04/23/2007 Zach Wants To Move on

"Kendall assumed that Zoe and Bianca were hugging because they were saying goodbye. However, Erica informed Kendall that they were not saying goodbye because they would both be in Europe. Then, Erica and Zoe had to leave to get ready for the show. Kendall looked annoyed as Bianca laughed. Bianca stated that Kendall's plan blew up in her face. Kendall still did not want Bianca involved with Zoe, but finally gave up. Then, Bianca expressed her concern that Erica would destroy Zoe on New Beginnings. Kendall assured Bianca that their mother was a professional. Then, Erica came back into her office to quickly grab a file. Bianca pleaded with Erica not to embarrass Zoe. Erica just looked at Bianca and left. Then, Kendall left and Zoe entered. Bianca admitted that she did not want Zoe to go on the show. Zoe said she was an old pro with interviews. Still, Bianca worried because this was her first interview as Zoe. Zoe asserted that she wanted to tell her real story, instead of having the tabloids speculate. Zoe also said that ignorance and bigotry would always be around, but she refused to hide from it. Zoe wished that Freddy could have seen someone like Zoe and understood that there was nothing to be ashamed of. Then, Erica told Zoe it was time for wardrobe.

Hannah was upset that Zach was so calm about his father's insanity plea. Zach explained that his father did not win because he was trapped in his world of fake incompetence. Still, Hannah did not feel this was true justice. Hannah then asked Zach what he would have done if he knew about her pregnancy before Alexander. Zach did not want to answer a "what if", but Hannah insisted. So, Zach said he would have run away with her and protected their son. Zach also said that he needed to let go of the past to secure his future. Hannah did not want to let go of the past and wished that Zach shared her anger. Zach said that Alexander fed off his anger, but would die on his indifference. Hannah wished she could let go as easily as Zach. Zach then announced that Kendall, Spike, and his new baby helped him. Hannah looked shocked over the baby news. Then, Kendall entered. Hannah congratulated her on the baby and left. Then, Kendall playfully reprimanded Zach for his role in Bianca's move to Paris. Zach laughed and asked if Kendall would be mad for a long time. Kendall said no and they kissed. Meanwhile, Hannah was in her office. She wondered when she would get her second chance with a new family and a baby. Then, she threw everything off of her desk in a fit of rage. Josh came in to check on her, but Hannah told him that her personal life was none of his business. Hannah then said that she did not associate with underlings and told Josh to leave. Josh just smirked at her and left.

Stuart went to see Krystal and Jenny. Krystal advised Stuart to tell Adam to stay away from her baby. Stuart tried to explain that all of Adam's love turned to pain when he found out the baby was not his. Krystal apologized for her mistakes and for hurting Stuart. Then, Stuart wished that Krystal would stop hating Adam and left. Meanwhile, Tad, Jamie, JR, and Joe questioned a temp nurse about who was in the nursery the night before. The nurse said she remembered a young woman, a middle aged woman, and a man with white hair. Then, Babe and Stuart entered. Babe overheard that Jenny was missing and became worried. Stuart, however, said he was not in the nursery the night before. Tad and Jamie thought Adam was responsible, but Joe warned them not to jump to conclusions. So, Tad wondered if Janet or a young mother that lost her baby might be responsible. Regardless, Tad, Jamie, and JR rushed off to check if Adam was stashing Jenny in his secret room. Meanwhile, Babe went in to see Krystal and stall her from finding out about Jenny's disappearance. However, when Babe gave Krystal multiple excuses for why they could not leave, Krystal became suspicious. So, Krystal left her room and busted into the nursery. When Krystal did not see Jenny, she interrogated Joe. Finally, Joe gave in and told Krystal the truth. Krystal looked terrified.

Janet was in the secret room holding Jenny. Then, Adam entered. Janet asked him if this was Krystal's baby and why he gave Jenny to her. Adam said he had to save the baby from her horrible parents. Still, Janet was reluctant to go along with Adam's plan. So, Adam explained that he did not kidnap the baby. Instead, he claimed to rescue it from Tad and Krystal. Adam said he wanted the baby to have a great mother, like Janet. Janet believed that Adam still loved the baby. Adam said this was true. Adam further asserted that he wanted Janet to raise Jenny because she was such a good mother to Amanda. Adam then said he would raise the baby with Janet and kissed her on the cheek. Janet was overjoyed and promised to raise the baby as if it were her own.

Adam was back at the mansion. Adam got a phone call from the adoption broker. The broker said that a couple wanted Jenny, no questions asked. Meanwhile, Tad, Jamie, and JR broke into the secret room, but there was no sign of Jenny. So, they rushed into the mansion. Then, Tad saw Adam and grabbed him by the collar. Tad threatened to kill Adam if he did not hand over Jenny!"

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