03/22/2007 Kendall Hires Annie

"Zach is mentally reviewing the conversations about assuming control of Cambias when Lily shows up in the doorway to his office. She tells him that change is hard to deal with and that she wants to try to face it head on. She tells him that she is there to apply for a job, and that she has done her homework about the company and knows that since he is familiar with her disorder, he can tailor a position for her that will maximize her skills and pay her a high wage. He asks why that is important to her, and she tells him that she has a new plan to attend Pine Valley University and work at Cambias until she has enough money to transfer to MIT. She then asks how he is doing with his change in job positions, and he tells her that although it's been a little easier since she got there, things are still hard. He expresses discomfort with the way things have been and the name of the company. She suggests that he change the name, citing that as owner, he can do as he pleases. Realizing that she is exactly right, he agrees to hire her. Excited, she tells him that she wants to start right away - as soon as they discuss salary and benefits.

At the stables, Ryan tells his brother that he and Annie belong together. Not taking him at his word, Jonathan asks what happens if he can't convince Annie of that fact. Ryan uncovers that the root of his brother's inquiries is his concern about when they will stop losing the things they love. He tells his baby brother that he is fine with the loss of his job at Cambias and reveals his plans to start his own business again but for different and better reasons - for his family. Jonathan reinforces his conviction that Ryan not give up on winning the life he deserves, and Ryan realizes that his brother's tirade is about his loss of Lily. Jonathan thought he had been dealing with it, but since becoming 100% again mentally, he doesn't know where he fits in, and all he can think about is everything he's lost. Ryan tells him that he needs to move on but Jonathan doesn't know how to do that. Jonathan then reads his brother's face and assures him that he isn't thinking of some grand future with Lily because he knows that she has moved on. He reminds Ryan that Annie hasn't moved on and he needs to fight for her, and Ryan tells him that Annie is his fight to win. He encourages Jonathan to grab his own piece of life, starting with doing something more challenging than slinging drinks at a bar. Jonathan reminds him that his résumé needs a lot of work, and a lot of explanation. Ryan tells him to go somewhere where he doesn't have to have a resume - like Cambias. Jonathan admits that he saw Zach earlier and burned that bridge, but Ryan suggests that he go back and admit he was wrong - because it's what Erin would want him to do. Jonathan agrees just before Emma comes running in and jumps into his arms. He tells the little girl that he daddy is the smartest man ever, but warns her not to let it go to his head. She agrees and then reaches for her father's open arms. Shortly thereafter, Ryan whisks his daughter home and puts her to bed, reading her a story that Annie put together about their fabulous life together.

Annie asks why she is getting a congratulatory hug from Kendall over the news that she rejected Ryan's marriage proposal, and finds that the mommy-to-be thinks that Annie is smart enough to walk away from a doomed relationship, rather than a manipulative bitch. Not taking her at face value, Annie retorts that she may not be, but Kendall certainly is. Realizing that there would be no playing nice, Kendall says that because Annie had the über-mom thing going for her, she didn't see how marrying Ryan would work since he couldn't give her kids. Annie is appalled that Kendall came up with that idea and put it in Ryan's head but Kendall tells her that there is nothing better than carrying the child of the man you love. Annie realizes that Kendall is pregnant and momentarily backs down. Kendall then adds that she can't understand why Annie wouldn't want to feel the way she does, and Annie, exasperated, asks why Kendall still feels the need to obsess over her ex even though she has a wonderful life with the man of her dreams. Kendall notes that Ryan is free to play house with whomever he chooses but, because his son will always be a factor, the home that Ryan creates needs to be as happy as the one he has with his mom. Annie then tells her that if she had decided to marry Ryan, she would have made him a hell of a lot happier than he was during all of his failed attempts with Kendall. Angry, Kendall notes that Annie knows nothing about her relationship with Ryan, and Annie admits that she can only speak for herself - and says that if she got mad at Ryan, she wouldn't sleep with his brother, and if things didn't work out with them, she wouldn't torture the next woman he got involved with. Kendall tells her that because Annie turned Ryan down, she gets what Kendall has been trying to say: that there is no way that a relationship between them could have worked when Ryan doesn't love her as much as she loves him. Annie warns Kendall not to slam her with Ryan too hard or he will have her down that aisle faster than she could ever imagine. Kendall tells her that she isn't afraid of her, but Annie rebuts that, saying that her fear is the reason she doesn't want Annie with Ryan and doesn't want to hire her. Then, Di comes in the room and thinks that she has forgotten a coffee date. Annie tells her that she had a job interview, but it's over and starts to leave. Kendall calls out and tells her that if she thinks she's so qualified, she's hired. Stunned, Annie accepts the offer and Di takes her friend off to complete the new employee paperwork.

