04/11/2007 Kendall Asks Zach To Get Rid Of Bianca

"Zach told Lily to go home because she had already finished three days of work in only one day. Lily said she had one more project to finish and then she would leave. Then, Kendall entered Zach's office. Kendall asked Zach to get rid of someone for her. Zach looked concerned. Kendall said she wanted Zach to send Bianca back to Paris for work. Kendall claimed that Bianca needed a break from helping her family and friends in Pine Valley. However, Zach did not believe Kendall and asked if the real reason was Zoe. So, Kendall admitted that she had reservations over Bianca and Zoe's relationship. Zach asked if Zoe being transgender was an issue. Kendall said that she accepted Zoe, but knew others would not. Kendall wanted Bianca to have an easy relationship with the perfect woman. Zach wondered if Zoe was the perfect woman for Bianca. Then, Lily entered and inquired about their conversation. Kendall briefly explained the situation. Lily did not want to see Bianca hurt like she was with Jonathan. Then, Lily left for the night. Kendall then stated that she wanted Bianca to find "the one" just like she did with Zach. Zach wished for Bianca's happiness also, but refused to send her away. Then, they hugged. However, Kendall seemed displeased as she left to go home.

Bianca was at the yacht club preparing for her surprise date with Zoe. Bianca had a beautiful table set up outside. An employee wondered if they should move the table inside due to the chance of rain, but Bianca liked it outside. Then, Bianca went into her hotel room to change. Adam then came across the table and sat down. He was drinking and toasted to his life without Krystal. Meanwhile, Zoe entered and saw Adam at the table. Zoe assumed that Adam was playing a terrible joke on her. So, when Adam offered her a drink, Zoe threw it in his face. Adam laughed and asked if it was "that time of the month". Then, just as Bianca entered, Zoe turned the elegant table over in anger. Bianca realized the mix up and yelled out that she was the secret admirer. Adam stated that now he had seen everything and left laughing. However, Zoe did not believe this and thought Bianca was trying to spare her feelings. So, Bianca explained the meaning behind the gifts and finally convinced Zoe. Bianca also said that she wanted to spoil Zoe and make her happy on their first date. Bianca further stated that Zoe fell at first sight, but she needed a few blinks. Zoe was smiling and could not believe this was happening. Then, Bianca asked Zoe to dance. And, as they danced, it began to rain. They rushed into the hotel room soaking wet as they laughed. Then, Zoe gently caressed Bianca's face and they looked into each other's eyes.

Jonathan thought Ava was Lily, so he threw Aidan off of her. Then, Jonathan tried to calm her down by counting. Ava was freaked out and went to leave. So, Di tried to stop her, but grabbed her purse by accident. When the purse fell, Di's jewelry spilled out. So, Aidan explained that Ava was not Lily. Jonathan was upset with Ava and said she was nothing like Lily. Ava agreed and wanted to leave, but Di still wanted to help her. Then, Ava sat down because she felt nauseous. Di brought Ava something to eat. Then, Di and Jonathan discussed the fact that Lily did not know about Ava's devious lifestyle. Jonathan was concerned for Lily. Meanwhile, Aidan told Ava that he wanted to help her. Aidan stated that he would put her up in the Pinecone Motel and get her a legitimate job. Then, Ava asked why everyone worshipped Lily. Aidan explained about Lily's autism, her family history, and her marriage to Jonathan. Then, there was a knock at the door. It was Lily asking if Aidan had found her relative yet!

Colby tried to stall Krystal from pushing until the ambulance arrived. However, Krystal asserted that she could not wait and began to push. Colby was hesitant to look at or touch the baby, but eventually embraced her midwife duties. However, when Colby saw the baby's head, the baby got stuck. So, Colby had to grab the baby's shoulder and ease the little girl out. Then, the baby cried and Colby held her up to see Krystal. Colby then handed the baby to Krystal as they congratulated each other. Then, JR and Babe rushed in. They were glad to see the baby, but were disappointed that Adam left Krystal.

Tad and Amanda brought Jamie to PVH because they felt he left the other hospital too soon. However, Jamie claimed that he was fine and wanted to find Adam. Jamie believed that Adam ran him down and that Janet was working with him. Tad was skeptical because he believed Adam was locked up. Then, Jamie fainted, so Julia put him into a room. Next, Amanda began to confide in Tad about her worries over Janet. And, just as she was about to tell Tad about Adam's involvement, Krystal was brought into the hospital. Tad immediately rushed to her side as she was brought into a room. Then, the nurse brought the baby out to see Tad. Tad held the baby and smiled. Then, the nurse took the baby to get checked out. JR explained that Adam left Krystal. Tad looked furious as he stormed out of the hospital. Then, the nurse brought the baby back to Krystal. The nurse announced to Krystal and Babe that the baby was in perfect health. So, Babe joyously held her baby sister. However, Krystal looked upset and stated that her marriage was finally over. Meanwhile, Julia went to check on Jamie. She said Jamie only had a concussion, but would have to spend the night in the hospital. Then, Jamie realized that he was restrained to the bed. Julia slyly smiled as she announced that Jamie was a big brother.

Adam stood alone in the bedroom where Krystal gave birth. He stared out of the window as the power went out. Then, when lightning lit up the room, Tad was seen standing behind Adam with a wicked look in his eyes!"

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