03/01/2007 Ryan Fights The Cops

"Bianca rushes to Zoe's apartment, upset that she left the hospital without a bodyguard. Zoe apologizes for frightening Bianca, but realizes that Bianca is truly upset about Kendall's disappearance. Bianca also worries about how behavior is affecting Miranda as she starts making cookies. Zoe tells Bianca that she wants to discover more about "Zoe," while still maintaining some of Zarf's characteristics, such as the desire to be with Bianca. Bianca explains that she did the same thing as Zoe did - she came on too strong to a friend, Frankie, but it did not end up the way she wanted. Zoe and Bianca shake hands as a sign they have forgiven each other. When Bianca has her back turned, Zoe sneaks in handfuls of cookie dough, making Bianca laugh. After the cookies are done baking, Zoe says she has found a doctor in Baltimore who can help her transform into a woman. Bianca encourages Zoe to get the procedure done in Pine Valley, where she can be there to help with the recovery. Zoe agrees to stay in town.

Barbara tries comforting Jackson at his home by buttering him up with a glass of brandy. Barbara acts as though she is the doting mom, checking in on Lily, Sean and even introducing herself to Reggie over the telephone. Erica comes into the house, announcing that she is going with Jackson to Las Vegas. Jackson tells her to stay put and let him protect Kendall. When Erica threatens to use her own jet, Jackson reminds her that the killer is being reckless by slashing women not related to Fusion. As Jackson and Erica butt heads, Barbara announces that Erica is sleeping with Jeff. Erica follows Jackson outside, saying that he knows Erica is having sex with Jeff. After Jackson stalks off, Erica goes inside the house and slaps Barbara across the face. She tells Barbara she is only in Pine Valley to try to win Jackson over, which will never happen, and storms off. Sean comes downstairs and tells his mother that Jackson does not want her around.

Erica goes to New Beginnings to cool off. Jeff tries to make amends with Erica, but storms out when he gets frustrated.

Ryan lays unconscious in the warehouse from the blow Zach gave him to the head. Police officers show up to respond to the 911 call, claiming a dead woman is there. Ryan explains that Zach is out looking for the Satin Slayer, but the police do not take him seriously because they think Alexander is dead. Frustrated, Ryan begins punching the police as Tad comes to the rescue. Tad reaches for his cell phone, asking them to call Jackson, but instead, the police begin dragging Ryan away in handcuffs. As Tad and Ryan sit in jail, Tad tries to reassure Ryan that Zach is doing everything he can to protect Kendall. Ryan is worried Zach won't see whatever Alexander has coming his way.

Kendall takes the ribbon from Alexander's hand and ties it around her neck as he requests. Kendall claims that Alexander has murdered so many women because he wants them to be his beloved Amelia. She says Alexander's plan is not just about hurting Zach - it is almost a means of trying to get more time with the woman he lost. As Kendall tries to understand Alexander's motives, he puts the gun in his pants pocket. Kendall kisses Alexander, pretending to bring back Amelia, but also trying to find a way to escape. Kendall tells Alexander what he wants to hear - that Zach is a splitting image of him, but Alexander does not fall for her act. He pushes Kendall into the corner, holding the gun at her chest. She starts telling him what a pathetic human being he is, while Zach displays the characteristics of a real man. Alexander fires a shot.

Zach drives to the location where he thinks Kendall is, but can't get the song "Let's go to Red Rock" out of his head. Zach finds the home where Alexander has stashed Kendall. As the two men hold guns at each other, Zach demands to see his wife. Alexander demands that Zach beg for his forgiveness for leaving him before he will say where Kendall is. Zach points the gun at Alexander's chest as his father agrees to take him to Kendall. Zach finds Kendall on the roof, dressed as Amelia, with a needle of V-Tac taped inches from her throat."

- Soap Central