02/23/2007 Zach Leaves To Meet His Father

"Tad, Jamie and Aidan are busy working at Aidan's office to find out more information about Ethan's mother. Tad snaps the cell phone from Aidan's hand after thinking he is chasing a false lead. When Aidan and Tad start to push each other, Jamie breaks them apart, telling his father Aidan is working as hard as he can. Tad says he made a promise to Dixie to find the killer, but right now, he is letting her down. Aidan says that he know he is hurting, but it does not give him the right to speak to him in such an unfriendly manner. Tad apologizes for his behavior, citing he always disappointed Dixie. JR comes in, arguing that Tad was always there for his mother. As the boys get back to work, JR offers to pitch in.

Erica continues to question JR, who says he saw Josh at the casino before storming off.

After putting down Josh, JR tells Erica she is no better than the trash she called Babe, considering Erica is shacking up with Jeff. In anger, Erica slaps JR across the face. She tells JR that no matter how much he proclaims his love for Babe, she always cared more for Josh. JR pays a visit to Zoe, warning her to stop telling everyone that he blackmailed Babe before her death. He tells Zoe that he wishes he could bring Babe back, but Zoe does not believe him. JR claims that Babe would not want the secret revealed before dashing off.

Bianca shows Ryan the button that was found at the site of Zoe's attack. Ryan asks the nanny to take Spike to his room to watch some DVDs. When Ryan asks, Bianca tells him where she found the button and Zoe's attack. Ryan identifies the button as having the Cambias crest, making Bianca believe there may be another Cambias alive they do not know about. Ryan asks Bianca why the police aren't investigating the issue. She explains that Derek is more concerned about finding the killer, not helping someone who is seen as a transgender freak. She begs Ryan to find out more about the Cambias family to help find the killer. Bianca goes back to the hospital to check on Zoe, who wonders if her attacker was the Satin Slayer or someone who hates transgender people.

Ryan goes to the casino and finds Erica trying to make her way past a bodyguard. Thinking Kendall is in danger, Ryan breaks the down door and rushes in the room. Outside the room, Ryan tells Erica that Zach got Kendall out of town without the killer knowing it. After promising Ryan to keep hush about it, she tries to call Kendall again. Ryan takes the button to Tad, Jamie, JR and Aidan, proclaiming he knows who the killer is.

Zach sees a note, "My son was dead and is alive again. He was lost and is found," in his father's coffin. Zach immediately asks the cemetery director who opened the grave before him, but the director says the grave had never been opened. Kendall says that someone must have opened it because a note was left inside. The director checks his records and discovers a person impersonating Zach had the coffin resurrected. Zach immediately begins asking details about the phony Zach, but the director says the deputy died seven months ago after the resurrection order was issued. Zach realizes the casket was dug up on July 23, the exact date he supposedly died. Kendall and Zach go back to their hotel room, still reeling from the fact that Alexander is alive. Zach says Alexander must have put the plan together shortly after learning Michael betrayed him by dishonoring the Cambias name. Zach says the only way to redeem the family's name was to hand his fortune over to Ryan - a complete stranger. Zach says that when his real identity was brought to life, Alexander felt he had betrayed him as well. Zach is sure his father followed them to Las Vegas. A phone call from Alexander confirms his theory. Alexander accepts Zach's invitation to meet at the warehouse. Zach removes the gun hidden from underneath his mattress and puts it in the back of his jeans. Kendall wants to go with Zach, but he knows it is safer for her to stay at the hotel. Zach kisses Kendall's hands and lips before walking out the door. As Kendall waits for her husband to return safely, Zach finds a woman resembling his mother standing in the warehouse."

- Soap Central