In the back room, Annie vents to Di, and Di points out that even though Kendall gets carried away, the best revenge would be to forget about her, find Ryan and accept his proposal. Annie says that she wouldn't marry a man just to flip someone off, and Di thinks that if she doesn't want that dream life with Ryan that many women dream of, she needs to make sure that she is clear with him. Annie says that she wants it but that things are complicated. Suddenly, she says that she needs to go and tells Di that she will fill out the paperwork later. She takes the back way out and lets out an exasperated groan when Di calls out after her to find out if she changed her mind about the proposal.

Sean shows up at the Chandler Mansion and asks Colby about her text message. She tells him that everything is going to hell, but he thinks it's because Krystal is having Tad's baby. She tells him there is now something more - Adam had Krystal and Babe arrested and hauled off to jail.

The crowd gathers in the police station, trying to find out exactly why the Carey women have been arrested. Adam tells them all that the charges are legit - Krystal knew that Babe was alive when she filed the insurance papers. He also notes that Erica can prove it. Derek warns La Kane that a false statement could mean charges will be brought against her, of which she is well aware. She announces that she is fully prepared to tell the truth just as Babe collapses. Zoë confronts Adam, asking if making Babe crumble makes him feel better. Krystal adds one on by voicing an open ended threat if Babe has a relapse. Having had enough, Tad drags Adam into the interrogation room and tells him that he needs to drop the charges. Adam tells him that he will if he helps get Krystal out of the mansion - perhaps by letting her move into the Martin household. Tad loses his words at that point, and Adam launches another attack, accusing him of not wanting to bring a slut into the house he shared with the love of his life. This lights a fire in Tad, who attempts to banish Dixie's name from Adam's mouth. Adam offer to do one better: he will never speak to Tad again if he agrees to join forces.

Back outside in the general area, Babe comes to as Josh and Bianca look on, and insists that he get Erica off of Krystal's case before she is forced to attack her. They get her up off of the floor and get her some water, while Derek notes that Adam needs to get his claim together because the insurance company wants answers. Tad suggests that in order to end the ordeal, Krystal move out of the house. She shoots back that she is not leaving her husband, and JR backs her up - saying that she can live wherever she wants. Infuriated, Adam notes that they all deserve each other and walks out. Tad tells Krystal that she needs to start making decisions that will benefit the baby, but she caustically tells him that she can take care of herself and the baby, and that he needs to leave her alone to take care of her oldest. As she checks in, Babe tells her mother that she suddenly feels much better. Across the room, Bianca tells Erica that she knows Adam's charges are bogus, and advises that she think twice before siding with him. Believing that Josh will get over his obsession with Babe, Erica fills Bianca in about the paternity of Krystal's child, and says now she finally has the power to make them pay, not only for stealing Bianca's baby and trying to pass off the one still growing as a Chandler, but to also make sure that Babe loses everything that she loves. Bianca glances over at her brother and uncle, and then quietly tells her mother that she also has the power to lose everything that she herself loves.

Josh confronts JR about why he is at the police station, believing that he just wants to get Krystal and Babe back to the mansion so that he can continue to convince Babe that he is on their side, on the off chance that she will go back to him. JR fires back, asking if Josh's plan is to steal Babe away to the casino recovery room and keep her away from everyone that she loves, including her son. Babe overhears them and breaks them up, reminding JR that even though he is playing protector, he will still one day soon be her ex-husband, and recapping for Josh that even though he saved her life, he did not earn the right to run it. She tells both of them that they need to find something else to fight over because she is completely out of the running. She goes back to her mother and although they both start to follow her, Zoë gets in their way and stops them.

