03/05/2007 Alexander Threatens To Take Spike

"Colby went to see Sean before school started. Colby was annoyed at Sean because she was working hard to cover for him at school, while he ditched and played video games. Sean told Colby to stop covering for him and to leave him alone. Then, Barbara came in and introduced herself to Colby. Barbara then offered to make Sean a lunch for school. However, Sean pretended there was no school because of teacher conferences. So, Barbara asked if Sean and Colby wanted to see a movie. Sean turned down the offer and Barbara left. Colby wondered why Sean never mentioned his mother was in town. Then, Colby realized that Barbara was the reason Sean was acting "so messed up".

Annie, Julia, and Di were hanging out at Wildwind, while Emma, Cathy, and Spike had a tea party. Di announced that there was still no information on Kendall. Di further explained that Aidan probably would not volunteer any new information anyway because he kept everything close to his vest. Julia believed Di shared this quality and wondered when Di would admit to Aidan that she loved him. Di felt love would complicate things, so Annie and Julia called Di a wimp. Then, Di asked when Julia and Jamie would get married. Julia did not think they would marry, even though they professed their love for each other. So, Annie and Di called Julia a wimp. Then, Annie admitted she was the biggest wimp of all because she would not date Ryan. Di and Julia could not understand why Annie would not date such a great guy. Annie explained that she did not want to hurt Emma if things did not work out for them romantically. Regardless, Julia and Di thought Annie should go for Ryan. So, Annie informed them that Ryan still had an emotional attachment to another woman.

Adam found Krystal passed out with Josh by her side. Adam accused Josh of hurting her, but Josh asserted she fainted on her own. Then, Krystal woke up and said, "Babe's live!" Adam looked confused and Josh looked horrified. So, Josh asked Adam to get all of Krystal's medications to make sure she was not having a reaction to any of them. Then, Adam left and Josh explained that no one could know about Babe, except for Krystal. So, when Adam returned, Krystal claimed she was going to the cemetery with Josh. Adam was hesitant to let Krystal go, but Krystal insisted that this trip would help her and Josh get over the death of Babe. So, they left and Adam sat alone in Babe's bedroom. Then, Stuart came in. Adam stated that Krystal lost the light in her eyes after Babe died. Adam wished he could help Krystal, but said he could do nothing because he did not know of a way to help. Stuart was happy about Adam's inactivity, because when Adam tried to help, he usually made things worse. Stuart also informed Adam that all Krystal might need is Adam's presence. Adam was in tears.

Babe woke up and saw Erica with a bouquet of flowers. Erica claimed she bought the flowers from the hospital gift shop, so Babe explained that she knew the truth. Erica then asked if Josh heard anything new about Kendall. Babe said she did not know. Erica then asked how long Babe would pretend to be dead. Babe said the only things she could think about were Krystal and Little Adam. Erica then asked if Babe and Josh had a future together. So, Babe explained again that Krystal and Little Adam were her only priorities. Then, Krystal entered, while Erica and Josh went outside to talk. Erica asked about Kendall, but Josh had no news. Then, Erica admitted that although it was very, very difficult, she was trying to tolerate Babe for Josh's sake. Erica explained that she did not want to lose her son because of her dislike of Babe. Erica then asked how long Josh was going to keep Babe hidden. Josh was not sure, but told Erica to trust him. Josh further stated that the situation would have to be handled sensitively because of the Chandlers. Then, Josh walked out. Meanwhile, Krystal and Babe had a tearful reunion. After they embraced, Krystal stated that she had no hard feelings about being kept in the dark. Krystal understood that the fake death was the only way to keep Babe safe. Krystal also told Babe that JR was going to tell Little Adam about Babe's death soon. Nevertheless, Krystal promised to stop JR from telling, yet still keep Babe's secret. Then, Krystal explained that JR swore not to tell Adam about Tad's baby. Krystal also explained how sad and broken JR was over Babe's death. Still, Babe did not want to reconcile with JR. Babe knew JR loved her, but she also knew he could never trust her. Babe did not want to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. Babe also worried that JR would still tell Adam about Tad's baby. Meanwhile, Josh had just reached the door as Babe spoke of Krystal's secret. Josh looked shocked to learn about the baby's paternity! Meanwhile, Erica went to the Chandler Mansion to see Adam.

JR, Jamie, and Aidan discovered a house with the same layout as Kendall and Zach's. The location of the home was in Red Rock National Conservancy. Meanwhile, Tad and Ryan also discovered the Red Rock location. So, Tad called Aidan and they all planned to meet at the home in Red Rock.

Zach and Alexander wrestled on the ground for control of the button. Kendall was frightened, especially after Alexander pulled out a gun. Then, the two men broke free of each other. Zach had the button and Alexander had the gun. So, Alexander shot Zach to try to release his grip on the button. Zach fell in pain, but would not let go of the button that held Kendall's life in his hands. Then, Zach pleaded with his father. Zach stated that all of the murders were his fault because he disobeyed his father. Zach also begged his father to kill him instead of Kendall. Alexander said he might have spared Kendall's life if Zach did not attack him. Zach then stated that Alexander would have nothing left after he killed Zach and Kendall because there would be no more vengeance to hand out. So, Alexander stated that he would steal Spike from Ryan and raise the baby as his own son. Kendall screamed and warned that Ryan would kill Alexander if he touched Spike. However, Alexander was not worried because he stated that Ryan had no power. Then, Alexander told Zach to get on his knees and Zach did. Then, as Alexander pointed the gun at Kendall, he announced that Zach would have to watch her die. But, Zach had a knife hidden under his pants. So, Zach pulled out the knife and threw it at his father's hand. The knife knocked the gun out of Alexander's hand and Zach punched him. Zach then took the dart off of Kendall's neck. As Zach did this, Alexander went for the gun, but Zach stopped him. Zach proceeded to beat his father. Zach asserted that he had the power and that he would kill Alexander, just like Alexander killed innocent women. Then, Tad and Ryan came in. Tad grabbed Zach and tried to calm him down. Tad explained that killing Alexander would be the biggest mistake of Zach's life. Tad said he knew from experience that Zach would never be rid of Alexander if he killed him. Tad also urged Zach to focus on Kendall and Spike, instead of his rage. Meanwhile, Kendall told Ryan about Alexander's plan for Spike. So, Ryan warned Alexander never to speak of Spike and then punched the old man. Then, JR, Jamie, and Aidan arrived. JR said Alexander would pay for the murder of Dixie and Babe. Then, as Tad took Alexander away, Zach called out to his father. Zach declared that the only lesson he learned was that he and Kendall would be happy together for the rest of their lives. Then, Zach and Kendall embraced as Ryan watched them from afar."

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