04/05/2007 Hannah Upsets Lily

"At Cambias Industries, Hannah hands Lily a bunch of papers to file and copy. Lily tells Hannah that she can't work on those items now because she has to stay on schedule with Zach's work. Hannah tells Lily to put that aside and when she touches Lily's arm, Lily begins to panic. Zach rushes out of his office when he hears Lily screaming, "Don't touch." Lily begins counting to calm herself down and eventually goes in Zach's office. Zach tells Lily that they need to revise her plan. Zach suggests that maybe they place her in another office that doesn't have as many people who can distract her from work. He gives Lily a key to her new office as Hannah comes in. Zach apologizes to Hannah for not explaining Lily's condition. Hannah asks Zach how he can be so nice to Lily, but yet so awful to Ethan. Zach explains that he thought Ethan would have a better life without him. Hannah pressures Zach to tell her about the night Ethan died. Zach tells Hannah he knew Ethan was dying when Ethan claimed to see his mother. She asks him if Ethan meant her or Edith, but Zach is silent. Knowing Ethan meant Edith, Hannah walks out.

Aidan tells Ava Benton that he knows all about her. When he begins rattling off facts about her life, Ava tries to run away, but Aidan grabs her arm. Aidan tells Ava that her father married another woman, and they had a daughter, Lily, who is her half-sister. He pulls out Lily's pictures and shows it to Ava. Aidan tells Ava that Lily has autism, but simply sees the world in a different view. When Ava asks Aidan if Lily knows of her, Aidan says yes, but isn't sure if the two girls should meet. Ava realizes Aidan worries about the influence she may have on Lily. Ava explains that she isn't a hooker or drug user - just a scammer who flirts with men and steals their wallets. Ava tries to put the moves on Aidan, but he pushes her away. Aidan asks Ava to come back to Pine Valley with her. She doesn't take his offer, but asks Aidan to tell Lily hello for her.

Ryan pays a visit to Erin's grave to tell her about his engagement to Annie. He thanks Erin for bringing Annie into their lives and wishes she could be there at the wedding. Ryan takes his Dynamite Kiddo comic and places in front of her gravestone. He tells Erin she was his hero and leaves.

At Wildwind, Kendall brings Annie a bouquet of flowers to congratulate her on the engagement. Annie is surprised at the gesture, considering Kendall wasn't thrilled with the idea in the first place. Kendall agrees that they drive each other crazy, but maybe it's time to make nice with each other. Kendall says they should get along for their children's sakes. Annie shows Kendall the fairy tale she wrote for Emma, but also as a wedding present for Ryan. When Ryan walks in, he is surprised to see the two women not at each other's throats. Kendall quickly hides the story and congratulates Ryan on his engagement. Kendall tells them she is going to throw a huge engagement party and whisks off. Ryan and Annie lay in bed, talking about Erin and their wedding.

Zoe comes out of her room, dressed as a man, and asks to speak to her mother alone. After Josh and Bianca leave, Zoe tells her mother that she will no longer dress like a woman. Zoe calls himself Freddie again and offers to go home with Marj. Marj realizes Zoe is lying about wanting to be a man, but Zoe insists that she wants to be a man now. Zoe grabs a pair of scissors and threatens to cut her hair, but Marj takes them away. Marj admits that she is scared of Zoe's change and the way other people will treat her. Zoe confesses that she too was scared and tried to make it go away by doing more manly things, such as playing sports and being a rocker. Zoe says that she finally realized she couldn't stop what was happening to her, unless she killed herself. Marj is horrified when she hears Zoe confess she wanted to die. Zoe tells her mother when she began feeling like a woman trapped in a man's body. Zoe remembers sobbing when she got her luscious long locks cut off as a child because people would not longer mistake her for a little girl. When Marj asks Zoe if she still feels like dying, Zoe says she does not feel that anymore when she is dressed like a woman. Zoe tells her mother that he doesn't want to lose her, but can't be a son like she wants. Marj embraces Zoe and calls her by her new name.

When Bianca and Josh go to Bianca's apartment, Bianca tells Josh about Zoe putting make-up on to appear as half man and half woman. Bianca says it is not right for Marj to try to dictate Zoe's life or try to make Zoe be someone she's not. Josh tells Bianca that Zoe will get past this problem, but Bianca worries Zoe will revert back to being Freddie to make her mother happy. Josh is confident that the time alone with help Marj and Zoe reconcile. To pass time, Bianca shows Josh all the neat little things she got Zoe to show that she is not alone in the transgender process. Josh realizes that Bianca has a crush on Zoe. Bianca admits she is falling in love with Zoe."

- Soap Central