A representative from the insurance company arrives at the police station and JR attacks him for believing that the accusations his father voiced could be true. He thinks that the company is kowtowing only because of all of the money they get from Chandler, both the family and the corporation. Tad overhears JR's threatening tones, and mentions to his son that his willingness to use a baby to get what he wants again makes him purely Adam's son. Just then, Erica calls out to Derek and says that she is ready to make her statement. He asks her if she saw Babe and Krystal on March 15th, and she tells him no. Adam barely controls his rage as he asks her in hushed tones why she is defying him when they both want the same thing. She tells him that she has watched him manipulate people for years and notes that he forgot one thing: he can't manipulate her. Irate, Adam storms off with the insurance agent at his heels. Krystal approaches Erica and thanks her for what she did. Erica tells her that she doesn't want her thanks and she doesn't want her anywhere near her or the people that she loves. She notes how horrible it was that she tried to rob Tad of his daughter, only to use the baby as a meal ticket. Krystal expected nothing less from Erica but Babe comes over and warns Erica off of her mother before the war is able to erupt. JR comes over then, and after Derek tells the Carey women that they are free to go, tells them that the car is waiting. Most leave, but when Krystal goes back to retrieve her purse, she comes face to face with Tad, who tells her that he fully intends to sue for custody once the baby is born. Krystal lays into him for thinking that he can just tell her what is going to happen with the baby, but he tells her that because he shares DNA, he can try. He tells her that if she would be reasonable, he could set her up in a place that is not volatile, like the Valley Inn, but she tells him that she is going home to fight for her marriage. He expresses disdain over the fact that she seems more concerned about her marriage than the welfare of their daughter and tries to stop her from leaving. She wrestles out of his grip and Derek stops Tad from grabbing her again. Babe comes up and whisks her mother away, leaving Tad with a distasteful look.

Erica approaches her son and admits that she lied to try to repair some of the damage that she caused by revealing that Babe was alive. Bianca and Zoë come back then and upon seeing them, Josh tells him mother that it will take a lot more than her performance to make amends, and then walks toward his sister. Zoë breaks away from them and goes to Erica, asking if there is anything that she can do to help. Wiping tears from her eyes, she says no and thanks her for asking. Zoë then tells her that she should give her son some space - because he feels things rather intensely, the disapproval and disappointment he is feeling from Erica is difficult to deal with. After Zoë leaves, Jack approaches Erica and thanks her for putting an end to Adam's fiasco. He then informs her that he set up a meeting for them and their attorneys, saying that if they are going to finalize the divorce, he wants it to be quick and painless.

Adam returns home in a rage and bellows for Winifred. She comes scurrying and he orders her to call a locksmith so that they can all be changed within the hour. She runs to do his bidding just as Colby arrives in the living room with Sean in tow. She asks her father what happened but he tells her not to worry because Krystal will never set foot in the house again. He then tells Sean, after warning him not to touch his daughter, to grab a hammer. Workers quickly file in, and Colby demands to know why her father is going to such lengths. He insists that she wouldn't understand such adult things, only noting that Krystal, Babe and JR are no longer members of this family because they betrayed him on too deep of a level. He then roars again, ordering Winifred to get more wood.

Jonathan shows up at Cambias to find Lily working there. After getting over the shock, he asks her about her plans for school. She tells him that since he is no longer in the equation, she had to create a new one and proceeds to explain it to him. He tells her that he has no doubt that she will get exactly what she wants out of life. In true fashion, Lily gets right back to business and gives Jonathan available times to see Zach, but having changed his mind due to being out of practice, he tells Lily not to bother. She tries to give encouragement, citing his strong points, but he thanks her and leaves.

JR, Krystal and Babe return to the mansion and JR notes that he will go in first and deal with Adam while the women go upstairs and get settled back in. He tries his key and finds that it doesn't work, and then bangs on the door but gets no response. Inside, Colby begs her father to let them in, but he tells her to ignore them. Then, there is a loud crash, and they go into the living room to find that JR smashed through the patio doors. Adam orders him out again, but JR tells him that he can call the cops if he wants to look like an idiot, but they won't be leaving because they love him. JR then grabs a hammer and undoes the beam of wood that had been reinforcing the front door and lets Krystal and Babe in. Adam demands that they leave as well, but when they refuse, he tells them all to go to hell and marches back into the living room. In there, they find Tad with his feet up, saying they had better make room for one more person in the house.

Zach arrives at Fusion to find his wife throwing things and beating up helpless electronics. She fills him in on the fact that Annie applied for a job, and because they need the help, she hired her. She also notes that even though everyone thinks that Annie is sweet, she has a mouth on her like none other, and that she accused her of wanting Ryan all to herself. Zach calmly tells Kendall that Annie isn't the only one that thinks that way. Kendall tries to deny it but she finally admits that she wants to run Ryan's life because it's all about control. He pulls her on to his lap and she asks how it is that she can act out and he still treats her like she is normal. He jokes with her about not saying what he thinks, but she tells him to be nice because she is the mother of his child. From behind them, Erica's voice emerges, asking them to confirm what she is afraid she overheard.

Annie returns home, and Ryan confesses that he and their daughter got into an arts and craft project that spun out of control. They enter the bedroom and Annie finds that the room has been decorated in accordance with the book she made for Emma."

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