02/26/2007 Kendall Sneaks Away

"Erica was at the casino when she saw Jeff putting on a lab coat and getting into a private elevator. The elevator was secured, so Erica approached the guard as if she was meant to be there. Erica claimed that Jeff and Josh were waiting for her. Still, the guard would not let her on the elevator. Erica asked if he knew who she was. He said yes, but did not care. Erica glared at him and pulled out her phone. Erica warned he was naïve and headed for trouble. Meanwhile, Jeff went into Babe's fake hospital room. Jeff was impressed at how real it looked. Babe then woke up and Jeff and Josh explained that she was recovering well, but still needed a lot of rest. So, Babe fell asleep and Jeff informed Josh that Erica was looking for him. Josh was not worried because he was more focused on the fact that Babe was done with JR. Jeff asked if Josh thought there was a chance for him and Babe. Josh was not sure because of how Babe might react to him pretending she was dead. Still, Josh's only concern was for Babe's safety. Meanwhile, Erica somehow got the guard to let her in because she stood outside Babe's room. And, when Erica saw Babe, she was stunned!

Bianca went to see Zoe in the hospital. As they spoke, Bianca suddenly became emotional over a song she had heard in the car. Bianca began to cry and embraced Zoe. Then, Bianca went to the police station. Bianca wanted to know if Jack and Derek found any new leads with Zoe's coat and the button. Derek still believed that Zoe was not attacked by the Satin Slayer and Bianca was agitated. However, Jack and Derek did not know about the button. So, Bianca explained what it was and that she gave it to Ryan. They were all surprised that Ryan did not give it to the police. Then, a cop gave Jack a letter that a messenger sent. It was from the Satin Slayer and it said, "I got what I came for, but I left you a parting gift." Jack immediately called Tad to relay the message. Then, another cop informed them that a body was found at a residence. Bianca realized the address was Kendall's new home, so they all rushed there. When they arrived, they saw Jenkins dead body lying on rocks. It appeared he was thrown from a balcony, like Amelia. Derek and Jack worried because the killer was no longer following his own rules. Then, Derek received the results from the DNA on Zoe's coat. The DNA was tested against everyone in the system and Zach was the closest match. Derek then called Tad, but Tad was elusive and gave no information.

Tad, Ryan, JR, Jamie, and Aidan were on a private jet to Las Vegas. Tad worried about JR, but JR assured Tad that he was alright to travel. Then, they all discussed their theories surrounding the button. Ryan explained it belonged to a Cambias because it was made ten years earlier and no more had been made since. Meanwhile, Kendall was in her suite in Las Vegas. As Kendall sat alone, she imagined Zach returning. First, she pictured him happy and triumphant over his father. Then, she pictured him collapsing in her arms. Then, Kendall saw Zach's coat and cuddled with it. Inside the coat was a love letter for her. Zach professed his love for Kendall and Spike and thanked them for making him a family man. Zach continued to tell Kendall all the ways he loved her. Zach also advised Kendall to call Ryan because he could protect her, which made the note seem like it was saying goodbye. Kendall began to cry and called Ryan. Kendall explained everything about the goodbye letter and Alexander being the Satin Slayer. Ryan said they were almost there and urged Kendall to stay put until they arrived. Then, Kendall got a phone call from a voice that sounded like Zach, but was really Alexander. The voice begged her to come to the warehouse and Kendall agreed. Kendall then tried to leave her suite, but the security guards would not let her. So, Kendall sneaked out of her window. Meanwhile, Ryan, Tad, JR, Jamie and Aidan were almost to Las Vegas. They each thought about how much they would enjoy killing Alexander to avenge their losses. Then, they arrived and went straight to Kendall's hotel. However, Kendall's guards would not allow them into her suite. So, Ryan forced his way in and discovered Kendall was gone.

Zach had a gun pointing at the woman that looked like his mother. Zach demanded to know who she was, but was struck in the neck by a dart and immediately fell unconscious. Alexander then entered and told the Amelia look alike to remove her mask and leave. The woman removed her mask, but chastised Alexander for killing Zach. So, Alexander shot her with his gun. Then, Kendall arrived at the warehouse. She immediately went to Zach's side, as he lay motionless on the ground. Alexander told Kendall to get up, but she refused to do anything he asked. So, Alexander said he would kill Zach if she did not obey him. Kendall looked at Zach with tears in her eyes."

- Soap Central