04/16/2007 Zach Blames Tad

"Bianca and Zoe decided that they did not want their relationship to end. However, they did not know how they were going to have a relationship together. Zoe explained that although Bianca was the inspiration in her life, she still had other priorities besides their relationship. Bianca understood because of her main priority as a mother to Miranda. Still, Bianca was very sad that Zoe was going to London. Then, Zoe asked Bianca for a gift. Zoe took out her hormones and handed them to Bianca. Zoe explained that she could not take her first dosage alone and wanted Bianca to share the moment with her. So, Bianca poured Zoe a glass of water. Bianca also crossed out the name Freddy on the pill bottles and replaced it with Zoe. Zoe smiled and swallowed the hormones. Zoe said she was scared and excited at the same time. Then, they cuddled on the couch and watched a movie together.

Lily asked Ava who she was. Ava explained that they were half-sisters. Lily believed that she found Ava, so Ava explained that Aidan really found her first. Lily wondered why he lied to her. Ava believed it was because of her shady lifestyle. However, Lily did not care about Ava's indiscretions. Lily explained that she also ran away from home and understood what it was like to beg for money. Then, Lily asked how Ava got her bruises. Ava said a creep did it. Lily asked if he wanted to have sex against Ava's will. Ava was surprised by Lily's candor and assumption. Then, Lily explained that she encountered a creep also. Lily believed that she could have averted the situation with T if she was better at reading faces. So, Lily proposed that she teach Ava math and Ava teach her how to tell if a man wants to have sex. Lily also asked if Ava wanted to have a real relationship as sisters. Ava said she did. So, instead of shaking hands, they banged spoons together and laughed.

Zach was appalled that his father might get away with murder. Kendall asked how this was possible. Zach explained that Alexander was going to plead mental insanity. Zach declared that he had to stop his father and went to leave. Kendall wanted to join him, but Zach refused. Zach did not want Kendall near Alexander because of his obsession with Kendall and Spike. Then, Zach left and Kendall called Ryan. Ryan and Annie came over immediately. Kendall explained the situation and begged Ryan to make sure Zach did not do something stupid at the courthouse. Ryan agreed and left.

Adam was happy to find Colby in her bedroom. However, Colby was not happy to see Adam. Colby chastised her father for leaving Krystal. Adam stated that he gave Krystal a phone to call for help. Colby was disappointed that Adam took his anger out on an innocent baby. Then, Colby announced that she was moving in with Krystal and the baby, Jenny Colby Carey. Adam believed that Krystal was trying to take away Colby as a revenge scheme. Colby disagreed and said that she and Krystal bonded over the baby. Colby wanted Adam to forgive Krystal so they could be family, but Adam refused. Adam further stated that if Colby left, she would no longer be his daughter. Colby was disgusted by Adam's actions and left. Adam called out that he needed Colby, but she did not come back.

Krystal was in her hospital room as she held her baby. Tad entered and announced that he created a trust for child support and reserved Krystal a room at the Pine Valley Inn. Then, Tad suggested that Krystal and Jenny move in with him after his house was rebuilt. Krystal was annoyed by Tad's plans and told him that he was not in charge of her life. Meanwhile, Babe and JR were also at the hospital. Babe thanked JR for his help, but reminded him that they were no longer on the same team. Babe also inquired about the delay in their divorce due to JR's attorney misplacing their tax returns. JR promised to look into it. Then, JR saw Jamie and asked if he stopped his vendetta against Adam. Jamie stated that if Adam was done then he was too. Meanwhile, Babe entered Krystal's room and overheard Tad asking about Krystal's plans. Babe assured him that she would provide for Krystal and Jenny. Then, Tad got a phone call and rushed off as Babe and Krystal fussed over Jenny. Babe stated that it was her turn to take care of Krystal. Then, the nurse took Jenny and Babe turned on the TV. A news report gave information on Alexander's trial, so Babe left for the courthouse. Then, Krystal looked up and saw Adam standing in front of her!

Jack was at the courthouse. Jack replaced the district attorney since he led the special task force that helped catch Alexander. Then, Di, Del, Aidan, and Jonathan arrived. They were irate that Alexander might evade prison. Jack explained that Alexander got three psychiatrists to testify that he was not mentally stable to stand trial. However, Jack felt that he had a good chance of disproving this during the upcoming hearing. Jack was especially pleased that a fair judge was presiding over the case. Nevertheless, Jonathan wanted Alexander to pay. So, when Ryan arrived, he tried to calm his brother down. Then, Jack asked Ryan to research the doctors testifying for Alexander. Meanwhile, Zach arrived and saw Tad. Zach believed that Tad was wrong by stopping him from killing his father. Tad, however, felt that Zach made the right decision. Then, Kendall entered and Zach told her to leave. Kendall refused because she wanted to prove to Alexander that their relationship was stronger than ever. Then, Kendall put Zach's hand on her stomach and he smiled. As they entered the courtroom together, Kendall saw Hannah. Kendall stated her desire to be the first witness to testify against Alexander. However, Hannah warned Kendall not to antagonize him because they did not know who his next target was yet. Meanwhile, Zach discussed the case with Jack. Jack explained that Zach might have to bust his father's act on the stand. Then, Alexander was wheeled into the courtroom as he sang like a child. Everyone in the courtroom fiercely stared him down!"

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