03/23/2007 Miranda's Birthday Party

"Annie is amazed the princess room Ryan and Emma created for her. Annie begins crying, saying that she is tired of saying no to his marriage proposal. Ryan points out all of Annie's positive points, trying to jokingly blame that it is her fault he fell in love with her. Annie says that the story she wrote is not real, just a tool to help Emma understand that she will always be there to protect her. Ryan and Annie enjoy snow cones and kisses in her princess room. When Ryan asks her to look into the mirror and say what the future holds, Annie tells him to get away from her.

Erica hugs and congratulates Kendall on her pregnancy. After Kendall leaves to make a phone call, Zach tells Erica that he knows she is not happy about the pregnancy because it will connect him and Kendall forever. Zach says he respects Erica feelings, but points out that he is not Ryan, but promises to protect his child. Kendall comes back, reminding them they should get going to Miranda's party. Kendall asks her mother to truly be happy for the new baby because Zach is the man she loves. Erica takes Kendall's hand and watches them leave because she has to pick up Miranda's present first.

Bianca scolds Josh for interfering in Babe's life as they come back to her home. Zoe walks in with a handful of balloons for Miranda's birthday party. Zoe starts ordering Josh and Bianca around so they will stop fighting and get the apartment ready for the party. Lily, Myrtle and Jackson are the first guests to arrive. Lily asks Zoe that if he is a man, why is he dressed like a woman. Zoe tries to answer Lily's question the best she can. Lily says that people can be different and it does not have to be bad. Sean arrives at the party, with Barbara following behind, surprising everyone, including Sean. Barbara apologizes for her behavior the other day and offers Miranda a present that used to belong to Bianca's father. Bianca tells Barbara that she can stay for the party as Kendall, Erica, Zach and Spike arrive. Kendall announces her pregnancy and everyone cheers. Miranda arrives for her big party as everyone showers her with attention. Lily tells Erica that she does not like Barbara because she has rearranged the family's schedule. Sean asks his mother to leave, but Barbara stays. Zach admits that is worried he will disappoint his new child, like he did with Ethan, to Myrtle. Myrtle tells Zach being a father will come to him easily. Jackson apologizes to Kendall for the way he treated her during the pregnancy with Ryan's child. Erica pulls Barbara away from Josh, warning to her stay away from her son. Myrtle encourages Erica to repair her marriage with Jackson before the divorce is final. Zoe sings Miranda a special birthday song. After all the guests are gone, Zoe and Bianca begin cleaning up the apartment. Bianca tells Zoe the song reminding her of the way she and Miranda found their way back to each other after being separated. Bianca and Zoe nearly share a kiss before Zoe leaves.

A mysterious woman visits Ethan's grave. The woman hides in the bushes when she sees Kendall and Zach coming.

Tad tells the Chandler and Carey gang that he is moving into the house until they decide how to handle the baby situation. Adam demands that Tad leave, but Tad says he is not going anywhere. When Tad physically tries to attack Tad, JR holds him back and Sean takes Colby out of the room. Sean tells Colby he has to go to Miranda's birthday party, leaving Colby to hear the bickering. Krystal calls Derek to complain that Tad is trespassing, but Derek does not take her seriously and hangs up. To distract the adults, Colby and Winifred bring Little Adam into the room with a birthday cake. Everyone sings "Happy Birthday" and helps Little Adam blow out the candles. Colby carries stacks of presents into the living room. As Babe and JR reminisce on their past, Babe says that their mistakes only proves they don't belong together.

As Babe and JR help their son open presents, Tad and Adam meet in the library. Adam tells Tad they should work together to get Krystal out of the Chandler household, since they both want the same thing. Adam says he can make sure Tad gets a judge who will award full custody to his child, but Tad doesn't take his offer. Tad tells Adam that he is dragging an innocent child into his revenge plans, which is something he will not be a part of.

Krystal thanks Colby for coming to the rescue with the party. Colby tells Krystal that she actually began to trust her, but now, she isn't sure if Krystal ever loved Adam. Krystal promises to make things right with Adam, but Colby is positive Krystal will only hurt him again. JR comes into the room announcing that Babe has disappeared with Little Adam. Shortly after, the lights go out and Krystal screams."

- Soap Central