04/03/2007 Lily Asks For An Advance

"Tad's house burned to the ground and Jamie said that the frat pranks were over; Adam was his.

While the police searched for Janet at Wildwind, Adam told Amanda that he and her mother had become good friends. He threatened Amanda by saying that he would frame Janet for attempted murder if she didn't help him bring down Jamie. She said she wanted to see Janet but before Adam could respond Derek came up and wanted to know what was going on. Amanda told Derek not to hurt Janet if he found her. A blindfolded Amanda went with Adam to see Janet. Amanda removed the blindfold and was relieved to see that Janet was there safe and sound. She said Adam had promised her a new life. Janet explained how she and Adam became friends at the sanitarium and how he vowed to keep her in the lap of luxury forever. Adam told Janet that he bought a little villa in the Canary Islands for her -- complete with medical care. Janet went to the other room and Adam asked Amanda what her decision was for her mother: maximum security or paradise. Amanda asked what would happen if she didn't get the goods on the Martins. Adam informed her how he would frame Janet for attempted murder. Amanda lashed out, calling Adam "evil," but Adam countered by warning her that he would show her true evil if she crossed him.

Ryan told Kendall that Annie accepted his proposal. Kendall said that she was happy for him.

Hannah dropped in on Ryan and Kendall introduced them. He told her that Ethan was a good man, but Hannah hadn't stopped by to chat about Ethan: she wanted information on Zach. He told her that Zach wore many hats and she said that he had offered her a job at the casino. Hannah asked if Zach was like his father and Ryan said he couldn't really answer that. She said that when they were kids "Alex" vowed never to become like his father. Ryan questioned why Hannah showed up in Pine Valley now, of all times. She said that she had a soft spot for Zach but there was incentive that Alexander was behind bars and that Zach had taken over Cambias. She assured him she had no designs on Zach.

Aidan went to Zach's office and told Zach and Lily about Ava. Zach asked about Lily's father and Aidan said that he blamed her mother for her autism and left. Zach suggested that Aidan tell Lily he investigated but found nothing, however, Aidan said he really felt like Ava was in trouble. Zach offered Aidan money but he said he didn't need it and left. Kendall went to Zach's office and told him that Ryan and Annie were getting married and she wanted to plan a party for them. Kendall then admitted that she was a spiteful control freak who didn't want anyone but them to be happy. Hannah came by the casino and told Zach and Kendall she would take the job for the right money.

Babe told J.R. that they needed to talk about their divorce and it had nothing to do with Josh. She told him that too much had gone down between them and they could be better friends if they just admit it was over. They both admitted guilt in the demise of their marriage, but J.R. still wanted to work things out. He said he had changed and suggested they build a house away from their families. Babe said she never stopped loving him but they had both made so many mistakes she couldn't make another one. She said she didn't want to fight anymore and he said he wanted their son to have both his parents. Jamie and Tad came in and demanded to know where Adam was. Josh came in and he told them that Adam burned his house to the ground and that is why Krystal needs to get out of the mansion. She overheard the conversation and told Tad, J.R. and Jamie that Adam had been driven to his actions and that she was staying. She said if they would just leave, she could reach Adam. Outside the Chandler mansion, Adam was hit on the head with a vase by Jamie. He fell to the floor and Jamie told Tad that he thought he was going to catch him before he hit the ground. Tad replied, "Why?" He then said that if they couldn't move Krystal, they would move Adam."

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