04/17/2007 Alexander's Hearing

"Julia, Amanda and Kathy went through Kathy's boxes, unaware that Kathy's adoption papers were amongst her things. Julia told Amanda that everyone at Wildwind supported her, and Amanda hoped they would find her mother before something awful happened.

Adam showed no sympathy for Krystal, and demanded she stay away from Colby. Krystal was surprised by the news that Colby planned to live with her, but claimed Colby was free to do what she wanted. Adam told her she and Jenny would be sorry if she didn't stay away from Colby, and Krystal retorted she would kill him if he ever touched Jenny.

Colby and Sean looked at Jenny in the nursery. Colby filled him in about Adam, and Sean comforted her. As they hugged, Adam spied them, and told Colby to stay away from both Sean and Krystal. Alone, Adam looked in on Jenny. Joe arrived and chased him off, warning him not to hurt his family.

At the hospital, Julia caught Josh stealing drugs. Josh told her she should turn a blind eye if she wanted to make sure Alexander paid for his crimes. Joe walked in and insisted he wouldn't let Josh commit a crime.

Alexander's hearing began, and he spewed out nonsense rhymes while everyone looked on in disgust. As Jack insisted to the judge that Alexander was faking, Del jumped up to attack Alexander, but the guards subdued him. Jonathan told Ryan that he would have been faster than Del — he could have gotten to Alexander. JR thanked Del for speaking up. Jack questioned one of the doctors, who said there was no medical cause for Alexander's mental problems. Kendall got woozy and left the room. Hannah came out and told her that after today Alexander would never hurt anyone again. Jack questioned Alexander, while everyone in the courtroom reflected on the murders. Jack called Zach to the stand, who announced that he was Raymond Jenkins' son, not Alexander's, hoping Alexander would react and blow his cover. Alexander didn't crack. The judge said he believed Alexander was faking, but since he had no proof, he would have to remand him to a sanitarium. Outside of the courtroom, Zach admitted he lied on the stand — Alexander was his father.

Colby went to see Krystal, who asked about her wanting to live with her and Jenny. Colby thought Krystal didn't want her, but Krystal insisted she was welcome and told her, "I would be so honored if you would become part of my family."

Adam paid a visit to Amanda, and she accused him of trying to kill her and Jamie. Adam threatened Janet's life, and told her that if she wanted to keep Janet safe, she had to give him something he could use against Jamie or Tad. She gave him a box of Kathy's things that Julia and Jamie said was important."

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