02/28/2007 Alexander Offers Kendall A Deal

"Erica was at her office and called JR. JR did not want to speak with Erica, but she stated it was about Babe. Then, Josh came in and grabbed the phone. JR called back, but Josh would not let Erica pick up. Erica claimed that she wanted to help Babe's family, but Josh did not believe her. So, Erica admitted that she was worried about Kendall. Then, Erica asked why Josh would put Kendall in danger. Josh said he would never put Kendall in danger because he loved her. Josh did not how it happened, but he grew to care for his sister very much. Josh also desired a closer relationship with Erica and Bianca. Josh then explained that the Babe situation was Zach's idea. Josh also reminded Erica that she promised to support him after Babe died. So, Josh asked for Erica's support and help in keeping Babe safe. Then, Bianca came in. Bianca was shocked to see Josh and hugged him. Josh said he came back to help Kendall, so Erica gave him a concerned look. Bianca saw the look and inquired about it. Josh said he was assuring Erica that Kendall would be fine, but Erica was still skeptical. Erica then looked at Josh and said he convinced her. Josh hugged Erica and left. Bianca continued to assure Erica of Kendall's safety. However, Erica was annoyed that Bianca was confident in Jack and Zach's ability to protect Kendall. Bianca then apologized for the hurtful comments she made to her mother recently. Bianca also stated that Erica had many people supporting her. Still, Erica said she could not sleep until Kendall was home. Then, they hugged.

Babe asked the nurse if she could have a wheelchair. The nurse refused because Babe needed to rest. Babe looked suspicious and asked why the same doctor was paged over and over. The nurse said the doctor took over for David and was very busy. Then, Babe asked why the food was so good. The nurse said the hospital switched food services. So, Babe ate a little and asked to be left alone to sleep. After the nurse left, Babe pulled herself out of bed. She looked weak, but managed to open the door. Then, when Babe looked around and realized she was not in a hospital, she collapsed. Just then, Josh came in. Babe asked where she was, but Josh did not answer. Instead, Josh put Babe in her bed and sedated her. Babe fell asleep as Josh stated that Babe would always be safe with him.

JR and Jamie were at the hotel looking for real estate leads. Then, Tad came in. Jamie showed him a possible clue. Unfortunately, it ended up being a yoga spa and not Alexander's property. JR became frustrated. JR wished he could have another chance with Babe. Tad explained that second chances were not always perfect, like his unsuccessful chance with Dixie. Still, JR felt he could make things right. JR even blamed himself for Babe's affair. Then, Aidan returned from searching another useless lead. The four worried about not hearing from Zach or Ryan yet.

Zach and Ryan questioned Alexander's nurse. They explained that she could be in danger, but she refused to give them any information. Then, Zach threatened to turn her over to the police, so she admitted the truth. She explained that she and an attending physician helped fake the death. She said they wanted to help Alexander escape the shame that Michael brought upon him with the rape. Zach asked how much his father paid her. She said Alexander still left envelopes with cash for her at the warehouse. She also said the physician was dead. Ryan recommended she go home and call his attorney. She was hesitant, but Ryan insisted her life could be in danger. The nurse left. Zach did also and told Ryan not to follow. Next, Zach went to the warehouse. He called out to his father. Zach said his father was still summoning him like a child. Then, Ryan entered. Zach was annoyed. Ryan felt everything was leading up to a showdown between Alexander and Zach, but Ryan wanted to help. Zach stated that he did not need or want Ryan's help. Then, they heard a car speeding outside. They went to look and found a teddy bear outside. Zach remembered giving the bear to his mother and singing the song it played with her. Ryan asked what this meant. Zach said Alexander wanted a meeting. Then, Zach punched Ryan and knocked him out. Zach ran off.

Kendall's plan to hurt Alexander was thwarted when he grabbed the vase away from her. Alexander then pulled a gun on Kendall, but she refused to go down without a fight. Kendall asserted that Zach was nothing like Alexander because he was strong and good. Alexander disagreed and said Zach needed to be punished. Kendall was upset because Alexander promised to leave Zach alone if she obeyed him. Alexander said he lied. And, he could not believe a mistrusting person like Kendall believed him. Kendall said Alexander did not know her. Alexander disagreed and admitted to spying on her for a long time. He knew about Kendall's difficult choice between Zach and Ryan. He also knew all about Annie, Emma, and Kendall's attempt to hide Ryan's paternity. Alexander applauded Kendall's deceit and admired her for it. He also felt that Kendall still loved Ryan. Kendall denied this, but Alexander persisted that Kendall and Ryan were meant to be. So, Kendall admitted she loved Ryan. Then, Alexander gave Kendall an ultimatum. He said Kendall and Zach could live in peace if Kendall left Zach for Ryan. Kendall had tears in her eyes and agreed. So, Alexander announced that Kendall would be set free after they completed one more task. Alexander then brought Kendall to another location. There was a patio with a multitude of gardenias. Kendall looked worried. Alexander laughed and said he did not believe Kendall's performance. Then, he gave Kendall a white ribbon and told her to tie it around her neck!"

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