04/10/2007 Josh Asks Zach For A Job

"The Fusion girls advised Bianca how to go about telling Zoe that she was the secret admirer. Kendall told Bianca that Zoe was complicated and that it was crazy to get involved with her. Babe and Annie continued to tell Bianca how great it was. Kendall told Bianca that there was no way it would work because Zoe had a "male" body. Bianca told her to stop talking. Annie went to Bianca and said that it took a lot of courage to do what she was doing and that she thought it was great. Bianca told Babe that it is hard to end any relationship and if she needed anything she would be there. Zoe and Ryan came in and there were smiles all around. When Ryan and Annie left, Bianca told them to wait, she had to go run errands. Babe gave Zoe Bianca's next secret admirer gift, but Zoe was skeptical. It was Zoe's favorite record and Babe told him to meet the admirer at the yacht club and he said he would because he was curious.

Jack took Erica to their yacht and told her he had sold it. She was surprised he sold it so quickly and when she turned around she saw that the new owner was Adam Chandler.

Jack left after the papers were signed and Erica called him slime and said this was just payback because she wouldn't put Krystal and Babe in jail. He said he could use a trip on the yacht and Erica told him not to let them break him. She said that he did the impossible and gave his heart to a woman with no motive or expectations. Erica told Adam that she knows he will stay and fight and win. She told him to choose to win again and he smiled and said that she just wanted her damned yacht back. Erica told him he was back and and he said he was never gone.

Di brought Ava to Wildwind and Aidan was clearly not happy. Di told him that she couldn't leave Ava on the streets. Aidan told Di that Ava had to go before Lily saw her. Ava disappeared somewhere and Aidan and Di went to look for her. Aidan found her rifling through a bedroom and accused her of stealing. Jonathan came in and witnessed the scene.

J.R. busted in at Zach's office to confront him about a business deal. Josh went to Zach and asked for a job. Zach told him to bring down the Chandlers on his own time. Zach declined his offer but Josh told him he wouldn't give up. Zach brought Hannah in and introduced Josh as the "new hire". Josh babbled on about facts and figures but Hannah told him that she really didn't care about what he had to say. She told him to shut-up, listen and learn.

Adam refused to help Krystal even though she was in labor. She continued to try to convince him that he still loved her but he wasn't moved. He handed her his cell phone and told her to call Tad. Krystal tried to call Tad but the phone went dead. She cried out for help, but Colby walked by and couldn't hear the cries of anguish because she had on ear phones. Krystal crawled to the door and Colby saw her. She called 911 and told them there was no way she could deliver this baby. After she hung up, she told Krystal she would call Babe and J.R. and tried to leave the room but Krystal stopped her. She told Colby that she could help her and that she had total faith in her. Krystal told Colby that the baby and her would be just fine because she was with them. Colby got a blanket and other items needed for birthin' babies."

- Soap Central