03/02/2007 Alexander Demands An Apology

"Babe wakes up and upon seeing Josh, she asks where she is. He tells her that she is in the hospital, but she doesn't believe him after having looked in the hallway. He says that it must have been a dream which prompts her to warn him not to lie to her. Josh concedes, and tells her that with the help of his father, grandfather, Zach and Kendall, they snuck her out of the hospital and into a safe room below the casino. He tells her they all agreed that was the best tack given that the killer came after her twice. Babe starts to understand, relating it to what Chief Frye did when he snuck Dani out and left a decoy in her stead. She then asks why they went through all of the trouble to fool her instead of filling her in on the plan when she woke up. She goes on to ask why her mother hadn't visited and brought her son. Josh tells her that the murderer is smart and that if Krystal had started making regular visits, she would be found and probably attacked again. Then, Babe remembers Erica's proclamation about how she should be dead, and incredulously asks Josh if that's what everyone outside of their group thinks - and demands the truth. Josh finally admits that everyone thinks she is dead because the only way to truly keep her safe was to make the killer think that he succeeded. Slowly, he also reveals to a choked up Babe that not even her mother and son know that she survived. He tells her that Krystal would do anything to protect her, and is doing so now although she doesn't know it. She then asks if Josh set this all up so that he could steal her away from JR. The whole truth comes out then, with Josh admitting how they pulled off her "death", her funeral, her burial and the fact that JR never came to see her when they announced she was dead, which made it his own fault that he wasn't in on the plan. Babe realizes that as long as JR thinks she is dead, he can keep Little A all to himself, and won't blackmail her mother. She then says that she won't let her mother suffer anymore and starts to place a call to the house. Josh begs her not to but before he can stop her, Adam picks up the phone. Babe freezes, so Josh takes the phone and asks to speak to Krystal. Irate, Adam tells Josh to never call the house again.

As Adam and Colby pack up Babe's belongings, the young girl remarks how beautiful Babe looked in her clothing shortly before chastising herself for even touching her sister-in-law's things. Adam comfortingly tells her that even though this is difficult, they are doing it to spare Krystal the pain. Colby proceeds to take another article of clothing off of a shelf, only to have Krystal barge in and snatch it out of her hands. She immediately launches into defensive mode, saying that Colby couldn't wait to paw through Babe's things. Adam jumps in and tells his wife that he asked Colby to help him put Babe's things away to make it easier on her. Krystal fires back that it's too soon, especially given that Little A could wander in any minute and see that his mother's things are gone. She tosses the clothes on a shelf and dejectedly sits on the bed. She apologizes to both and says that she knows they mean well - and admits that she can't get over the pain of losing her firstborn. Adam tells her that he will do whatever she needs as a means of helping her. She tells him that all she wants is Babe, even though she knows that's the one thing he can't give her. He offers to get her tea instead, and asks his daughter to keep her company. Once alone, Krystal tells Colby that she can take anything that she wants but the teen tells her that she honestly doesn't deserve it, since she was so horrible to Babe. Krystal tries to ease her guilt but Colby tells her that she acted the way that she did because she was jealous of everything that Babe had - especially the mother/daughter relationship the two shared. She then asks how Krystal is managing to get through each day without Babe. Krystal tells her that the baby she is carrying - Babe's baby sister - is the only thing that helps.

Frustrated with the slow pace of their investigation, JR rips on how slow Jamie's computer is in an effort not to blow up at his cohorts. He suggests that not being able to get in touch with either Tad or Ryan means that they should get out there and start looking for themselves. Aidan slows him down and assures him that they need to have patience, as Tad is the best investigator around.

Out in the hall, Adam runs into Winifred, who tells him that his grandson keeps asking where his mommy is, and that she doesn't know what to tell him. He goes to grab Little A and places a call to JR. He tells his son that Little A had been missing his parents, and thought that a call was in order. He puts the phone up to Little A's ear and JR assures him that he will be home really soon. Instead of being soothed, the young lad simple asks again where his mommy is. JR tells him that mommy is resting and not to worry, and then asks him to put Grandpa back on the phone. Adam hands his grandson off to Winifred and when they leave, he asks JR what to say. JR tells him that he will talk to Little A when he gets home and leaves it at that. Adam asks where he is and JR informs him that he is with Jamie and Tad, but that's all he can say. Adam tells his son that he is proud of him and they end the call. Just then, there is a knock at the hotel room door and after opening it a crack and peeking through, JR lets in two men rolling a cart and claiming to be from room service. Aidan, sensing that something is wrong, tells the men that the food smells good, knocking them off guard long enough for both he and Jamie to knock the guys out - as they had been reaching for hidden guns. They restrain the men and train the guns on them. JR wonders how Cambias found them so quickly, and Aidan notes that Cambias probably didn't think they would get the upper hand. Aidan urges the men to lead them to their boss and obstinately, one of them asks what the alternative would be. JR fires a non-fatal round into the guy as an answer. The injured man begs Aidan and Jamie to get JR to put the gun down but both pretend they haven't a clue as to what he is talking about. The three then determine that Alex probably monitored their searches for him to uncover their whereabouts, and Aidan notes that the reverse can be true. They demand an email address and the thugs hand it over but note that it will be impossible to crack without federal clearance. JR insinuates that he has an in with the feds, and makes a call. Jamie then loads some information on the computer as JR and Aidan lock the Cambias thugs in the closet. Jamie calls them over and shows them what looks like a blueprint of Zach and Kendall's house - and then tells them that it's actually a house about 20 miles away.

