04/18/2007 Zach Explains Alex's Mistake

"Adam was searching the box that Amanda gave him for damaging information on Jamie. Then, JR entered the office and saw Adam. Adam was glad to see JR and announced that he wanted to work things out between them. JR looked skeptical and asked how this was possible. Adam said that he understood JR better than anybody else. Adam further explained that JR was alone because he lost his wife, his mother, and his son. JR said he was sharing custody of Little Adam. Still, Adam thought this was a harsh blow for JR. So, Adam suggested they avoid their loneliness by mending their relationship. JR wondered how Adam wanted to do this. Adam said JR should give him back Chandler Enterprises. JR, however, knew Adam wanted more. So, Adam asked if JR would speak to Colby and get her to come home. JR asked Adam what he would do in return. Adam said he would try to get over his anger and forgive JR. Then, they could become father and son again. JR was not interested and told his father to drop the act. Then, JR asked if Adam cared more about his company or Colby. Adam said that Colby was his first priority and that JR was no longer a priority at all. So, JR stormed out of the room. Then, Adam threw papers from the box all over the room. Cathy's adoption papers fell to the ground, but Adam did not notice them because Amanda entered. Adam was enraged with Amanda because she had not kept her end of the bargain. Adam demanded that Amanda start producing or he would do a lot worse than run her off the road!

Tad entered Krystal's hospital room and immediately picked up Jenny. Tad held his baby and seemed upset. Then, Tad told Krystal about Alexander's hearing. Krystal was outraged. Then, they apologized to each other for fighting and promised to focus on Jenny. Krystal also admitted that Tad was right about Adam. Krystal said that at first she wanted Adam to be the father of Jenny, but she was now grateful that Tad was the father. Tad held the baby as tears filled his eyes. Then, Tad left and Colby entered. Colby brought food for Krystal and gushed over Jenny. Then, Babe entered. Colby told Babe about her plans to move in with them. Babe looked stunned and confused. Colby proceeded to explain about her fight with Adam. So, Babe said she was excited to live with Colby. Then, Babe and Krystal taught Colby the Carey motto, "We deserve the best and together we can get it!"

Zach visited his father in prison. Zach congratulated his father on fooling the doctors and the judge. However, Zach explained that his father made a mistake by pleading insanity. Zach stated that Alexander's new prison would be his fake insanity. Zach said that Alexander could never get out of his wheelchair or read a magazine because then he would have to stand trial. Then, Zach laughed and said that the great Alexander Cambias would be remembered for having the brain power of a potted plant. Zach also said that Alexander may have done all of this for the bastard child of Amelia's lover. Then, before Zach left, he placed his old teddy bear next to the prison cell. As the bear played the song "Let's Go to Red Rock", Zach walked away. Then, Alexander gripped his wheelchair tightly, but did not say a word.

Kendall, Babe, Annie, and Ryan were at Fusion. They angrily discussed the outcome of the hearing. None of them could believe that Alexander evaded prison. Then, Kendall looked ill and ran to the bathroom. Annie followed Kendall as Babe and Ryan began to talk. Babe congratulated Ryan on his engagement and also reminisced about Erin. Ryan believed that Babe felt guilty that she survived and Erin did not. Babe said this was true. Babe felt that Erin did not deserve to die because she was such a good person. Then, Babe called herself a trouble maker and a bad person. Ryan consoled Babe and said that she was a good person and deserved to live. Babe thanked Ryan and left. Meanwhile, Annie helped Kendall with her nausea. Kendall told Annie to leave, but Annie refused. Then, they sat on the bathroom floor together and talked. Annie said that she understood how Kendall felt. Annie explained that T tricked everyone and escaped justice. Annie also admitted that when she was in hiding, she prayed every night that T would die. And, now she was grateful that he was dead. Kendall wondered if she should pray for the same thing. Then, Zach came into the bathroom to check on Kendall. Annie left and Kendall assured Zach that she was fine. Then, Kendall asked Zach why he looked so good. Zach said he went for a walk, so he would not fall apart in front of her. Kendall said he could fall apart with her because she was his wife. Zach knew this and said he did not fall apart because of her, Spike, Myrtle, and their unborn child. Then, Zach admitted that he saw his father. Kendall was concerned, but Zach said it was beneficial. Zach stated that his father finally had no power over him. Then, they went back to the office with Ryan and Annie. Kendall told Annie that she wanted her to lead a national campaign for Fusion. Annie was flattered and invited Kendall and Zach to dinner. Kendall needed to go home to Spike, but insisted on a rain check. Zach and Ryan were shocked by their friendliness. Then, Kendall and Zach left and Ryan seemed worried. Ryan expressed his concern over Jonathan's anger. Ryan hoped that Jonathan would not do anything irrational.

Hannah was visibly upset when she entered her office. So, Josh suggested that they blow off work and play basketball to relieve stress. Hannah asserted that she had no time for games or the people that played them. Then, Josh tried to comfort Hannah by saying that he understood. Hannah then snapped at Josh and said he had no idea about how she felt. Then, Hannah left and went to ConFusion. She ordered a double scotch and remembered all of the terrible things Alexander did to her. Meanwhile, Tad and Derek were also at ConFusion having a drink. They were both upset about the hearing, but wanted to move on. So, they toasted Tad's new baby, Jenny.

Del was outside dressed in all black as he loaded a rifle with bullets!"

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