02/27/2007 Kendall Argues With Alexander

"The Pine Valley hunks arrived at Kendall's hotel room only to find that she was gone. They interrogated and threatened the bodyguard who could answer no questions concerning the whereabouts of Kendall. After reviewing the surveillance tapes, they find that Kendall took a cab and after contacting the cab service, they found out where she went.

Kendall found Zach unconscious on the floor and Alexander Sr. next to him. In his unconscious state, Zach saw his mother who reassured him that he was not to blame for the fall that caused her death. He passed out again but was awoken by the PV squad. They realized Kendall was gone and went after her.

Alex took Kendall back to his house. They rehashed the past about Michael, Cambias Industries and Ryan. He told her that he had watched Spike and Miranda play and she told him not to even mention their names. Alex then forced her to take a glass of wine, but she tossed it away. He went on and on about teaching Zach a lesson and Kendall continued to defend Zach. She picked up a large object to hit him, but hesitated too long and he got it away from her.

A very surprised Erica told a very alive Babe that she was supposed to be dead. Jeff explained the "plan" that had been hatched to flush out the SK and needless to say, she was not impressed. Erica told Josh that he had sold out his sister and she was ashamed that he was her son. Jack came and Erica asked him if Kendall was safe. Jack told her he didn't know. Babe asked the nurse for a phone to call Little Adam, but the nurse said she couldn't risk any emotional stimulus. The nurse told Josh that Babe was becoming aware of the situation and starting to figure things out."

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