Back in Babe's room, they continue to work on taking care of Babe's things when Adam notes that it is time for Colby to go to school. She offers to stay but Krystal urges her to do as her father asks. She tells the teen that she has been focusing on her grief for too long, and that she needs to live and enjoy her life. Acquiescing, Colby heads out to grab her things. Adam lays a kiss of thanks on Krystal's lips, and follows his daughter out. Once alone, Krystal drags a shirt out of a box and starts to cry while holding it close.

In jail, Tad berates himself for not acting differently with the authorities, so that they would still be able to search for Kendall. Ryan tries to assure him that he did everything right, and that it is not his fault that the authorities didn't believe what they said about Alex Sr. Before they can review what happened anymore, Jack shows up, irate that the two of them are locked up. Ryan quickly informs him that Kendall has been taken hostage. They tell him that Alex Sr. is the culprit and Jack notes that this ID explains the Cambias crest on the button and the near DNA match to Zach from the saliva sample retrieved from Zoë's coat. Jack then chews them out for taking off like vigilantes when they should have all been working together. The jailed duo responds with frustration, saying that now that everything is out on the table, they need to get over their anger, get them bailed out and find Kendall, as she is the end to the entire game that Alex Sr. has been playing. A short time later, the three men are poised to meet with an officer of the Vegas police force when Ryan confronts the man and tells him that if they won't be released, any harm that comes to Kendall will be on his head. The officer unflinchingly tells them that he will not have anyone telling him how to run his investigation, and promises that their interview will take a while. He walks away and after a short stint, he returns and tells them that the story about Alex's grave being empty checks out. They all think they will be free to go but the officer notes his plan to charge them with trespassing. Jack gets up in his face about his behavior and distracts him long enough for Tad and Ryan to escape.

Tethered to a deadly device, Kendall notes aloud that Zach would never hurt her. Her husband starts toward her but with a quick vocalization, his father stops him, and then pulls out the trigger. He pushes a button and tells Zach that if he takes one more step, he will activate the apparatus. Alex explains that the satin ribbon around Kendall's neck has a needle aimed at her throat, and the slightest wrong move from Zach could cause his father to trip the trigger, and thus kill Kendall. Zach tosses his gun over the hedge so as to remove the temptation to shoot his father while Alex tells him that he would be responsible for Kendall's death just like he was for his mother's. Zach falls silent and then, looking at the ribbons and gardenias that adorn his wife's fair skin, he clearly recalls the argument that his parents had on the balcony of his childhood home that ended with his father pushing Amelia over the edge. He snaps back to the present and lays the blame for his mother's death squarely on Alex's shoulders. Alex shoots back that Amelia was a bad influence on his sons, that she was creating weak whiny men - and that it needed to be stopped. Outraged, Zach notes that he may have convinced himself that he killed Amelia to toughen his sons up, but the truth was that he was trying to save his own ass from jail. He reveals more truth by saying that no one ever regarded him has a beloved husband or father, as his tombstone read. Rather, no one ever really loved him and that turned him into a bitter, twisted old man bent on vengeance. Smugly, Alex replies that Zach is responsible for the deaths all of the women in Pine Valley as well simply because he betrayed his family by staging his own death so many years ago. Zach refuses to take the blame any longer, and Alex retorts by saying that there is no way he would let Zach plan a long and happy life with the woman and child that belongs with Ryan, not after ruining the Cambias lineage. He promises that he will teach him a lesson once and for all. He demands an apology from Zach, saying that if he does not do as asked, Kendall will die. Zach forces out an apology and Kendall tells him that he needn't do so because she loves him and she knows Amelia loved him. Enraged that Amelia continues to interfere with his plans even though she had been eliminated, he demands that Zach turn over her picture. Painfully, Zach does as asked and visibly flinches as his father crumples it and throws it over the balcony. Alex then tells him to begin his apology again, and says that it would be more authentic if his son were kneeling. Without hesitation, Zach kneels before his father and, as Kendall looks on crying, he tells his father that he is sorry for offending him and for all of the pain he caused, admits that he needs to be punished, not Kendall, and notes that his father is always right, and therefore wins. Alex tries to use the display to point out what an embarrassment Zach is, but Kendall replies that on his knees, Zach is a million times more of a man than Alex could ever hope to become. She goes on to extol his every virtue and promises that, no matter what happens by night's end, she will be right by his side. She then tells Alex that since Zach did what was asked of him, he should be let go. Zach interrupts and tells his father that Kendall should be the one that is freed. Alex briefly considers both options but then says that he can't fully punish his son and let Kendall go. Suddenly, bravely, Zach grabs the trigger and he and his father fall to the ground, struggling for final control.

Josh shows up at the Chandler mansion and finds his way to Krystal. She is somewhat surprised, but invites him in, as misery loves company. He closes the door and then tells her that he isn't miserable, and that he came to give her a miracle. Using poetic speech, he tries to tell her that Babe is still alive but at first Krystal just thinks that he is trying to comfort her. When he plainly tells her that the death was faked to keep Babe safe from the killer, Krystal passes out. As Josh leans over her trying to revive her, Adam comes in and sees what looks like a slightly compromising situation.

Alone in her secret room, Babe recalls all of the horrible things that JR said, most notably his assertion that she should be dead, not Dixie as well as the words he spoke over her when he thought she was dead - saying that she would be nothing more than a memory to him and their son.

Tad and Ryan resurface at a company called Omega Dreamworks, where they gain access to a computer program that can identify a song from a tune that is hummed into a connected microphone. Ryan hums the ditty played by the bear that was left with Zach, and the computer tells them about the Red Rock song. Their pleasure at identifying the song is short lived as they realize they have no idea what it could mean."

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