04/24/2007 Zoe Performs On New Beginnings

"Krystal, in denial that Jenny had been taken, insisted that a mistake had been made and the baby was still in the hospital. After she realized the baby was gone, she suspected Adam. Joe and Derek continued to try to find clues as to the whereabouts of Jenny and who took her. Tad and his posse returned to the hospital and argued about procedure with Derek. They found Jenny's ID bracelet in elevator #3. In Krystal's hospital room, Tad told her that they had not yet found Jenny. Babe went out in the hall and Amanda asked her what was wrong. Babe told her that Jenny was missing. Amanda asked if Janet was the one who took her and after Babe went to be with Krystal again she called Adam and demanded to know where the baby was. A condescending Adam told her to stay strong and hung up. Adam talked to his people and the new family was ready for the baby. Janet then called and wanted a few things for the baby. As he talked to Janet, Colby came in to talk to him. Adam told Colby he was surprised to see her and she asked if she could come home. A very happy Adam said of course she could come home. They hugged and Colby then said to please give Krystal back her baby. Babe and J.R went out to talk and then Jamie came and said this was all J.R.'s fault because he and the board wouldn't pay the proper staff. After speaking with Amanda, Jamie knew she had information about the whereabouts of Jenny.

Tad Jamie and J.R. came up with nothing at the Chandler mansion and after threatening Adam a few times they left. Adam called Janet and asked how the baby was and she asked how she could ever thank him for the wonderful bundle of perfect he had given her. Stuart went to visit Adam and demanded that he return the baby now. Adam pleaded innocent but Stuart saw right through him.

Zoe went on New Beginnings with Erica and a very enthusiastic audience. Erica asked her why she had been so secretive about her life and why she agreed to be on New Beginnings. Erica asked her if she minded being exposed on television and Zoe said no because it was nice to be honest. Zoe said she had met someone in Pine Valley and thanks to her she was ready to grab life by the horns. Erica opened up the show to take questions from the audience and after a couple of thoughtful questions, Bianca stood to ask something. She asked Zoe that if the person she had met in PV wanted to pursue a relationship would she be open to that. The last question was from someone who was not a fan and asked Erica why she would let this piece of filth on her show. She went on to say that Erica was only interested in ratings. Erica told the audience that she understood what the lady was saying and anything new was scary but she knew Zoe personally and said that Zoe appeared on the show to give others hope. They embraced and it was a lovely moment indeed. Zoe who somehow channeled David Bowie, then performed for the audience. The producer of the show, clearly irritated, asked Erica why she didn't attack Zoe like the lady in the audience. He said that it could have worked well for the show, but Erica fired him on the spot. Bianca then went to her mother and said she would be lucky to be just like her."

- Soap Central