04/25/2007 Bianca's Farewell Party

"Adam was very upset that Colby believed he kidnapped Jenny. Adam claimed that Krystal brainwashed Colby. Still, Colby continued to beg Adam to return Jenny. Colby even felt responsible for Adam's actions. Colby said that if she never left him then he might not have taken Jenny. So, Colby proposed that Adam give back Jenny and then she would move back in. Adam told Colby to call the police if she really believed he did this. Colby stated that she did not want Adam in trouble. Colby also said she would pretend she took the baby to get him off the hook. Still, Adam denied any involvement and said he could not give Colby what she wanted. Then, Colby left.

Jamie believed that Amanda knew more than she was willing to admit. Then, Tad, Babe, and JR joined in the interrogation. Finally, Amanda gave in and told them everything she knew about Adam and Janet. Tad was horrified that Jenny might be with a mental patient. Amanda then told them about the room Janet was in, but Tad said they already checked there. Then, Colby entered and announced that she might know where Adam took the baby. So, Tad and Jamie rushed off. Then, Amanda called Adam and demanded to know where Janet and Jenny were. Adam said he could not help Amanda because she did not finish her chores. Adam then hung up on Amanda, so she threw her phone. JR saw this and explained that once Adam got a hold of your life, it would never be the same.

Ava went to the New Beginnings set. An employee assumed she was Lily, so Ava went with it. Ava said Erica left some stuff for her. The employee said he would leave her alone to pick up her stuff. Ava then stole jewelry from the show's wardrobe department. Then, Ava pretended she was a celebrity and that Erica was interviewing her.

Erica brought Bianca and Zoe to the yacht club for dinner before they left for Europe. Then, when they walked in, the whole family yelled surprise! Kendall, Zach, Myrtle, Josh, Jack, Lily, and Sean were all there. Erica told Bianca that her family would not let her leave without a goodbye dinner. Then, everyone began to talk and have a good time. Erica thanked Jack for coming and they agreed that it was nice to have the whole family together. Also, Zoe told Zach that he looked happier. Zach said his father no longer cast a shadow over him. Meanwhile, Kendall and Bianca expressed how much they would miss each other. Then, lily told them that she wanted to have a relationship like theirs with Ava. So, Bianca and Kendall explained that it took them a long time to build a close relationship. Meanwhile, Myrtle told Erica that she was just like her mother. Myrtle was especially happy with Erica's kindness towards Zoe. Then, Myrtle encouraged Erica not to give up on the love of her life, Jack. And, as Myrtle said this, Josh informed Jack that Erica dumped Jeff. Then, everyone sat down for dinner and began to toast Bianca and Zoe. However, no one knew that Greenlee was spying on them. As Greenlee observed the dinner party, she reminisced about her relationships with everyone at the table. Then, after Greenlee recalled her and Kendall discussing Ryan's baby, she left. Then, Tad busted in and announced that Adam might have kidnapped Jenny and stashed her on Jack's old yacht. So, Zach found the harbor master. The harbor master said that the yacht left earlier that day, but had no destination listed. Tad stated that he needed the coast guard's help.

Krystal was asleep at the hospital. First, Krystal dreamed that Adam called the baby Charlotte and wanted to take her and the baby home. Then, Krystal dreamed that Adam stole the baby and declared that she would never see Jenny again. Meanwhile, Bianca and Zoe came to show their support. Bianca went to see Krystal and expressed her empathy. Krystal cried and apologized to Bianca for stealing Miranda. Krystal felt that this was her punishment. However, Bianca believed that Krystal deserved to have her child and that they would find Jenny. Meanwhile, Zoe told Babe that she would delay her trip to Europe, but Babe refused. Babe told Zoe to go, even though she would miss Zoe very much. Babe further stated that she had faith that Tad would find Jenny. Then, Babe, Bianca, and Zoe put Krystal back to bed.

Annie asked Ryan if she turned into a bridezilla because of her wedding planning. Ryan said no and announced he had a surprise. Then, Louis from Dancing With the Stars entered. Ryan said that he wanted their wedding day to be perfect, so he got them private dancing lessons. Annie was very excited. So, they started their lesson and had a great time together. Then, after Louis left, Ryan and Annie slow danced and kissed. However, they did not know that Greenlee was spying on them. As Greenlee watched them, she recalled Ryan telling her that he loved her and that no one could ever replace her. Then, Greenlee slyly smiled."

- Soap Central