09/18/2007 Ava Recovers From Surgery

"Erica and Jackson got ready for their new show, He Said, She Said. They began debating about how much parents should get involved into their children's lives. Jackson thought parents should butt out of their child's life after a certain age, but Erica disagreed. Erica said it was not right to stand by and watch their children hurt other people. Erica offered an example of a child kidnapping another child or the role of a stepparent disciplining a stepchild. Jackson said he didn't think she would treat her stepchildren the same as her biological children. They finished their fight, and after the camera stop rolling, they kissed and left together.

Kendall told Zach that she had glanced at a message board for parents with deaf children and learned that she could show Spike she loved him with hand gestures and facial expressions. Annie and Ryan entered the room and announced they were moving out but not taking Spike. Ryan explained that Annie's brother was threatening her, and they felt it was safer for them to move out. Seeing Annie so upset, Kendall sat beside her and held her hand. She said they were a family who stuck together, so there was no need for anyone to move out.

Ryan and Annie insisted on moving out and asked Zach and Kendall if they would take care of Emma. Of course, Kendall and Zach agreed. Kendall told Annie that she knew it would be hard to be away from Emma, but Emma would be safe with them. Kendall told Ryan he could drop his bodyguards on Greenlee and use them to protect Emma and Annie. Ryan said he had enough guards for Spike, Emma, and Annie. Kendall and Zach asked Emma if she would like to stay for a sleepover, and Emma agreed. Ryan and Annie left the house as Richie watched from the bushes.

Colby went downstairs and found Krystal cleaning as a way to cope with Babe's life being threatened. Babe, Tad, and JR, with Little Adam, entered the room a few minutes later. Adam stormed through the front door and demanded that Colby quit working at the Comeback because she might get hurt. JR said that Colby had not been at the bar when the incident had happened. Colby said she liked her job because it made her feel like a responsible person, not a spoiled brat.

Adam told Colby that it would make him worry less if she moved back home. He said that Zach had given him the house back and invited JR back to the house too. Colby and JR refused to leave Krystal's home, despite Adam's pleas. Dre went to the house and saw Adam, telling him he couldn't paint in the suit and tie. Tad explained that Adam might look like Stuart, but they were nothing alike.

JR told his father he could tell Adam was happy he'd gotten the house back, but JR would have to spoil the fun by telling Krystal Adam had been impersonating Stuart. JR said he wouldn't tell Krystal about Adam's impersonations, as long as he backed off Krystal. Tad asked Dre where the rest of the band was, but Dre joked that he might not be able to keep up with them. Colby explained her family situation to Dre but said it was complicated. When Colby asked Dre about his parents, he only said that he was on his own. Colby noticed a scar on Dre's arm and got ready to go to school.

Colby told her father that she was not moving back with him but would spend the weekends and some evenings with him. Krystal asked Adam to tell Stuart she needed his help with something at the bar later on. JR and Babe decided to make amends for Little Adam's sake. JR showed Babe a sketch of the robber on his phone and asked if that was him. Babe said yes, and JR joked that she would have taken the robber down.

Julia and Jonathan looked after Ava as she was recovering from surgery at Wildwind. Julia took Kathy to school and told Ava to get some rest. Jonathan told Ava that her career was not his business, but JR couldn't be trusted. Ava said having her own network would be great, and she respected the fact that he had ambition. Jonathan asked Ava about her pregnancy scare, but she didn't want to discuss it. Ava told Jonathan that she was on the pill "most of the time," but Jonathan agreed they both needed to be sexually responsible.

Ava said that she wasn't ready to be a mother but thought Jonathan would make a good father. Jonathan said he never wanted to be a father because everyone still considered him "Ryan's crazy brother." Ava told Jonathan he was not crazy anymore and shouldn't let that determine his parenthood skills. JR entered and showed off the headlines of Ava and Jonathan making love on the beach. He told Ava that after that incident, he didn't want to work with her anymore.

Julia took Kathy to see Tad. Kathy gave Tad a drawing, and he thanked her with a muffin and orange juice. Julia gave Tad one of Jamie's books she'd found at Wildwind. She admitted she had gone to see Tad because Kathy had been talking nonstop about him.

Tad said he should not have gone off on Julia about trying to pass Kathy off as a replacement for Kate. Tad said he loved being with Kathy and still had faith he would find Kate. Julia said Tad seemed more content than ever, thinking he was dating Krystal again. Tad explained he and Krystal were just friends."

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