03/20/2007 Zach & Kendall Ask Ryan To Stay At Cambias

"Zach and Kendall asked Ryan to stay and help run Cambias, but he turned them down and left when Annie called and asked him to come to Wildwind. Zach questioned if this is what he really wanted. Jonathan walked in and blamed Zach for everything that's gone wrong with his family. Kendall defended Zach. Jon left, and Zach told Kendall he wants their baby to be proud of him.

Tad showed up at Wildwind and told Jamie and Julia that he is the father of Krystal's baby, and that JR knew all along because Dixie told him right before she died. Jamie, furious that JR didn't tell him, left. Julia asked Tad if he wanted the baby. Tad said he could hardly wrap his mind around being a father, and he's having a hard time being happy about it because Krystal lied to him. What he does know, however, is that he is going to get his kid out of there.

Krystal brought Adam breakfast in bed so they could talk, but he knocked the tray to floor and growled, "Don't you have any pride?" Krystal insisted Adam still loves her, and begged him to remember everything they had before she told him the truth about Charlotte. Adam told Krystal she has been the greatest disappointment of his life, but then said there might be something she could do to fix things — get rid of the baby. Adam left Krystal shocked and in tears. JR kissed Babe while she slept, and she woke up to see him leaning over her. She told him to stop, and insisted they were not getting back together. She doesn't think she can forgive him for using Krystal's secret to blackmail her. JR told Babe he was rooting for Krystal, and gave her a list of lawyers. He explained that his father cut him off completely, and Babe said she is sorry that Krystal's secret cost him so much. She asked if he regretted keeping the secret. "No, not if it brought me closer to you," he said, but then allowed, "I just don't think Tad will ever forgive me." Jamie walked in and declared, "I sure as hell never will." Leaving Babe alone in her room, Jamie laid into JR for keeping Tad's baby from him. JR reminded Jamie that not only did he let him think Little Adam was dead, but he also slept with his wife. Babe walked in and told Jamie she won't be staying married to JR. Adam entered, sneering, "You Martin boys sure like sloppy seconds." Babe went to comfort Krystal, and told her that Adam is showing her who he really is. Krystal said she knew all along about Adam's temper, and it's her own fault that he is acting this way. "He has every right to lash out at me." Krystal announced that she will stay at the mansion until she can convince Adam that they are meant to be together, but told Babe she doesn't have to stay. Babe said she wouldn't leave her. Stuart came in and said he thought Adam might be broken for good. They joined the men downstairs just as the cops arrived. Krystal and Babe were arrested as Adam looked on.

Ryan arrived at Wildwind, and Annie told him that Jon was wrong; she wasn't in love with him. Ryan was okay with that, and tried to seduce her. Annie convinced him to teach her to ride a horse instead, and ended up falling into a water trough. Annie admitted she does love him."

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