be found and brought her back to the hospital. When Kendall got to Ian's room, Erica, Josh, and Spike were there already. Joe came in and asked if Kendall wanted to wait for Zach to be found before she took their son home. Kendall asserted that Ian was her good luck charm and that Zach would come home if Ian were there. So, Kendall got Ian ready to leave.

Richie went back to the woods where he left Zach. Richie wanted to find Zach before anyone else did. Richie hoped that Zach went into the woods to die like an injured dog. Then, as Richie searched the woods, he encountered a strange man. Then man yelled that Richie should not be there and walked away. Richie was not deterred by this and continued his search. But, as Richie went on, he began to grow weak from his illness. Meanwhile, Zach and Greenlee were asleep in the bomb shelter. When Greenlee awoke, she tried to wake Zach up too. Greenlee affirmed that Zach should not sleep because of his injury. Greenlee then announced that it was Thanksgiving. Zach was determined to escape because Ian was coming home. Then, as Richie fell to the ground, he knocked leaves into the shaft of the bomb shelter. Greenlee ran to the opening with hopes that they were saved.

Krystal, Babe, Ruth, and Opal were preparing for Thanksgiving at The Comeback. Babe tried to explain that she would be spending the holiday with other people, but Krystal assumed that Babe was brining extra guests to the bar. So, Babe clarified that she was going to Ryan's home to have dinner with Richie. Krystal was shocked. Krystal warned Babe that Richie was dangerous, but Babe did not agree. At this time, JR arrived. Babe asked if it was ok to bring Little Adam to Ryan's house. JR was so concerned over his blackout that he gave Babe his blessing. Krystal was agitated. Then, Amanda entered to tell Krystal that she could not make dinner because she had other plans. Babe tried to say hello, but Amanda did not want to speak to Babe or JR. Babe realized that Amanda knew about their affair. Then, Amanda left and went to visit Janet in the mental hospital. Meanwhile, Tad and Adam arrived at The Comeback. They exchanged glares, but remained civil. Then, all of the other guests arrived, like Colby, Dre, Wren, Jack, Lily, Sean, Hannah, Julia, and Cathy. Everyone began to sit for dinner.

Babe arrived at the penthouse. Babe asked Annie and Ryan why they invited her and Richie. Annie and Ryan tried to pretend that the holiday made them want peace in the family, but Babe was suspicious. Babe realized that they wanted to use her as a spy against Richie."

- Soap Central